Man to Man eps 11-16 (end)

Wow! The second half of the show was just twist after twist after twist! I liked the ending and where each character ended up in the story. Lets see.

I ubderstood why Jang had to team up with Seungjae first to take down Cong Baek, second to be in a position to know Seungjaes next move and to somehow control it. And i know why he had to shot Seulwoo and its not to jeooardize the mission and also to save him. Im glad he stayed honorable till the end. I never once thought he could cross the line and be corrupt. And i love that he ended up with the very beautiful and understanding Sharon.

Cong Baek was just too old and still using old methods that he was easily taken down by Seulwoo.

The other agent was helpful to Seulwoos mission and in some parts very crucial to the success of the mission. I flet a little bad that he did nit get any plea vargain or light sentence for helping them get Baek but i guess he killed so many people and had to oay for his crimes. And we see that he did it all for his fmaily esp his sick daughter.

Surprising reveal was that Mieun was a ghist agent. It explains everything she has fone so far. Why she was so close to Jang. And hiw she was always one step ahead and could help Seungjae think of good ideas. At the start i thought she would end up with Ungwang. Then middle part i really didnt like her. But at the end i loved how she and Ungwang were able to finally have closure and break up. And while im surprised that she didnt leave Seungjae i am also glad since Seungjae is a good dad, he just had too much of his fathets blood and became cunning and ruthless.

Speaking of Seungjae i loved how to him everything had a price and he was willing to negotiate and give people what they deserved. Just too bad he got so corrupted and its mostly what his dad taught him. I saw his face when he realized he really loved Mieun and her too and they tore the divorce papers. And i think that he will probably change now that he knows he can trust Mieun and that he is loved.

The other big reveal was that the NIS Director was the traitor! In a way i kind of expected because his face looked too meek and suspicious. But it still doesnt explain why the first ghost agents were that powerful. That old lady that Baek met in the jimjilbbang brought up lots more questions. And it still didnt directly answer the dragon symbol. I just assumed its the group symbol for the principal ghost agents.

Dong hyun omg i was shocked when he get into an accident. I was really scared that he would die. And i am so haopy he fidnt. I felt a bit teary eyed when Jang gave him a medal he really deserved it because he worked so hard for it. And nice to see him have new people caring for him like Doha’s dad.

I love Ungwang. At the start he was being portrayed as arrogant playboy but he has a big heart and loyalty and is willing to help his family. I was wirried that he might be the love triangle between seulwoo and ruin the romance and i was relieved that the story didnt go there. I hope his movie will be a success and he can find a great girl to be with. Just now eunsoo please!

Doha eventually grew on me as with her relationship with Seulwoo. Seulwoo has been an agent for so long i didnt doubt for a minute that he will resign to be with Doha. Well he didnt even have to. Because Doha accepted him and waited for him. So he can go out and save the wirld and still come back with doha and Ungwang waiting for him.

I lived how Seulwoo is so smart and always comes up with great ideas. Hes also good at profiling people and anticioating the next mive. I definitely think the mission was a success primarily because of him and his plans. I would love to see a second season of him, ungwang and Doha running after a new villain.

Overall had a great time watching thr show. It had a lot of twists, some funny scenes, a few romance lots of bromance and crazy villains.

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