no throwback drama this month

this month, i struggled to find a good throwback drama to watch. for some reason i just couldn’t get in the mood of watching. i tried a lot of dramas.

come back mister – i watched a few episodes but i was really pissed off at Rain’s character. he was such a jerk to his pretty wife and was treated like trash by his fellow employees before he died. now that he is in Rain’s body, he is no better. he is meaner and trying to get into his wife’s family, can’t he see how creepy it looks? plus he doesn’t seem to be really good at his job. as for the other guy, i like him better and oh yeon soo is quite funny (she acts very differently from her stoic Samjang character) but she tends to overact is some of the scenes. i stopped watching coz i couldn’t really sympathize with the 2 characters. they shouldn’t have gone back to earth.

fated to love you – i tried watching 1 episode. i watched the taiwanese version before i liked jang hyuk and jang nara in their old drama – bright girl. however, i couldn’t continue watching after episode 1. i feel like the premise of the show is outdated, jang nara even though she is in her middle 30s is still trying to act young, cute but pathetic is not doing it for me anymore. and jang hyuk’s overacting and maniacal laugh is not adorable. (cha seung won can do absurd funny better).

let’s eat 1 – i loved the close up shots of the food but i dont like the close up shots of the characters licking their lips and salivating over their food. normally i love watching korean stars in variety shows eating (eg. family outing, 1n2d, etc) but the close up shots felt too weird. i also dont like the main character – she seems like a loser. im not dropping this show yet, i might pick this back up later.

falling for innocence – i love kim so yeon and she looks bad ass here. but i have never liked jung jun ho. it’s either his face or how his characters always act so arrogant. the  first episode is not bad. but i dont like the character enough to actually want him to win against his uncle. also not dropping this, maybe i’ll try to do one episode or two before i decide if i should drop this.

tokyo tareba musume – i love japanese drams featuring single and successful ladies so was excited to try watching this show. the first episode was not bad, but i felt like the 3 girl friends didn’t have a lot of charisma and personality. the guy is also not that cute. will try a few more episodes to see if i will continue.

noble, my love – i’m up to episode 16 now and even though it’s just 15 mins per episode, it is so painful to try to finish this show. the main problem is the male character is so obnoxious and dumb. why can’t he just woo her the regular way and not make her life hell? and i can’t believe the girl likes the way she is being treated. i know she is poor but she is not desperate enough to accept his harassment. she’s a vet, she is a professional. if she can’t open her own animal clinic, she can just work in a hospital first. and that trashy “friend”, i want to rip her eyes out. she is not even pretty, i wish vet girl can finally stand up to her.

that’s it. all my failed shows for the month. i hope i can find my momentum again and watch a good throwback drama!


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