Man to Man eps 3-4

Quick summary of what happened in the 2 episodes. 

Woo hyung was recovering from the car accident and was feeling down. He wanted to cancel all his activities including going to Russia for Chairman Victor’s birthday. Oh no since that’s the whole point Seoul woo posed as his bodyguard. That won’t do so he devised of a way to make him feel like working again. In the meantime Do ha and Seul woo was helping him with his line. This was a funny scene where Seul woo was acting so unemotional while Do ha was over acting. Yet woo gang chose Seul woo as his acting partner and this time Seul woo was in full acting mode to the point of crying tears. Haha. 

Seul woo sat down with woo gang to convince him to work again and woo gang mentioned that he used to love someone so much but she left him when he had an accident. They didn’t even break up she just got married to someone else. And Seul woo told him that the stockholder of Chewing entertainment is Mi eun and he should use his anger and hate to be better (or something like that). 

The next day woo gang gathered everyone and told them that he was leaving Chewing and starting his own company and his staff should think if they want to join him. Or course Do Hà is joining him. Meanwhile in another scene woo gang lashed out at the manager for not telling him about MI Eun. 

And the Russia trip is back on their schedule. The new scenes were of the team going to the party. I must say Doha looked pretty in her dress plus her hair looks so much nicer without the ugly bangs. 

The plan was when woo gang gets invited to the special room, Seul woo will have a chance to go behind the curtains and look for the wood carvings. Unfortunately Woo gang begged Chairman Victor to let Seul woo in too since they are brothers.

I just love Seul woo’s facial expressions aside from the usual stoic look such as this one when he didnt know how to tell woo gang that he doesnt want to go in and realizing his plan might backfire. 

He eventually follows them inside thinking he will just do plan b which is getting the help of the general he broke out of prison in the previous episodes. While in the secret room he saw the wood carving!! During the blackout he was able to steal the wood carving however he almost got caught so we quickly went down and grabbed Doha as if they were embracing and the guards left. Do ha was surprised and felt her heart beat fast. Seul woo told her to ignore what he did. He gave the wood carving to the prosecutor. 


yay! Mission Moscow is done and he can quit being a bodyguard. Back in Seoul Seul woo and prosecutor found a ring hidden inside the wood carving. Looks like they have to find the other 2 wood carvings to get the full key to work. Side note I love how Seul woo is so different when he is off duty. He wears baggy clothes and looks so chill and relaxed. 

Next up Seul woo was thinking of ways to get out of his job. At first he started creating a bomb to fake kill himself but prosecutor said it was not a good idea since it will be a big news in Korea and everyone will recognize him. Thus he suggested to do annoy woo gang even to fire him or let him quit. Seul woo looks like he will be relishing playing the bad guy and get back at woo gwang. 

The next day Seul woo went to the shoot late with an annoyed expression and sat down in woo gangs chair. And basically tried to piss everyone off. But funnily woo gang though he was sick or in a bad mood and even offered to take him to the hospital while the 2 girl staff thought he was a hot bad boy. 

Do ha still could not get over what Seul woo did in Russia and her best friend said that Seul woo obviously likes her and the way to determine is jealousy and worry. 

Later Seul woo told woo gang he wanted to quit but he didn’t accept his resignation. I felt bad for woo gang since he really felt like they were close while Seul woo wanted to go so badly. 

Woo gwang suggested to have a team dinner at his house to celebrate their new company. . During the dinner Seul woo kept his bad mood attitude while Do ha felt bad coz she thought he was quitting because of her. And started drinking and no one wants a drunk Do Ha. So Seul woo got up and drank 2 so just and told her to stop drinking. It was funny that Do Ha misinterpreted his action was worrying about her while the only reason Seul woo wanted her to stop was so he won’t be subjected a her drunkenness and he had to drink so much so ju.

After drinking the soju Seul woo got up and left. Do ha followed and told him that he must really like her but she doesn’t. Seul woo almost laughed and realized that she must have thought he actually liked her when he was just using her for his mission. And so he said it doesn’t matter dont worry about it and went home. 

The next day we see do ha visiting her dad in prison. She is not happy because it has been the 8th time he was jailed for fraud. Then he asked if Do ha still has that thing that he gave her before and that he needs it. (I think it’s something related to the wood carvings because the prosecutor and the other guy was talking about a CI who has information). 

After Doha went to Seul woo’s houseto talk to him. Seul woo looks pissed that she is so dramatic and keeps thinking he likes her so he got really brutal and told her that he will never like her type. He was so harsh that Do Hà was left crying from his hurtful words. And as he left the cafe he got a call from the prosecutor saying that he has to stay as a bodyguard for the next mission. Seul woo’s was so angry coz he just dissed and hurt Do ha so how can he just take back his words he hurled? Good thing he is a quick thinker so as Do ha went out he grabbed her and kissed her. 

