laurel tree tailors eps 36-40

this set of episodes is probably the best for me – there were lots of great scenes and beautiful quotes about life.

best moments from episodes 36 to 40:

  1. the scenes between dongjin’s mom and yunshil –

i realize now that because i am thinking of them as equals i was indignant that they were unfair with yunshil, but then taking a step back, i guess they aren’t really colleagues, but more on owner/employee, thus, there is a heirarchy that they breached. that is one of the reasons why the parents don’t like the relationship. another is that yunshil is caught up in a dangerous relationship with gipyo – and might harm dongjin – which is what the mom is afraid of. hence, she pleaded with yunshil to let dongjin go. i was thinking that if she really thought of yunshil as a family, they would help her be free of gipyo, rather than washing their hands and pushing her away. this is one of the saddest scenes in this drama so far, i couldn’t help but cry for both of them and their situation.



2. every scene with Madame Ko is fun and hilarious!

from her crazy fashion

tagging along with Taeyang and Hyowon’s date — like the christmas club party scene, and the dinner where the mother and daughter kept feeding tae yang.



being Taeyang’s manager – and supporting his “modelling career”- that scene when they played SNSD’s “Genie” while the mother-daughter tandem prayed that Taeyang will fail his teacher’s exam his awful but hilarious!

she gives Hyowon tips on how to handle her relationship –

MK: Wake up girl! Kang Tae Yang should say sorry first. Why do you attempt to make up with him?

HW: Does it matter who does it first?

MK: You should handle your man. If you spoil him now, you’ll lose initiative to Kang Tae Yang! You liked him so you asked him out. You told him that you loved him before he did. Then what did Kang Tae Yang do first? 

HW: I dont know.

MK: I think Kang Tae Yang should chase you around. Why are you chasing around Kang Tae Yang? Dont you have any kind of self-esteem?

HW: Self-esteem doesn’t matter when you love somebody.

MK: My goodness. Since you gave up your initiative, he’s treating you in such a way. So, you should make yourself less available from today. Keep that in mind that you’re the leader and Kang Tae Yang is the follower.

*phone rings* HW: It’s Taeyang. *grabs her phone*

MK: *slaps her phone away* What did i tell you? Make yourself less available. Dont respond to every attempt.

HW: Áre you saying that I shouldn’t get the call when he calls me?

MK: Trust me. I achieved everything with my wits. If you take my advice, you can be treated as a princess by Kang Tae Yang.

she is always fair when resolving the fights between the siblings,even though she likes Taeyang and dislikes Yunjin.



3. those breakup moments between yunshil and dong jin. and the wedding photoshoot.

*cries buckets of tears* i love this couple!



when dongjin found her and she refused to go back with him:


YS: It hurt and i’m in pain not because of your mom. It’s because of you. It took so much courage to leave the store. I’m practically forcing myself to stay here. Why did you come looking for me? If i give up and leave, no one else will get hurt. So leave me alone and go back home.

DJ: What nonsense is that? Dont you see the pain that you’re causing me? 

YS: the two of us only met a few months ago. We fought for most of that time. So even if we break up, we’ll get over it soon enough. 

DJ: Is that all you felt about me? I can’t be happy without you. You did this to me and now you want to break up? Do you think I’ll say yes? 

YS: I’m sick of it now. About you and your mom and Gipyo and his mom. It’s too much for me to handle. Why do you think I decided to leave the store and come here? Just go home. 

DJ: I’ll be unhappy without you. How can you talk about breaking up so easily? 

YS: If we stay together, we’ll only make each other unhappy. 

DJ: It’s cowardice to run away without trying. 

YS: You’re right. I’m a coward. To be with you I have to fight everything that comes our way. I can’t do that. I’d rather be a coward and run away. 

DJ: Do I make your life that tough to live? 

YS: This is the best for me. If you care for me, please go away. 

DJ: Is that what you want?

YS: Yes. So please leave. And never come here again.

4. the cotton candy proposal from taeyang (and the first time Taeyang called Hyowon “honey”)


a heartfelt and sweet proposal from Tae yang was just perfect:

HW: What’s this?

TY: It’s for you. I’m not ready yet and don’t have much so I can’t officially propose to you. But Hyowon is mine. I want to tie you down with this ring. 

HW: Wow. this feels nice.

TY: It doesn’t have jewelry, but i put my heart in it. Will you happily accept it?

HW: If it’s a ring coming from your heart, it has to be the most expensive ring in the world. 

TY: Hyowon. You were the beam of light shining through darkness when the sky of my youth was falling down on me.  You were so bright that I don’t even remember being in the darkness. Thank you.

