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laurel tree tailors eps 26 to 30

Episode 26 highlights

– i’m glad that Sunnyeo and Samdo finally reconciled. I like what Dongsook’s mom said about marriage: “Everyone has flaws. All married couples understand each other’s flaws and help each other. That’s what marriage is.” however (refer to below re: Dongsook), this is only true if the couple is actually together and wants to be together. if the couple is not sure or is always fighting then the couple should also have the common sense to decide when enough is enough or when you need to break up and move on to someone who is a better match. take Samdo and Sunnyeo, while they always fight, you know at the end of the day, they love each other and they always find ways to compromise and do better.

– on the other side of the relationship is Dongsook and the fiance. Dongsook still looks pathetic and always mopey. I get the fiance is not right for her but she doesn’t even make an effort. however, the fiance is getting more and more of an ass – i get that he is already trying to be on his best behavior and has already made a lot of compromises for her, which Dongsook has not acknowledged or even understood, but then the fiance is also so selfish, why can’t Dongsook just put a stop at all of these and spare everyone the misery of watching their scenes. Dongsook’s mom is just like any other mom, where as long as the guy is stable, it’s enough. why can’t moms understand it’s more than just being able to provide for the wife? marriage is no joke and the couple will not last without love, friendship, compatibility and attraction (plus commitment). the guy maybe right on paper but it does not mean he will be right for everyone. plus, it’s Dongsook who has to live with the fiance, so she should decide who to be with, not the mother. back to the mom’s good advice, in this case, it’s not applicable here since they have not enough establish any relationship where they like each other. hence, they dont need to accept each other’s flaws. good thing Master Lee is more level headed and actually listens to the children.

– Dongjin and Yunshil are slowly starting to realize how deep their feelings are with each other. dongjin said he has never felt like this before and we get a small throwback on his wedding day when both couple seem unhappy. But then seems like the wife thinks of that day fondly. She probably fell in love with dongjin and still cant move on. Too bad because he isn’t coming back.


– back to the family dinner scene again where the mom was saying that Yunshil is always welcome and is part of the family and that there are so many women lining up to go out with Dongjin. during the first few episodes, i actually thought that since the mom thinks so highly of Yunshil, she wouldn’t mind pairing her with Dongjin – as she would know that Yunshil is a good daughter and will take care of her son. Didn’t realize that the mom thinks too highly of his son and that Yunshil would not be a good match. Oh no – i hope the mom will be more accepting of this couple – what a double standard, giving her daughter away to a jerk while possibly not liking a nice good girl for her son (who is single, unmarried compared to her divorced son – though having a gangster ex might be a bit complicated that the mom does not want to get into).


– i still don’t like hyowon being so naive and trying hard to be cute when with taepyung. I find her mom funny and looks like she is slowly getting charmed by the sweet and cute taeyang. however, it still feels a little creepy trying to put some background music whenever the mom and taeyang are together, esp when the drama is pairing him with the daughter. Gah hyosang is still a jerk. Can’t wait to see both his the jiyun’s reaction when she finds out who his mom and sister is!

Episode 27 highlights

– the main story is Sunnyeo and taepyung fighting over the lottery winnings. i think it was just right that they split the winnings since taepyung lost the ticket and if not for sunnyeo picking it up, they both wouldn’t have come into the money.

i think this storyline was just to fastforward the story, since at this point, Taepyung will not make enough money to pay back Dongsook and get them together, which is fine with me, at tleast they will finally be together, Dongsook will stop whining and be happy, while Taepyung can be inspired to work even harder. i still don’t understand when and how Taepyung finally realized that he likes her too – was it that scene when he lost everything and thought how Dongsook was always there for him to support him?

-second part of the episode deals with jiyun finally joining the Min family for dinner. i was expecting more explosive and embarrassing realization from Jiyun but the mom and Hyewon looked more like the petty bitches (more Hyewon than the mom) and Jiyun was classier than them. not sure if this was to give jiyun’s character a more redeeming quality and to portray how richer people may treat those who are poorer or trying to get into the upper class (which is ironic since the mom was a nobody who seduced a rich married guy for money and class). the mom should know very well her situation. but then we have all seen how Jiyun is when no one is looking and she is awful. wonder if Hyosang will still like her if he sees her real personality.


the older sister said it well.

-dongjin and Yunshil got caught by the mom when the mom went back to the house and said some things to Dongjin that yunshil overheard. i felt sad for Yunshil. as i said before, she is a nice, sweet girl and for her to hear from someone close to her (who she probably thinks as her second mom) that she is not good enough for the handsome educated son must be devastating for her (and exactly what she was expecting) – and she should feel a little more indignant for being treated this way. (she does have to resolve her previous relationship with Gipyo so she can be “clear”for her relationship with Dongjin).

episode 28 highlights

– this episode features lots of cute romantic scenes between Dongjin and Yunshil, showing their growing relationship. he is totally aceing the romantic gestures and sweet words.

i find it funny how Dongjin also tries to do things for Yunshil and end up failing. in the previous episodes he tried to fix Yunshil’s plumbing and ended up flooding her apartment. then he tried to cook her the perfect fried egg for breakfast and ended up eating a lot of eggs. today he tried cooking her a romantic steak and pasta meal which totally tasted bad. at least i give him A+++ for effort!

