Man to Man ep. 6-10

A lot happened in the next 4 episodes.

Do ha gets kidnapped because of the ring, Seul woo enlists the help of Un gwang to get her free. They were able to capture the other Agent who refused to talk. However, once he found out that Seungjae dropped him, he messaged Seulwoo using a special Ghost code and they were able to retrieve the body of missing Agent Robert Yoon.

Do ha’s dumb dad is still up to his con man ways and thought he could get some money and help from Congressman Baek – who in turn used him and framed him for the murder of Robert Yoon. By this time, Do ha has found out about the real identity of Seul woo but is still in love with him. After revealing his identity, Seul woo “disappeared” on Do ha who was furious! Un gwang is smarter and knows Seul woo is still in the same building, just in a secret room.

When Do ha found out about her dad, she had no choice but to seek the help of Prosecutor Lee and Seul woo to help free her dad. The only way to do it is to get the second wood carving and proceed with the Black Auction. I dont know how much influence Song san and Cong Baek has on the government and NIS, but they were unbelievably able to remove Jang from NIS, arrest Lee on absurd charges, leaving Seul woo alone to complete the mission. and who else to help but Do ha and Un gwang! i love their partnership! To be able to participate in the black auction, Seul woo borrowed USD5M from Ungwang, to his shock (that is a whole lot of money to give away!) Nevertheless Un gwang not only gave him the money, he and Doha also went to the Black auction to buy the wood carving. (Obviously with a lot of NIS agents, Seul woo can’t go there himself). Meanwhile, In exchange of giving the USB drive containing Yoon’s murder, the other Agent struck a deal with Seulwoo to help him get the wood carving, while Seulwoo helps him fake his own death.

Once they were able to get the wood carving. Seungjae and Cong Baek amped the pressure by claiming that the agent death was a terrorist attack and the NIS director should be responsible for it. I dont know what is the sudden change in attitude of Mi-eun (if it’s for herself or for her son), now she has sided with Seungjae and has been giving him helpful advise to meet their plan. Mi-eun convinced Seungjae to get Jang to his side (make him NIS Director) and his loyalty by giving Jang Cong Baek and the Baek Infantry. Seung jae spoke to Jang about it while Jang had to think about his next move. With him and Lee powerless, and the NIS Director unable to get the third wood carving in Myanmar (Apparently Seungjae was able to somehow get someone to move it to Russia) and planning to retire, it looks like Jang may have to take Seungjae’s offer to be able to eventually take him down.

For a man who is supposedly so powerful that he controls the government and the people, i find it hard to believe that he can’t even get the 3 wood carvings! and most of the time his men is running around chasing Seulwoo. i guess he is the type a bully who is all mean words and goons but doesnt have the strength to do his own job. And i dont know who i want to hurt more.. the smug face of Seungjae or the arrogant face of Cong Baek. I can’t wait for the episode when Seulwoo (with the help of Ungwang) and the team take them down!

As for Do ha and Seul woo’s relationship, I still can’t see much romance – and i feel like it’s forced. I dont know how Seul woo is feeling, if he is just repressing his growing feelings for her or he is still at this point working on his mission. I can see he does care for her – since they have gotten closer.

Another person I’m not sure of is Un gwang’s feelings for Do ha. Is it just brotherly concern or is he starting to like her? And how about Un gwang’s feelings for Mi-eun? i think it’s gone he just can’t move on because there was no closure. At this point, i dont want Un gwang to end up with Mi-eun at all! Ungwang is such a happy funny guy and Mi eun looks like a miserable bitch. (i have to say, Chae Jung an looks different than when she was younger..not sure if she got any work done on her face). I dont even feel any ounce of sadness whenever Seungjae treats her badly. She married him so she has to live with her consequences.

I also love the budding bromance between the men both at this point its more Ungwang than Seulwoo.

I really hope nothing bad happens to Prosecutor Lee and Jang – i was so scared when Baek visited Lee – i thought he might have spiked his coffee.

I think we are in the middle of the show – the next up is going to be even more thrilling, trying to find the last wood carving, and i’m betting we will see a lot of alliances shifting and lots of twists til we get to the end.


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