5. a great quote from Master Lee to Dong Jin:

ML: “I think that life is a series of meetings and partings. We all go through it repeatedly, you know. You two will meet again if you’re meant to be. I know that the process will be difficult and painful, but don’t let your heart get wounded. They say that time heals everything, you know.

DJ: You also couldn’t forget Mi Soon your whole life.

ML: That’s why I’m telling you this now. When Mi Soon left me, I felt like my entire world had collapsed. But I met your mum after that and made a happy family together as you know. When you go on with your life, all of those painful memories become faint and get forgotten.

6. the very first time dong jin ever had a fight with his mom

*dongjin’s expression was so painful to watch*

DJ: Mother, did you really do it? Did you tell Yunshil to leave?

Mom: Yes. I told her to leave. I told her that I’ll never accept her as my daughter in law and to leave our house as well as the tailor shop. 

DJ: How could you do that to someone so kind and sad? This is all she has to rely on. How could you be so terrible? Were you such a cruel woman? Were you?

Master Lee: How dare you say your mother is cruel? Your mother knows Yun Shil better than you and no doubt did she care for her more than you did. If your mother said that, s he must have had her reasons. 

DJ: What reasons? What reasons could possibly explain her actions?

Mom: I can’t bear to see my son throw himself into a fire pit. You have a bright future ahead of you. I can’t watch you ruin your life because of Yun shil. No matter how cruel you say I am and how much more your criticize me, I can’t help myself. 

the worst moments from the episodes

  1. Samdo’s constant lying and hiding from Sunnyeo about Young Eun

I really didn’t like the storyline. Sunnyeo has been nothing but nice to Samdo ever since they made up and here goes Samdo again. He knows very well sunnyeo will go on beast mode once she finds out about Young Eun and yep, she did just that! I feel bad for Young eun who got her hair pulled when Samdo is the coward. I didn’t even feel sympathy for him when he cried because of “humiliation”.




2. Sunnyeo’s sickness and threat of divorce

Another bad storyline – i’m not sure if this is supposed to make Samdo realize how much he loves Sunnyeo but this was cringeworthy. I remember being so bored with the fake pregnancy and the wimpy Sunnyeo, and here she goes again, getting so dramatic when she does not even know the test results! For all we know, she is just pregnant!!!




3. Every moment I see Hyosang and Yujin!!!

Hyo sang is such a loser. no matter how much money he has, he can’t buy class – from wanting to marry an ambitious fake gold digger, to being a bad CEO and to sabotaging Dongjin’s business! Yunjin is equally pathetic – i see her “insincere face”and I want to slap her. I am so happy that Taeyang is so over her! i’m not sure how their storyline will go – will Hyosang really marry Yunjin (and they both get their happy ever after?). I actually dont care coz they deserve each other, i just wish they leave Taeyang alone.



4. Hyojoo.

I feel nothing for her. she had her chance with Dongjin, she treated him like dirt. now her company is losing money and she realizes he was the best thing that happened to her and now wants him back. i dont like her desperate attempts to take to dongjin’s parents or her attitude against yunshil. why would dongjin want to go back to her when she can clearly see that he is much happier with yunshil? if she really loves him she would let him go.

the tunnel (2016)


Movie: Tunnel (터널)
Release Date: August 10, 2016
Runtime: 126 min.
Genre: Disaster
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Lee Jung-Soo drives home for his daughter’s birthday. While driving through a tunnel that crosses through a mountain, the unthinkable happens. The tunnel collapses. When Lee Jung-Soo regains consciousness, he finds himself trapped inside his car. The car itself is buried under thousands of tons of concrete and debris. All he has inside the car are his cellphone, two bottles of water and his daughter’s birthday cake.

I did not read the plot when I watched the movie – i was expecting some monsters causing the tunnel to collapse haha – but like every typical korean movie, the lead is always a family man – married with a child (think of Train to Busan) – i guess it’s supposed to evoke emotion and sympathy for the lead, which is not bad. However, the movie did not really focus on that aspect, but more on how Jongsoo survived the ordeal while waiting for the rescue team to get him out of the tunnel. This movie also makes you think – should you try to save 1 life at the expense of another or at the expense of the common good. The government was using all their resources and manpower to try to save him and losing millions every day – so is it worth saving one person’s life when they don’t even know if he’s alive or not?

