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My only love song eps 10-16

Fun moments

-On Dal and Soo Jeong confessing their feelings through the truth all the kissing and sweet moments

-Soo jeong and Samyong bringing modern stuff to the group like the firelighter, drinking games, Princess wearing the schoolgirl uniform

– when the Princess finally realizes that Moo myung is a man and confessing to him

– when we found out that On Dal is actually royalty (but wtf finding out Ilyong killed his dad)

– when On Dal does not seem to run out of fake moustaches (haha)

– Ilyong and Soo Jeong scene in the market where he followed her back and Ilyong liking Soo jeong after just one encounter

WTF moments

– when On Dal almost looked like he liked the Princess and asked her to stay with him thereby leading the princess on

– after confessing the princess just got so pissed at Moo myung over everything

– On Dal’s sudden change in behavior and his betrayal to the group..i have no idea what he is thinking of or why he is doing it ( is it because of his mom or his dad)?

– when they alluded that Moo myung got beheaded but was actually alive (was it for Ilyong’s benefit)?

– when they dont need Boong Boong to teleport (really?) And when boong boong went back to modern Seoul and left Soo Jeong and Sam yong. I seriously want to kill BB!!!

– when On Dal stabbed Soo Jeong!!!!! WtF (hating On Dal now)


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