Bride of the Water God: Episode 09 – 10


This week’s edition has been loaded with tons of surprises! For this week I will combine my thoughts on both episodes as I was a little busy with personal stuff.

This week revealed that the relationship between Habaek and So Ah reached greater heights Habaek kissed So Ah passionately. Whether is it an excuse that Habaek knows that he will be leaving soon or not we will get to see more romantic and sweet scenes on the upcoming weeks.



Geol Rin and CEO Hoo Ye know each other. It seems that Geol Rin has empathy on what happened to Hoo Ye (or can be seen as a father figure). But what I am curious is that he insinuated that Hoo Ye needs a servant more than Habaek. Is it because of all the hardships that Hoo Ye went through or is just another plot of the Minor Gods who wants to overthrow the Gods.



Speaking of Hoo Ye, it seems that he was controlling his dark powers for the longest time. In my opinion Hoo Ye is naturally a good guy, it was just unfortunate that he was cursed as a Half God who stuck on an endless cycle of reborn. With Bi-Ryeom’s actions so far, we might get to see what kind of power does he have and is it powerful enough to kill a God? This week also revealed that Hoo Ye likes So Ah (as he confessed to Habaek after he met up with her at a cafe) and he will do whatever it takes to win her heart.


Joo Dong has been found! Apparently he lost his memories and powers temporarily and wandered as a homeless person but eventually became a monk. Joo Dong can be seen as the God who is really on Habaek’s side knowing that both Moo Ra and Bi-Ryeom are scheming against him. Joo Dong clearly saw through Habaek as he was not happy that all the God stones were already gathered and ask Habaek if the reason was because of So Ah (should be a dead giveaway).


Habaek for the mean time learns how to earn money as he helped an old man pick up paper cartons to be sold to a recycling company wherein he was handed out his share of the sold cartons. The second one was taking his photos for a street seller in order to get a cute set of cups which he gave it to So Ah as a gift.

The question now is that how will the rivalry between Habaek and Hoo Ye go now that it was evident that they are now fighting for So Ah’s heart. When shall we see Hoo Ye’s dark powers? We will just have to wait until next week. Will Bi-Ryeom be the first victim? Who knows… Let’s all find out next week!



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