my golden life eps. 6-10

A lot of things happened during these episodes. I most particularly liked (and cried) during the big confrontation between Ji Tae and his girlfriend. First off, never ever pretend that you are okay with not getting married if you want to get married. I think it was totally wrong for the girl to get angry at Ji Tae when all along she made him believe that she also did not believe in marriage. For her to brood and go on a blind date behind his back was not a good idea. I could understand why Ji Tae got angry. I would to if I was blindsided by my boyfriend. On the other hand, both of them should have talked sincerely and agreed earlier on why they didn’t want to get married. That way, there were no expectations. So I am totally on team Ji Tae here.

I liked seeing Ji an getting knock down from her pedestal in the few episodes. She has been acting hurtful to the new family. But the mother is relentless is cruel for her to just assume Ji an can just cut off her family as if the last 25 years didn’t mean anything. At the start, I thought the father would be the strict and domineering one, but turns out, it’s the mother who rules the family because she is the daughter of the Chairman. I loved that the sibling relationship between Do Kyung and Ji an are slowly getting stronger – I would love to have a big brother like Do Kyung. I still can’t figure out the younger sister though, she’s too cold and fake.

I still don’t like Hyuk and I don’t understand why Ji soo likes him, although her crush is so superficial after just encountering him once without even getting to know him. Hyuk is acting like such a jerk to Ji Soo and too creepy to Ji an. I’m curious to see the old story between the Bakery Guy and Miss Café. Seems like they used to have a relationship before her dad forced them to break up. I’m looking forward to the day they finally meet.

Ji an’s dad gets a lot of scenes in the show, compared to the mom and the other siblings. At first I thought his endless weeping and moping is unnecessary, but it seems like there is a big storyline coming up. I would love to see him get back up on his feet and be successful again. Never really explained how and why his business failed though.

The next few episodes looks like will focus on Ji an going back to Haesung Company, I would love to see her best that stupid annoying frenemy and succeed in the company. I’m also looking forward to the big reveal about her being the missing daughter. But i’m scared to see the time when she realizes she is the wrong daughter! Poor Ji an!

[1st impressions] my golden life eps. 1-5


Drama: My Golden Life (황금빛 내 인생)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 52
Release Date: September 2, 2017 – March 11, 2018
Runtime: Saturdays & Sundays 19:55

Ji an’s sad life gets an unexpected fortune when she is revealed to be the long lost daughter of Haesung Group. She leaves her family to join her real family and meet her brother, Choi Do Kyung. But what happens when she learns later on that she is not the really the daughter?


Shin Hye Sun as Seo Ji An
Park Si Hoo as Choi Do Kyung
Lee Tae Hwan as Sun Woo Hyuk
Seo Eun Soo as Seo Ji Soo

First impressions
So I was looking for a weekend drama to watch and I read somewhere that My Golden Life had a great run in the earlier part of 2018 so I thought i’d try to catch a few episodes and see if it was worth watching. first up, I’ve only watched a handful of dramas where Shin Hye Sun starred as a supporting actress but never the lead. On the other hand, I missed Park Si Hoo, I’m glad he’s back and hopefully slowly gaining back favor in Korea’s eyes after his scandal a few years ago.
On to the drama. Hmm, first, I don’t really like Ji an. I know she works very hard and how difficult her life has been but she can also be arrogant and feisty that sometimes it’s not in the right place. thus, it was hard for me to sympathize with her or wish she has a better life. It’s quite ironic that she’s the greedy one while the actual rich daughter, Ji Soo, grew up to be sweet and kind. I dont know if it was the way they were brought up. Maybe the mother doted on Ji Soo more or maybe Ji Soo was really just a sweeter girl by nature. I think the ultimate flaw in this drama is that the Chairwoman just believed in the Mom when she asked which one is her daughter without asking Ji an to take another DNA test. After how easy it was for her to do a background check on everyone, she misses to do a DNA to confirm which kid is hers. Lol.
As for Ji an’s mom, i also dont like her that much. The actress kind of overacts when she cries and she always blames the husband for their misfortune. Wow, instead of supporting her husband, she just stays home all day doing nothing, scheming and crying. I feel bad for the father. He must feel so guilty for ruining his family’s life, his wife keeps telling him every single time what a loser he is, and now he’s even losing his real daughter. I’ve always seen the actor playing the bad guy or the bad father, so it’s nice to see him play a poor guy this time. As for Ji soo, i like her, she is a sweet but not too bright girl – i love her optimism. She is kind of cute with Hyuk, even though he ignores her. I actually like to see her grow up more than see Ji an’s character be successful. I wonder how she would feel once she finds out she is the real rich daughter, not Ji An. As for Hyuk, he is such an eye candy, but i just can’t seem to like his character too. He may be too nice and a gentleman to Ji an but he acts like a big jerk to Ji Soo, and that kind of shows what kind of person he is – and i dont think he is going to be a nice boyfriend if this was real life. I’m actually hoping Ji soo does not end up with him, or they end up together but Hyuk is totally begging and under Ji soo’s control. Ha! As for Do Kyung, he is a bit of an oddity. He is so funny and weird, i like him a lot. He is such a nice guy for a third generation chaebol. However whenever i see him and Ji an fighting, i just want to slap Ji an for being so arrogant. Why can’t she just accept his gesture and be thankful that there are still people out there who are good and willing to help?

