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Live eps. 3-6

I like the show because it gives a glimpse of what patrol cops go through every day and most of the cases and incidents they have shown so far are relatable and realistic, from the power tripping congressmen to entitled son of a rich family, to illegal prostution and simple drunk driving cases.

The 3 rookies are partnered with a mentor. Sangsu with Yang chon started off as oil and water and it was mostly because Sang su is too arrogant and lacked self awareness. He thinks he a damn good cop when he is just a newbie. I was annoyed by him during the first 2 cases and i dont need to be a cop to tell him that the reason why he doesnt seem to be a good cop is because he doesnt know how to balnce his role.. you cant be too much by the book you should be able to be flexible when needed. Its not all black and white, choosing between saving a life vs preserving evidence – he needs to have better judgment, better ‘diskarte’ and creative in coming uo with ideas and solutions to problems. Yang chon may seem like a hard ass jerk but to me, he is not. He is a good cop and maybe he just needs to be more vocal in teaching the rookie instead of using his fists and thinking the rookie is dumb. But im glad they are slowly getting the hang of their partnership.

As for Yang chon and the wife, i think Yangchon is better off without her. Yang chon is definitely a bad husband to her but like what Yang chon said, asking for a divorce so suddenly is jist unfair. There are so many chances she could have called out Yangchon on his behavior but she just kept silent and taking it all in before she finally burst. If she is expecting him to be her husband and partner she should have done the same to him. They definitely sucked at communication. Plus wife’s face is alsways so expressionless and her tone of voice is so flat, who would be excited to be with her? Definitely the marriage broke down due to both of them,not just Yang chon. I think they will probably end up together in the end and be much happier but for now i preder them divorced and focused on the cases.

Hyeri is partnered with the old cop. I liked Hyeri when they were still in the academy. Now she is so annoying as she keeps whining that she is not get the better cases. For one,she is just an average cop. Two, she also seemed like an entitled kid, expecting things to be handed to her without giving any respect to her elders or even willing to learn new things to become better at her job. Who would want her as a partner? As for the mentor,i like him. Some people may discard him coz he is old but he seems to be very experienced. I am sure once Hyeri stops bitching and starts listening,she might get a lot of tips for the old man. I do wish she get her share of good cases too so she has chance to grow up.

Definitely the lead star and my favorite character is Jeong o. She is smart, tough, sensitive and quick to pick up things. I guess thats why everyone seems to like her. In just a few episodes she has been involved in a murder, fight that led her to taser a oregnant woman and now an illegal prostitution case. She has been lucky so far in getting the big cases but it must also be tough on her to have to deal with so many things at once. I also like what she said to her mentor, Namil. Just because she is single without wife and kid doesnt mean it is fine for her to lose her job. She also has her own family to take care of. And i agree 100%.

As for the potential love triangle between Jeong o, Myeong ho and Sangsu, my current choice is Myeong ho because he is older, more experienced, and handsome. He is also dedicated to his job and looks like a damn good and honest cop. Feels like they would match well coz Jeong o is also similar to him.

I dont like the current Sangsu because i feel like he is not man enough for Jeong o and needs to mature a bit. But im not discounting him coz they have gone through a lot together, since the academy so they might have more things in common and connections maybe more deeper. Plus i have a feeling they will end up together since they are both the leads. So as long as Sang su steps up and becomes the man for Jeong o then im fine with their pairing. Right now though i dont feel any romantic chemistry between the two. More on just friendship compared to the sweet vibes coming off Myeongho and Jeongo.


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