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My only love song eps 17-20 (end)

I didnt like the ending!!!!!

Sorry had to get it out if the way. It wasnt bad but it left a lot of questions. And it felt so abrupt. He was walking then suddenly he was there with soo jeong in seoul. The entire show we were shown that boong boong somehow controlled the story and how they transported from one place to another so the ending didnt make sense! And i wanted an epilogue. I love On dal’s reactions everytime he saw a modern gadget  can you imagine what would happen to him when he realizes he is in seoul? He would probably pee in his pants lol!! But i guess thats not the main point of the story.

What i did like was moo myung becoking on dal. I didnt expect that so i thought that was a creative way of making sure pyeong gang still ends up with on dal. And moo myung can finally speak!! I would have liked them to travel with on dal to the future but i guess they are better suited in that period.

And sam yong and gwangnyeon haha. So funny how he meets different people with the same face and he falls in love every single time.

As for il yong it is a bit extreme for a guy who seems so soft and effeminate when he speaks and acts but is very brutal and cunning. I defintely wasnt sad when he died. He deserved it not because he was an ass but because he was committing treason.

I didnt really like the king but i liked the director! Wonder how he knew samyong and soo jeong were time traveling. And so sweet of him to wait for them for months.

As for the our lead soo jeong i liked her spunk and bravery. She may have been depicted as as rude and bratty at the start but im glad she toned it down a bit in the latter parts. And she matured. Instead of just thinking if herself she started to care for samyong for on dal and for her friends.

Overall this drama had a lot of flaws but it also had a lot of charm that makes you want to watch til the end. Plus its onky less than 30 mins per episode so its a quick watch. You might get annoyed with the replays and fillers but you can just fast forward them if you dont want to relive the previous scenes.


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2 thoughts on “My only love song eps 17-20 (end)

  1. For all those people who didnt get the ending, i have a theory. So in the end, On Dal and Soo Jeong meet and hug and kiss. Then the car smiles and it switches to the next seen. In that scene we see Soo Jeong get in the car and the car says “Your destination has been set”. So what i think happened was, the story restarted. Its like a never ending cycle. So the story starts over and Soo Jeong gets in the car and drives back to the past. I know this sounds crazy but i think it might be a possibility.


  2. You’re review was spot on! I agree wholeheartedly with the way the ending was rushed. And an epilogue would have wrapped it up nicely, especially with him getting to experience modern culture. All in all a good drama but I definitely had to fast forward the replays since I was binge watching.


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