What the movie failed to tackle was asking the big question – why did it collapse in the first place – the movie mentioned that most of the tunnels were not meeting the standards, and yet, there was no investigation – instead the government was angry that they could not continue with the second tunnel. hello – what if it collapses again? definitely they should stop and investigate and charge those people who mishandled the construction of the Hado Tunnel! they were lucky that there were only 2 people that got trapped. what if there were plenty? then would it now be a national disaster?

i felt for Jongsoo – he was trapped – yet I’m amazed that he was still able to help Mina – sharing his water when he barely had any and comforting her. There were times when he felt frustrated and wanted to give up – i probably would have given up earlier – you can see when the dog ate the cake, and when he found out they drilled the wrong place, and when Mina died – amazing fighting spirit he had – definitely helped that his wife was there supporting him – i know how difficult it must have been for the wife to sign the papers and basically leaving her husband trapped forever.

another plot – i was also wondering if there was any way for Jongsoo to get out. he seemed like he just waited most of the time and wasn’t that resourceful or didn’t even try to move the rocks – again maybe i expected more because when he found out that he will no longer be rescued, i thought he would finally step up and try to save himself. well, he did try but then they bombed the area, causing more rocks to fall and he barely made it inside.

The dog – how did he survive more than 30 days without food and still look so energetic?? and im surprised it took so many days before the phone battery drained, considering he was calling people and kept it switched on. the car battery – not sure how long it was supposed to stay on but the radio was a nice touch for communication when his battery died.

of course, the ending was happy – i wished there were more post-rescue meetings between Jongsoo and his rescuer – and Subin gets the puppy (i dont think it’s a puppy anymore though!). The last scene was the couple going through another tunnel – that must have been horrifying for Jongsoo – but his wife was there holding his hand. Aww.

Overall, despite the minimal action, the movie didn’t feel boring and kept me interested the whole time!

laurel tree tailors eps 31-35

for almost the first 30 episodes of the series, min hyojoo did not really play much of a part – except for dongjin’s ex-wife who does nothing but sulk, shop and trade barbs with her family. now it looks like she might have a bigger part in the storyline – she misses dongjin and regrets breaking up with him and now is trying to get him back. unfortunately, dongjin is so seriously in love with yunshil that he doesn’t want to go back at all. which is good. he was never treated nicely and now he looks so happy with yun shil. hyojoo is jealous of yunshil and is now helping to get gipyo out of jail so he can take yunshil back. duh. as if removing yunshil will make dongjin come back to her. all the more he would probably despise her. while this storyline is inevitable, i was hoping that they took a different storyline for hyojoo – instead of trying to win dongjin back – she should focus on trying to win back her family’s business – away from hyosang who seems to be all arrogance and not much business sense.



gipyo’s mom is starting to get really frustrating – she is like a pitbull hanging on to yunshil and harrassing her. imo, they should just proceed to report her to the police. of course, gipyo might get angry at that, but then they can claim that it’s gipyo making her do it and maybe he can get a longer sentence or get a restraining order from him. poor yunshil, she had to leave her own home because the mom won’t leave, and had to hide him from dongjin. good thing taeyang is a good friend and told dongjin. (i miss the scenes with taeyang and yunshil! i guess they’re both busy now). and it turns out mom is trying to tell gipyo to let go of yunshil, but gipyo is too possessive to let go, hence, mom has no choice but to help her son. (if i were her, i would slap my own son and not help him).

i am also loving yunshil showing her affections to dongjin – i guess she is more comfortable now to express her feelings and they look so good together! and i thought yunshil is just so mild mannered? but when the gangsters came to harrass yunshil and dongjin while eating, yunshil stood up and told them off! good job! now dong jin is even more in love! he definitely got a good one this time – affectionate, nice to his parents and brave!

on the other hand, we see hyowon and taeyang getting closer and closer – this time, hyowon accompanied taeyang to visit his mom and made a mess in their house! a little bit funny because she while she had the best intentions, she unintentionally made a mess – from cleaning the fermented soybeans, to getting drunk from plum wine. but still, she was adorable and sweet that her mom just laughed it off. definitely is very different from jiyun. no wonder taeyang can’t help but be charmed. and we finally see a love confession for taeyang! aww so sweet – before i was wondering how they will bring them together – but now i think their relationship progressed naturally.


hyowon’s mom follows them to the province and gets to spend more time with the couple. it’s nice to see taeyang thinking that the mom was not annoying – instead he finds her as adorable as hyowon (which is true). and as the mom gets to know taeyang, it seems like she is getting to like him since he is a good man – he makes hyowon happy, is thoughtful – washing their shoes, cooking for her, carrying her. and since she is rich, i think she should just help him get a good job so that when he ever gets married to hyowon, it would be well for everyone.

