my golden life eps. 6-10

A lot of things happened during these episodes. I most particularly liked (and cried) during the big confrontation between Ji Tae and his girlfriend. First off, never ever pretend that you are okay with not getting married if you want to get married. I think it was totally wrong for the girl to get angry at Ji Tae when all along she made him believe that she also did not believe in marriage. For her to brood and go on a blind date behind his back was not a good idea. I could understand why Ji Tae got angry. I would to if I was blindsided by my boyfriend. On the other hand, both of them should have talked sincerely and agreed earlier on why they didn’t want to get married. That way, there were no expectations. So I am totally on team Ji Tae here.

I liked seeing Ji an getting knock down from her pedestal in the few episodes. She has been acting hurtful to the new family. But the mother is relentless is cruel for her to just assume Ji an can just cut off her family as if the last 25 years didn’t mean anything. At the start, I thought the father would be the strict and domineering one, but turns out, it’s the mother who rules the family because she is the daughter of the Chairman. I loved that the sibling relationship between Do Kyung and Ji an are slowly getting stronger – I would love to have a big brother like Do Kyung. I still can’t figure out the younger sister though, she’s too cold and fake.

I still don’t like Hyuk and I don’t understand why Ji soo likes him, although her crush is so superficial after just encountering him once without even getting to know him. Hyuk is acting like such a jerk to Ji Soo and too creepy to Ji an. I’m curious to see the old story between the Bakery Guy and Miss Café. Seems like they used to have a relationship before her dad forced them to break up. I’m looking forward to the day they finally meet.

Ji an’s dad gets a lot of scenes in the show, compared to the mom and the other siblings. At first I thought his endless weeping and moping is unnecessary, but it seems like there is a big storyline coming up. I would love to see him get back up on his feet and be successful again. Never really explained how and why his business failed though.

The next few episodes looks like will focus on Ji an going back to Haesung Company, I would love to see her best that stupid annoying frenemy and succeed in the company. I’m also looking forward to the big reveal about her being the missing daughter. But i’m scared to see the time when she realizes she is the wrong daughter! Poor Ji an!


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