Do i still want to continue watching this show? To be honest, i’m not sure. I’m just at that point where Ji an finally moved in to the big house, and i’m interested to see how well or bad she does adjusting to her new life. I am guessing that she will be bad – probably taking revenge on the people who belittled her and acting haughty – which is going to be something i probably dont want to see. however, i’m curious to keep on watching just to see how they will reveal the switch, and how the twins will handle this revelation.


[throwback] 1% of anything


Drama: Something About 1% (1%의 어떤것)
Network: Dramax
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 5 – November 24, 2016
Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 21:00

Lee Jae-In possesses a good appearance, he is smart and comes from a wealthy family, but he is also arrogant. His grandfather orders Jae-In to enter into a 10 month contract engagement with a female school teacher that he has never met in his life. Lee Jae-In slowly falls in love with her.

Ha Seok Jin as Lee Jae In
Jeon So Min as Kim Da Hyun

After watching 20th Century Boy and Girl and seeing the sister Kim, who i missed seeing on tv, i decided to check out the updated version of 1% of Anything. She starred in this drama way back in 2003 and i was curious to see how they updated the series. This time, the drama stars Ha Seok Jin and Jeon So Min. I’ve watched Ha Seok Jin in some dramas before, and I always confuse him with another korean actor, Kim Kang Woo. On the other hand, i have never watched Jeon So Min in any drama before. Thus, to be honest, i didn’t really have high expectations from this show, i just wanted to watch a quick and fun drama – and I’m glad I did!

The best part of this drama, of course, is the relationship between Jae in and Da hyun. At first i was put off by how arrogant and how dismissive Jae in was so Da Hyun and how he kept manhandling her, but as i watch the show, i realized he wasn’t really being arrogant, he was just a very straight guy who means what he says and acts the way he wants to. i still dont like how he kept grabbing her and i’m glad it toned down as they were both falling for each other. We can see how he started softening from a very workaholic career driven guy who hates wasting time to actually being a romantic boyfriend who is able to balance being the tough boss and the sweet husband. Da Hyun was such a sweetie pie! No wonder Jae In fell in love with her. Even though it felt like they were so wrong for each other at the start, you later realize that they complemented each other very well. they were both passionate with their work, had good hearts and they knew how to communicate with each other and was mature in dealing with their relationship. In real life, people often stick within their circle of friends, and people end up dating the same types of people from the same background and i realized, you know what? it’s also interesting to actually go out of your comfort zone, to go out of your circle, to actually meet different types of people and just learn new things from them. and it’s not just about dating, this can be about work or hobbies.

Okay, now back to the drama. there wasn’t much conflict in the show, which i loved. There was no evil cousin – dont you hate it that the parents are so vindictive and greedy that it affects the relationships of siblings and cousins? I can’t imagine why relatives will fight over a position – why cant they just share and grow the empire instead of fighting? of course easier said than done since i’m not rich. lol. i did hate the ex girlfriend. I thought she was an unnecessary annoyance – it was so obvious that her scheming ways wont even make a dent in Jae in and Da hyun’s relationship – she was that insignificant to the story. As for the grandpa, I think he was more just a tool to have a reason why they had to meet in the first place, but there was really nothing much he did. I thought there was going to be some tough work drama but it didn’t really happen.

I could also understand their dilemma – they were from two different worlds and backgrounds – how can they make it work? Jae in will unintentionally put Da hyun in the spot as his wife and potential madame of a major company – puts her in the news, her life will be scrutinized, she wont get as much freedom as she used to have. Likewise, I loved that Da hyun was such a great girl – she didn’t bow down to Jae in, she wasn’t just about to swallow everything, she also thought of herself and her career which she loved. And I think it’s because she is a teacher by profession, she is used to handling kids so she knows how to sticky situations. I loved how they resolved the conflict though it felt a tiny bit unrealistic and I wished the big confession had more impact – like Jae in getting down on one knee and not just saying “i love you let’s get married”. But then again, that is how simple and low key their relationship was. Nothing grand and fancy, just pure heart and sincerity. I wished they showed the wedding, I would have cried buckets of tears seeing her walk down the aisle, and I bet Jae in would have bawled like a big baby.

Overall, super loved this underrated rom-com! And this just made me want to watch more Ha Seok Jin dramas!