Kahogo no Kahoko ep. 6

This episode was partly hilarious partly sad as we all the couples have disagreements and arguments.

Kahoko’s mom left the house and stayed Jiji and Baba’s house while reflecting. I hate that she has such a cold face and icy demeanor. She also seems to hold a grudge and refuse to give way. Kahoko and the dad has repeatedly apologized and asked her to come back but she is still being stubborn. I hope that she will be more forgiving, more understanding of her family’ s feelings and less selfish. The last scene showed mom and Kahoko waging a war between them. I do hope Kahoko wins. Not only will she be more mature after the war, im hoping the mom will be more loving. 

The mom’s sisters are also fighting with their husbands.. Tamaki regretting tha tshe married her husband, that maybe she settled or married because she was afraid of growing old alone. Oh no. I do hope thats not true. Though i can understand what she means. Plus normally those that are so affectionate in oublic and in social media are always the troubled couple. 

The other sister is fighting with her hisband because of Ito. The husband is sayi g that she didnt do a good job raising Ito hence she is rebelling. This accusation did not sit well with the sister. I would do if the husband told me too. I would probably rip his eyes out. Lol.

So the 3 sisters ended up staying at jiji and baba’s house in the meantime.

During dinner, the 3 sisters ganged up on the dad saying he wasnt that helpful raising them, all the work was done by their mom etc. 

He got hurt and left the house to go to Kahoko’s house… Which is where Kahoko’s dad plus the two brother in law were staying in the meantime. Hahaha.

Not only that, even Kahoko’s dad’s father also left the house to stay with them. And of course he is just sleeping the entire time. 

Kahoko is the only girl in the house and she struggles and fails epically to maintain the house. She doesnt know where everything is, burns the food, buys the expensive meat. 

Finally Kahoko got frustrated by the 5 men and persuaded them to go and apologized to their wives. They all went there and overheard the wives’ sentiments, feelings about them and their marriage. I felt sad for the husbands hearing the harsh words from the ladies. Eventually the wives all came home to their husbands. I do hope that all have a happy reconciliation at the end.

On the side note, we find out that Kahoko’s dad’s sister was swindled by her business partner and is feeling lost and ashamed. She had a talk with Kahoko. I hope she also starts making better choices in life so she wont be so pathetic.

Ito is still behaving really badly. She changed her hairstyle and her fashion. I feel like she is still trying to fogure out whatto do with her life as she feels like she lost her purpose. I hope she doesnt get into too much trouble and start listening to others. It doesnt hurt to live your life the way you want them to, i am surely she feels freer than she ever did before, but i hope she also tempers that freedom and use it wisely.

Finally as for Kahoko and Mugino’s relationship, Mugino is still trying to prepare himself to directly tell her how he feels about her. I understand how he feels. I also felt so scared and uncomfortable saying those 3 words initially but eventually, learned to say it when i was ready.

 The same for Mugino. he was able to say it in the moment when he was staring at Kahoko. And her reaction of not realizing until too late that it was his declaration of love and telling him to repeat it was hilarious and loads of cuteness. But that was the best thing, when you actually say it and really mean it. 

I love that the each episode is fast paced and really moves the story forward. It is also quite ambitious trying to tell stories of each of the couples in jist a few episodes but i love that they all dont feel rushed and actually makes sense. 

However the last scene where Kahoko (and the viewers) find out that Jiji is dying is just so shocking and heartbreaking!! Why put such a big and tragic storyline!!! I dontwant her to die!! She is just a sweet grandma. And i feel like she holds the fmaily together. Or maybe her death will be the flue that will bring peace in the family too. Oh no. Suddenly i feel sad going to the next episode.

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