Here’s some pics of Seul woo during their talks and I did a screenshot coz he looks so fine. 


Oh no while I feel bad for Doha being used by Seulwoo I still don’t like this match because I feel that they are just too different. And if I were Doha I would slap Seul woo for saying mean things then kissing her and confusing her. And looks like Seulwoo will be kissing up to her since he needs that thing that her father has which is in Do ha’s possession. I am going to root for Do ha in thr next episode as she tries to cut him down coz he deserves it. 

As for Mieun I didn’t recap her parts but it looks like she broke up with Woo gwang to marry Seung jae to help the other guy for something I don’t know yet. But it’s obvious she still loves him and is trying to support him the way she can now. 

I like the lighter side of Seul woo with his funny reactions and chilling at his garage even when he is plotting or making bombs. I also feel bad that he probably doesn’t have a lot of friends and the Chewing team might be the closest he has for a family. I’m excited for his next mission in Bangkok I wonder what craziness he has to do and how he can continue being a bodyguard without exposing himself. I also hope that he will start to genuinely like woo gang and have more b romance moments. 

I hope there will be more storyline for Woo gang aside from being an actor. Hope he starts investigating on his own about his accident. Maybe he will find out Seoul woo’s secret and help him. Anything aside from just being funny and shooting a film. 

Seung jae and the other guy’s story is something I don’t really care about. Will wait until they discover about Seul woo then maybe the action will begin. 

Bride of the Water God: Episode 05


A huge step when it comes to story progression! We have some of our questions answered on this episode.


Habaek realizes that his powers only return when she saves So-Ah from danger. As it was revealed when he saved her again in a road accident caused by the mysterious man who was seen following So-Ah in the previous episode. Thanks to Habaek’s super human ability to learn quickly. He was able to prove his conclusion that the man is trying to put So-Ah in an accident. Thank goodness Nam Soo Ri survived the car crash, just leaving him charred all over.


The mystery of the assailant is now over as So-Ah can now focus on serving Habaek which demands for new clothes, a new phone an a 12 course dinner. Initially So-Ah failed to cook so they ended up eating Ramyun but thanks to a cooking show. They got to share a wonderful dinner. I think we can see the signs that Habaek now cares for So-Ah as he switched plates with her and offered her a slice of Apple (Sagwa in Korean means “Apple” and at the same time “Apologize”). I guess he’s becoming more concerned about his servant.


We finally get to know more about Bi-Ryeum. Apparently he was the one who gave So-Ah the ring (as a college friend who went to Rome). It was also revealed that Bi-ryeum gave 20 more of those rings to other people whose lives went really well. Since So-ah buried it at a park, that explains why she is getting these misfortunes.

We get the glimpse of how Bi-Ryeum has feelings for Moo Ra. He agreed once to Moo Ra to make Habaek jealous. In addition we saw a part of his personality wherein he will use any means to see what he wants to see, even up to the point of putting So-Ah in danger again.


The next question is… Where are the God Stones? Habaek seems to realize that both Bi-Ryeum and Moo Ra lost their God Stones. Who has it? Time will tell


Man to Man (2017) eps. 1-2


Drama: Man to Man (맨투맨)
Network: JTBC / Netflix
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 21 – June 10, 2017
Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 23:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

A longtime celebrity Yeo Woon-gwang (Park Sung-woong) suddenly has a need for a bodyguard and hires Kim Seol-woo (Park Hae-jin), a man trained in special investigations and a mysterious man of many talents. In reality, Seol-woo is a NIS black ops agent who has his own agenda and the role of bodyguard is only a cover to achieve his goals. The drama is about the twisty events they encounter and the budding bromance between the star and bodyguard. In addition, Seol-woo gets romantically involved with Cha Do-ha (Kim Min-jung), the manager of Woon-gwang.

Park Hae-jin as Kim Seol-woo
Park Sung-woong as Yeo Woon-gwang
Kim Min-jung as Cha Do-ha
Chae Jung-an as Song Mi-eun
Yeon Jung-hoon as Mo Seung-jae

First impressions – episodes 1-2
The drama didn’t waste any time introducing our lead character, Kim Sul-woo, to us and how bad ass he is. The only drama I have previously watch of Park Hae Jin is the variety show Family Outing, where he was the timid and shy cast. So, i’m quite impressed with his character as he is smart, capable, and gets the job done. For so many years he has worked as an international spy and this is the first time he will work on a mission in South Korea. He is supposed to act like a bodyguard while trying to find the wood carvings.

Enter Park Sung Woong’s character, the popular villain character actor and all around ass, Yeo Woon-gwang. The last movie I saw of him was where he played a bad guy (i can’t remember the movie though) so it’s refreshing to see him play a funny character. He doesn’t really need a bodyguard, but had to accept Sul-woo as he’s a “gift” from his stockholder. He is portrayed as an actor who is always late and treats others like crap but is a great actor.