– another relationship that is gaining progress in Hyewon and Taeyang’s “girl chases boy” relationship – nothing bad with the girl making the move and showing her feelings to the boy – just as long as it’s not that creepy and rebelling against the parents. (and the hilarious interactions with the mom)


and we finally understand why Hyewon acts the way she acts. she was bullied for being the daughter of a mistress and never had real friends. at least now Taeyang understands her heart a little better and is getting softer.

-looks like the final stages of dongsook’s fiance’s exit is all set as they come to blows with the pre-nuptial agreement. i think a pre-nup is not a bad or unromantic idea and is good esp in these times when relationships often fails and you just want to protect what’s yours. but the fiance totally went out of line when he stated that dongsook’s daughter will not live with them. finally even dongsook’s mom got angry at the fiance and asked him to leave. i guess the next few episodes will be more dongsook and taepyung getting together.

episode 29 highlights

-looks like Dongjun is getting serious as he faces Gipyo in jail to tell him to let Yunshil go. knowing Gipyo, he will not back down – i do hope nothing bad will happen to them and Gipyo does not get out anytime soon!


in the meantime, their relationship is slowly being found out by their friends.. first by Samdo, then guessed by Taepyung.. it wont be long before the rest finds out!

-another money problem for Samdo and Sunnyeo (when will all the money talk end??). this time, Sunnyeo lost her money to one of the market ladies who ran away. feels like nothing is going right with Sunnyeo! and what’s this pig dream that she keeps holding on to? hope it will have a good answer later on! great job for Samdo supporting his wife.


-more hilarious stuff from Hyewon and her mom. haha. and cute how this time, Taeyang is starting to miss Hyewon. She hasn’t called (because her mom confiscated her phone) and everywhere he is reminded of her (from the food she left in the fridge to his friends telling him he’s lucky).



-Dongjin gave Yunshil a necklace consisting of 2 rings – wow things are going way fast. he just got divorced, they started dating, now he’s giving her a necklace with 2 rings, which is almost saying he’s near to proposing. and they finally have their first kiss.

but oh no, as this episode started with Gipyo vs Dongjin, now there’s even the mean faux mother-in-law to deal with!

episode 30 highlights

-yup. show starts with the mean MIL ruining the mood and hurting Yunshil. argh! someone please tell her off (maybe Dongjin’s mom or Sunnyeo lol). ok if we try to look in the MIL’s pov, she thinks it’s justified that she treats her as a daughter in law since they did swear to get married, they did have the wedding ceremony, so for all intents and purposes, they are married. except that.. they never finished the wedding, and most importantly, they never registered the marriage. plus the fact that MIL knows that Yunshil does not love her son and was only obligated to marry him. obviously MIL loves her son so much (despite his gangster past and wrongdoings) but this is wrong – if you really love your son, you will want him to have a better life, with a better wife. even though the son loves this girl, but you know she doesn’t and he deserves someone who will love him, MIL should know to let Yunshil go. and great thanks to Dongjin for being a man and standing up and supporting her (well of course he should since they can’t be together with this obstacle).

If i were Yunshil, i would have sued her and told her not to harrass her anymore since that is what MIL is doing and Yunshil does not need to honor her marriage since he misled her to think that he was straightened his life and got imprisoned. yet despite all the insults, she was still nice, took her in, even gave her food and blanket.

ooh just as i hoped, Gipyo’s mom followed Yunshil to the tailor shop and reveals the relationship to everyone. Yunshil finally bursts in anger, tells off the MIL and leaves crying while Donjin follows her to comfort her. glad to see both women looking out for Yunshil and ganging up against the MIL.

-the text exchanges between Taeyang and Hyowon’s mum were hilarious! i dont know if mom is getting a crush on Taeyang or she just needs a man of her own LOL.

Jiyun got on the good side of Hyewon when she took mom’s keys and open her door so Hyewon could sneak out. i guess Jiyun can be nice, just got a little hungry with the money and ambition. (or until she finds out Hyewon’s boyfriend is Taeyang haha – will that make them brother/sister in law in the future??)


-Hyewon is back with Taeyang. he feeds her, lets her sleep, sings her a lullabye and is falling in love.

-Dongsook and Taepyung are finally engaged! they had a long discussion in one alley which led to the love confession and engagement. i think they have come a long way from the first episode and i’m rooting for them both! (i’m not sure who proposed to who though haha. coz it was more like Dongsook urging him to put the ring on her).

