Bride of the Water God: Episode 05


A huge step when it comes to story progression! We have some of our questions answered on this episode.


Habaek realizes that his powers only return when she saves So-Ah from danger. As it was revealed when he saved her again in a road accident caused by the mysterious man who was seen following So-Ah in the previous episode. Thanks to Habaek’s super human ability to learn quickly. He was able to prove his conclusion that the man is trying to put So-Ah in an accident. Thank goodness Nam Soo Ri survived the car crash, just leaving him charred all over.


The mystery of the assailant is now over as So-Ah can now focus on serving Habaek which demands for new clothes, a new phone an a 12 course dinner. Initially So-Ah failed to cook so they ended up eating Ramyun but thanks to a cooking show. They got to share a wonderful dinner. I think we can see the signs that Habaek now cares for So-Ah as he switched plates with her and offered her a slice of Apple (Sagwa in Korean means “Apple” and at the same time “Apologize”). I guess he’s becoming more concerned about his servant.


We finally get to know more about Bi-Ryeum. Apparently he was the one who gave So-Ah the ring (as a college friend who went to Rome). It was also revealed that Bi-ryeum gave 20 more of those rings to other people whose lives went really well. Since So-ah buried it at a park, that explains why she is getting these misfortunes.

We get the glimpse of how Bi-Ryeum has feelings for Moo Ra. He agreed once to Moo Ra to make Habaek jealous. In addition we saw a part of his personality wherein he will use any means to see what he wants to see, even up to the point of putting So-Ah in danger again.


The next question is… Where are the God Stones? Habaek seems to realize that both Bi-Ryeum and Moo Ra lost their God Stones. Who has it? Time will tell


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