Then next we meet Kim Min Jung, as Woon gwang’s manager and biggest fan, who always has a huge crush on him. I dont really like her since (sorry) but I dont find her pretty, her hair looks awful and she looks older than Haejin. Plus, her character is such a pain in the ass. I dont find her endearing and i have no idea how Sul-woo will ever find her pretty. She always jump into conclusions, treats Woo Gwang as if he is hers (that scene where she use a tractor to almost kill Woo gwang and a girl just because she is jealous).

Another female character is  Song Mi-eun, who is Woo Gwang’s ex girlfriend and who dumped him (he finds out on tv when she announces she is marrying someone else while he just came from a big car accident and is alone in the hospital – where he eventually meets Do Ha) and is now the company who is funding his next Hollywood film. Sul-woo’s handler was able to convince Mi-eun to make Sul-woo as Woo Gwang’s bodyguard because she owes him a favor (not sure what their connection is yet).

Finally, last important character is Mi-eun’s husband, Mo Seung-jae. This actor is so far excellently portraying his character quite well. His dimples and beautiful smile is so cute and he is so sweet to his son. But then his eyes go dark and his words mean when he tells his minions to “fix” Woo Gwang (I think he caused Woo Gwang’s accident in the first place and tried to kill him again by damaging his car while shooting) or when he goes into crazy deals with the other political men – he is looking for wood carvings which supposedly contains his grandfather’s corruption list or something.

Now you see the connection? Sul-woo is trying to find the wood carvings which might lead to Seung-jae while Sung Woong most probably dislike Seung Jae for stealing Mi-eun from him.

What did i like so far?

  • the bromance between Sul-woo and Woo gwang. they are the perfect pair! Sul-woo’s chill and smart attitude can totally handle Woo gwang’s brattiness and keep him in toes. Best scenes so far are the bridge scene when they were running (that look that Woo gwang gives Sul-woo is like he has fallen in love) plus the train scene where Woo gwang became the trending topic for the day. I love how Woo gwang is taking care of his bodyguard. Plus that chicken scene in the alley where Sul-woo was also tempted to let Woo gwang take a bit of the chicken. Oh and how can i forget the fake bomb bed scene? haha. I am looking forward to the time when Woo gwang totally trusts Sul-woo and they will work together to take down Seung Jae.

What did I not like so far?

  • definitely trying to put Do Ha and Sul-woo together. On  one hand, it makes sense since she is the manager and he is the bodyguard and the cat-and-dog-fight may seem adorable but their personalities are totally different and she is annoying. I dont feel the chemistry between the 2 characters as I feel like Do Ha is not so smart. On the other hand, she has a lot of fire and emotions, which might be just what Sul-woo needs to brighten up his life. I do wonder though how they can be together since he will have to leave as soon as the mission is over and i dont think he can ever tell her what his job is. He may even have to “kill” himself.

Should you watch? Yes! the first episode served as an introduction of all the characters and setting up the storyline of Sul woo becoming Woo gwang’s bodyguard. the second episode had a lot of funny scenes (which I didn’t expect since i thought this will be a straight action and drama) and showing the budding bromance between Woo gwang and Sul woo.

Be wary of: I didn’t like the two female characters. one is a crazy fan-turned-manager who would rather run off the bodyguard then use him to save Woo gwang’s life. One married for money and we are not sure why she is funding he ex boyfriend’s film using her husband’s money (it’s a recipe for disaster! she is endangering Woo gwang and adding more salt to the wound).


Bride of the Water God: Episode 04


Just when we thought that he had his powers back… apparently, we are wrong. For some reason he still cannot use his powers on this episode. I think it has something to do either with So-ah or with the conspiracy made by Moo Ra and Bi-Ryum. I am leaning towards to So-Ah as her wound was focused during the scene where she fell off the roof top.


Finally our helpless God has found a new home thanks to So-Ah. Well, not the type of house he was expecting but I think we will be seeing more antics at this house.


For some reason I am suspecting CEO Hu-Ye as the other God as can be visibly  seen on his poor effort to pull out humor. Also there’s something about his personality that makes him the other God Habaek needs to find.


We get to glimpse Habaek who offered his services to Moo Ra by reporting negative comments towards her on the internet and acting as a body guard for a fan meet. It sucks that he got screwed by not giving the God Stones to him as Moo Ra doesn’t trust him as she knows that he lost his powers.


We didn’t get to know more about Bi-Ryum. He is just the God who is handing out advices to Moo Ra. Is Bi-Ryum showing his love interest towards Moo Ra? Or he is just an accomplice that has a common goal with her? I guess we will have to find out in the upcoming episode.


Finally the last scene was kinda sweet as So-Ah and Habaek travelled to a peaceful seaside. For some reason Habaek is apologizing to So-Ah. I guess a love confession is about to happen.


PS – I saw the scanlations of the original story. Will try to read it one at time so I can check the differences from the current Kdrama series.