Q3 2022 Drama Watch List

July 2022
20. Time to Fall in Love (CDrama) – 8.5
21. Money Heist Korea Part 1 – 8
22. Remarriage and Desires – 8.5

August 2022
23. Welcome to Wedding Hell – 8
24. Our Blues – 9
25. Extraordinary Attorney Woo – 8.5
26. Love Between Fairy and Devil (CDrama) – 9

September 2022
27. Narco Saints – 8.5
28. Today’s Webtoon – 8
29. It’s Beautiful Now – 7
30. Good Job – 8.5

Movies / Drama Special / Documentary
13. Perhaps Love – 8
14. Confidential Assignment – 8.5
15. I Saw The Devil – 8.5
16. Seoul Vibe – 8
17. Emergency Declaration – 8.5

Variety Shows
4. HDYP: WSG Wannabe

Total Dramas watched in Q2: 11
Total Year to Date Dramas Watched: 30

Dropped: None

Ongoing dramas/shows:
1. Alchemy of Souls ep 2
2. Sixth Sense S3 – watched ep 10

It’s Beautiful Now Eps 41-50 (End)(2022)

Drama: It’s Beautiful Now (현재는 아름다워)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 50
Release Date: April 2 – September 18, 2022
Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55

Plot: A story about 3 brothers and their parents betting on them to get married.

Main Cast:
Yoon Si Yoon – Lee Hyun Jae
Bae Dabin – Hyun Mirae
Oh Min Suk – Lee Yoon Jae
Shin Dongmi – Sim Hae Jun
Seo Bum June – Lee Soo Jae
Choi Yebin – Na Yuna

Episode Review:

Rating: 7/10

Narco-Saints (2022)

Drama: Narco-Saints / Suriname (수리남)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 6
Release Date: September 9, 2022
Country: South Korea

A businessman who goes to Suriname to import skate to Korea ends up helping the NIS on a mission to capture an evasive druglord.

Main Cast
Ha Jung Woo – Kang Ingu
Hwang Jung Min – Pastor Jeon Yohan
Park Hae Soo – Choi Changho
Yoo Yeon Suk – David Julio Park
Jo Woo Jin – Byun Kitae

This drama feels like an extended movie. Turns out it was supposed to be a movie, but they decided to make it into a short drama. To be honest, the story is nothing new, but it was an intense 6 episodes of anticipation and thrill. There were lots of double crossing, guns, gore, and drugs. Surprisingly, no nudity except for 1 short scene. The stellar cast of Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Park Hae Soo, Yoo Yeon Suk and Jo Woo Jin made the story more larger than life than the usual drug movies/drama.

I love that Ingu as the ML is very smart and capable, quick thinker, calm even when lying, and plays well with the big guys, even outsmarting both drug lords and NIS. HJW made Ingu work very well, and any other actor may not have made Ingu sympathetic. I love that there’s always this doubt if he is really working with NIS or getting tempted by Yohan or if he has his own agenda. That final fight scene with the pastor was a long time coming and felt satisfied seeing him punch and strangle the pastor after ruining his life. (And HJW looked so hot holding the gun lol) Ingu has been very calm and biding his time ever since he got out of prison, so seeing Ingu finally snapped and fight — I was also thinking, that is HJW that I love!! Ingu may not be as buff as the others but he made up for it with his judo moves, smart strategies and fancy suits.

Pastor was so magnetic and powerful. And weaselly enough to not get caught over the years, but he didnt seem as smart as I expected him to be. He was easily played or maybe he trusted Ingu too much and thought they could really be partners. I loved how sick it was for Pastor to create a church, get the blind believers to follow him, feed them drugs and make them dependent on him.

Byun was bad ass and it was obvious he was going to be the secret agent. That fight with the bodyguard was fantastic. Poor David and Chen Zhen.

There’s a lot of conversations so some found the episodes boring but I loved them (or maybe I was so mesmerized with HJW every time he’s onscreen) — yes, I’m completely obsessed with HJW.

Some thoughts on the ending (spoiler alert):
I wonder what happened to the girl and the rest of the cult. I wish there was a short resolution to them. Were they also arrested? Was the girl able to go back to her family?

At first, I thought the ending would be Ingu taking over the coca farm – that would have been fun for a season 2. He is so smart, he can probably do better than Yohan, but I don’t want Ingu to fight with Changho or get arrested and die. But still, I was okay with the ending since they neatly closed the drama with Ingu finally back and reunited with his family. I laughed when Ingu told his wife, “wow you got prettier!” and the wife responded with, “why did you get uglier?” HAHAHA. Ingu learned to treasure what he has and not get too greedy. And also, don’t trust the government. Like seriously, Ingu risked his life to help NIS, but NIS didn’t pay him cash like they promised. Also, interesting thing about the baseball. Yohan really did trust him and wanted him to be his partner.

Here’s fun promotion /game from the cast in case you want to get to them more:

Rating: 8.75/10 (9 less 0.25 for the unresolved cult)

Emergency Declaration (2022)

Movie: Emergency Declaration (비상선언)
World Premiere: July 15, 2021 (Cannes Film Festival)
Release Date: August 3, 2022
Runtime: 141 min.
Distributor: Showbox

Main Cast:
Song Kang Ho – Inho
Lee Byung Hun – Jaehyeok
Kim Nam Gil – Hyunsoo
Jeon Do Yeon – Sookhee
Kim So Jin – Heejin
Im Si Wan – Jinseok

I watched a youtube video where they said it took 3 years to write the script and it’s amazing how the actions of the passengers are very similar to what has been happening with the current pandemic.

This movie is about a terrorist attack on a plane bound for Honolulu. Because of the circumstances, the plane is not able to make a landing in various cities and the passengers and officers have to make a choice.

Another disaster movie that appeals to our humanity. The stories of each passengers are nothing new, but focused more on family. I think I probably would have made the same decision if I were on the plane.

Rating: 8.5/10