the three went back home to a fuming and a little jealous hyosang, because his mom seems to like taeyang a lot but not his girlfriend. and he still hates taeyang for being jiyun’s ex (?) i’m not really sure why – taeyang never did anything to him. he thinks that taeyang is getting back at him and jiyun by dating his sister – well, he’s not as manipulative and conniving as you!

hyosang and jiyun seems to be working well as a couple, i think that maybe they do really like each other but it’s disappointing to see them gang up on taeyang. what. like he doesn’t deserve to find love with someone else? they should be happy that he has left them alone, has not tattled to other people how awful they are, but why can’t they leave them alone. especially jiyun. the nerve! as if taeyang wants her back. taeyang definitely leveled up. not only is hyowon younger and prettier, she is richer, showers him with affection and supports him in whatever he does (well, sometimes she borders on creepiness but i’ll let it go since this is her first relationship). and why should he be the one to breakup with hyowon? just because hyosang and jiyun became a couple first? wth! they can just avoid each other -eventually those hateful feelings will go away – taeyang seems to have move on, but jiyun still is stuck in the past – either she feels guilty for dumping him or she still loves him, just too ambitious.

and jiyun’s reaction when she finds out hyowon’s boyfriend is taeyang? PRICELESS!


and i like what the mom said when hyosang asked why she likes taeyang not jiyun.


– just as i was wondering what taeyang’s next job will be – we see that he gets asked to be a professional model! woohoo! what’s funnier? hyowon and the mom totally supporting him as his manager and stylist, and ruining his photoshoot – i was afraid that the director will stop getting him as a model because of the mess the ladies created!


another mom that is making a mess of everyone’s relationship is Ms Choi – she disapproves of dongsook and taepyung and dongjin and yunshil (well, not yet but soon!). why can’t she just let her children be happy instead of dictating what she wants? i understand it’s mostly because it will be dongsook’s 3rd marriage and taepyung has debts and not earning that much. but at their age, i think she should just be happy that a good single man loves her twice divorced, single mom of a daughter. when we grow old, sometimes money is not the most important, but having someone to share your life with is much better. good thing her husband makes more sense than her, i guess because he realized that he is getting blind soon and not getting younger and he should just cherish the people he is with now.


tae pyung has totally changed from the rockstar balladeer jerk to a family man! he is more stable, sweet to dongsook and a good stepdad to dajeong! i remember dajeong did not like him before, but after seeing him defend her mom from the fiance, and now treating her well, she has changed her mind – so much that she was the one who begged her grandma to let her mom and taepyung get married! yay!


gipyo’s mom saw them outside the wedding venue, assuming it was dongjin and yunshil who got married and created a scene! luckily the family got her out of there before dongjin’s mom came out from the toilet. unfortunately, looks like master Lee caught on the situation and asked dongjin. he didn’t oppose the relationship and he likes yunshil, just never thought of her as dongjin’s girlfriend and future daughter in law. i like how sensitive the dad is, total opposite to the mom! he also did have a word with yunshil and asked her to give him time.

dongjin’s mom is starting to suspect that yunshil and dongjin are together (oh no!).

so looks like we are right, the new neighbor is youngeun, who is samdo’s first love. i am not liking samdo right now. is he really planning to hide everything from sunnyeo? does he still love young eun? or is it just because he feels that sunnyeo will blow this out of proportion and get angry? if i were sunnyeo i will definitely be angry if my husband is sneaking out meeting his first love while lying to me. and no matter how much nice young eun is (she probably does not love samdo and clueless that he’s married), i dont like her and i’m siding with sunnyeo on this one.

the episodes are getting more interesting! all the 4 couples are in a steady relationship – except for dongsook and taepyung, who have gotten married, their main issue is taepyung’s rise back to fame – which is probably where their next storyline is headed.

for samdo and sunnyeo – i dont like this new storyline because he is basically cheated on sunnyeo, which she doesn’t deserve, and after all of sunnyeo’s jealousy and insecurities, i thought this is the one thing that samdo will never do to her. so, no, shame on you samdo!

for yunshil and dongjin, i think their relationship will be revealed and will be breaking up as soon as the mom finds out – plus they have to deal with gipyo’s release from jail. im not worried about hyojoo since she is not threatening.

for taeyang and hyowon, i can see the main issue will be taeyang telling hyowon about jiyun – he has been trying to tell her but she seems to shut him out everytime. i just hope she will not get angry when she finds out, or i will strangle her. i am also curious how she will react. she knows taeyang had a hard time because of his ex and was afraid to fall in love again – so i hope she supports him and fight back at jiyun. and i hope both hyosang and jiyun will be expose for what jerks they both are. (i still think they deserve each other though) – just need to lose their smugness.