-and here goes the two of them asking Dongsook’s parents for permission. of course, the cool dad is fine with it, while the mom is always interfering with her children’s love lives. Mom, they’re old enough to decide on their own. (though in Dongsook’s case this is her 3rd marriage so I guess mom is skeptical). Funny to see Taepyung a bit concerned over her last 2 failed marriages (both ended after one year and he hoped he could do better than that). aww.. Dongjin also tried to disagree but then Taepyung subtly threatened to reveal Dongjin’s relationship with Yunshil and so he stopped and agreed (nice one! and Samdo’s reaction was funny).

that’s it. we’re more than halfway and so far it’s still been fun watching this show. i think the pacing is just right. since there are lots of couples, it’s not boring to watch and the storylines move forward every few episodes. the couples are almost “coupled up”with a few obstacles left (most of them due to the mother – gipyo’s mom, dongsook and dongjin’s mom, hyewon’s mom. lol).




laurel tree tailors eps 21-25

some quick thoughts as i watched the episodes

-love that they won the tailor competition. im really hoping that their shop will be as big and famous as meesa apparel. i didnt like that hyosang had to cheat. he was able to push dongjin out, cant he at least be fair and face him equally?


-dongjin is slowly showing that he likes her and he is so sweet. so funny that he was still denying that he liked her and how she was so direct in asking him. at this point im not sure how she feels about him.


-dongsook’s new suitor’s lips are distracting lol. he is half funny half annoying and i think it is just because he is an old bachelor. i think he is a good catch for someone who would love how rich and thrifty he is (and he does not look bad for his age) ,  but just not suited to dong sook as she is more the romantic type and doesnt really care about money. but for now i find it entertaining to watch them together. i hope more than the comic relief, dong sook will learn to become a better person and find her own happiness.


-it is nice that sun nyeo is having more friends, esp with hyosang’s mom. i find both of them funny and they definitely need more friends that support them. but sun nyeo’s jealousy is starting to get tiring. sam do is obviously very loyal and puts up with her craziness and she should support him more. i know sam do can be weak and a softie but sun nyeo keeps throwing tantrums and getting angry. she should use her energy in helping her husband with their money problems.



-aww grandpa giving grandma the ring is so sweet. but I feel sad knowing that the actress is gone.


-yunshil felt disappointed when dongjin said he gave her a wrong idea and treats her as a coworker. guess it looks like she also like him and as confused as him. sometimes i dont know if she is just naive but i want dongjin to just grab her and kiss her senseless lol (that would be an unforgettable birthday gift)  but it is good to keep them apart now while they are figuring out their feelings.

-hyowon is always putting the blame and getting angry at nice taeyang when she cant control her own feelings. i liked her when was more caring and less whiny and fake

-sungjoon needs to be more flexible. he wont be able to find work if he keeps singing the same song and insisting that he is a rock ballad singer. cant he understand that rock is out and he has to follow the trend if he wants to come back? it is not selling out if he tries other genres like trot. instead i think it is a challenge to his artistry and will expand his range. if he really is an artist he can take anything and make it his own. i hope his storyline gets better.


-okay felt like sungjoon heard me coz he finally cut his godawful hair and moustache and took the trot singer job at the cabaret. but dang here cones dongsook again pulling him down with her naive idealistic dreams. now i feel bad for mr park. i think he is trying his best and he deserves someone way better than dumb dongsook.


-wow that love call confession from dongjin and them meeting face to face as yunshil hears him say i like you is daebak!

-oh no that was not the reaction i was expecting from Yun shil. im confused. does she like him or not?? i understand she cant believe that a guy like him would like her, but dong jin already said he did and she just left and doing embrassing stuff. so does she just feel awkward? she really hasnt thought abt him? or she is so happy that she cant work?

-(on a side note, im happy to hear that the actors got married in real life and expecting a baby!) i know they prolly rushed the marriage and that they have been only dating for a while (and lee dong gun just broke up  with jiyeon), but sometimes when the right person comes, there will be no hesitation and you just know it. the number of years wouldnt matter.

-woohoo! i love how fierce tae yang is to hyo sang. i do hope tae yang brings him down coz hyo sang is such a petty jerk. so will tae yang join wolgyesu? i hope he does. still dont like the whiny hyowon. right now she is not what tae yang needs.. another female who is weak that he has to take care of. he needs a kick ass girlfriend who will support him and appreciate, not a psycho needy girl. gah!!! tell me that was not tae yangs heart beating!!!

-yay tae yang finally moved on from ji yun and deleted her number. nice to see cold hearted gold digger drunk and miserable.. looks like she hasnt moved on. hyo won moving out of her house and into tae yangs dorm house is hilarious!! maybe we will see more cuteness and less neediness in the next episodescry.JPG


-i like how tae yang told dong jin to keep pushing forward like a bulldozer and he is relentlessly pursuing yun shil. in real life i would probably be as annoyed as yun shil too. and she finally turned him down. not sure what the reason is but i hope it is because she doesnt like him yet so that it wouldnt feel rushed and the storyline can be exolored further in the next few episodes.

that’s it for now. on to the new 10 episodes!