My Golden Life eps. 31-35

These 5 episodes mainly centered on Do Kyung’s life after leaving his home. I’ve always liked to Do Kyung is not only a good person but also a competent company officer. And it is refreshing to see him be so resilient and persevering in his plans. You see a guy like that and you just know that he will succeed. He doesn’t even need to be a chaebol to succeed. I think even if he was an average guy he will make it to the top. I was wondering what kind of business he will try to propose to investors, esp since the facial recognition business with his “best friend” was what he was planning for. Now I remember on the very first episode (it feels so long ago!) he tried to pitch his eco proposal that got rejected by the board. I’m glad to see him still so passionate about it and I hope a great investor will back him. on ep 35, there was a slight hint that his former best friend is trying to look for him. I wonder what for. I hope he is not going to try to sabotage his friend. I hope he is there to warn him of something. He seemed like such a good friend, I hope he redeems himself in the latter episodes. and I hope Secretary Yoon can work with Do Kyung again in his new company.

It is hard to see Do Kyung and Ji an’s interactions, mostly because I hate how Ji an is soo cruel to Do Kyung. I get it. She is scared of his family and what they can do to her, but he already left his family. and Knowing how good Do Kyung is, I am sure he will be able to protect her and protect himself. She could have said, “I like you too, I hate to see what’s happening to you but I will support you and wish you luck!” Can’t she give him a little more motivation so that even if they don’t end up together, she will feel better that she was the one who helped him at his worst (they way he was her strength when she was in the Haesung corporation).

There are 2 things I’m running out of patience for. first is the sour relationship between Ji an and Jisoo, and I blame it all on Ji soo. I love her cute interactions with Hyuk (more on them later) but when she gets jealous and hurtful to Jian, I don’t like her at all. She is still too bratty and self-entitled. She feels so unloved and neglected. boohoo. I wonder what will make all the hurt melt away and for her to move on her life? Just when I think she is starting to make amends by giving Jian a birthday cake, she gets jealous of Hyuk and push Jian away. I hope we can have some clarity on what she really wants coz i’m getting tired of her feeling like a victim in front of Jian.

The other person that I am so over is Jian’s father. I don’t understand how he gets so much screen time. At first I commiserated with him for getting angry at his wife (it really is the wife’s fault) and I cried when he tried to catch Jian and he fell. Then he got so mopey, so cruel with Jitae, so and awful with his own wife. and he is so wishy washy. I thought the purpose of his storyline was so that he can become successful again and bring honor back to his family’s name. but now, he wanted to go to Vietnam. then deep sea fishing. Now, assuming he is sick and dying soon (without even bothering to go to the doctor), he dyes his hair, he is feeling better and learning guitar. I know maybe he is trying to fulfill all that he wasn’t able to do when he was younger and he is trying to live the best of his life before he dies. but he is still so far out in his own world that he doesn’t even know what’s happening to his family. I can’t imagine being happy dying knowing you didn’t do well for your family.

Now back to Hyuk and Jisoo. So, looks like Hyuk is starting to fall for Jisoo, but looks like Jisoo finally stops hoping (due to her assuming about Hyuk and Jian) and starts ignoring him. of course Hyuk will bother her even more until he finally confesses that he likes Jisoo. (hmm maybe then Jisoo will forgive Jian?) I wish we didn’t have to go to this kind of tired storyline but oh well, Kyuk deserves to suffer a bit and woo Jisoo – she crushed on him for so long, it’s time he falls as hard (or even harder) for her.

On Jitae and Soo A, I’m really impressed with Soo A. She stayed with Ji Tae and was so comforting and understanding even when Ji Tae was fighting with the father. What I don’t understand is how she can get pregnant when the first entry in their contract is they don’t want any kids. Hello, they shouldn’t even have made that mistake. She could have taken responsibility for her body and ensure she doesn’t get pregnant. Now she is and she wants to abort. I know it is her body and she can do what she wants but why was she so irresponsible in the first place? As for Jitae, I laud him for being man enough to change his mind and want the baby. but I could understand their dilemma. this is like a make or break for their marriage. I think Jitae should spend more time convincing her and he should do it carefully so as not to affect his marriage.

13 episodes to go.. feels so far from the ending yet i’m also near the end. Btw, loved that Mr Baker and Ms cafe are so blissfully in love and married.

My Golden Life eps. 26-30

Wow! I have watched a few weekend dramas already but this is the first time i saw the rich guy leaving his fortune to make it on his own and to be equal with the girl he loves. Totally loved Do kyung for finally standing up to his family.

There were lots of good things that were said in these episodes. The two that struck me the most were when the shared house members were talking and the girl said to Ji an, “You live your own life. You are not living for someone else.” How true. Sometimes we worry too much on what others may say and it stops us from doing what we really want. Im so happy that Jian is alowly getting back on her feet and this time doing what she loves. She may not be a sculptor now but she is doing furniture and design and her business skills are still in tact.

The other one was when Jisoo and Hyuk were talking in the car and Hyuk said, “Every person has an inside story… but getting over it is part of life. So i am just waiting to get past it.” Hyuk and Jisoo are getting closer in every scene and i can feel the tension between them.

Im glad there is someone listening to Jisoo. I’m sure she feels sad, her sister and dad is deserting her and she is feeling too much pressure as a Haesung daughter.

I am also liking the father daughter scense between Jisoo and the vice chairman. He must understand how she feels as he is an average man who married into money. And i can really feel how much he loves her. Maybe he will be her ally in that cold household. I cant imagine how her parents even fell in love. The mom is too different from the dad. And i can feel how sad he is becoming, seeing his daughter too scared to go home, his son resigning and wanting get out of the house. Does Seo hyun have to leave too for them to wake up?

The grandpa is really really awful. Why cant he just die already and make everyone be at peace? So what if he built his company? Serves him right if everyone leaves Haesung and he has no heir to leave his precious company to.

Lastly Sora.. when i saw the actress, i thought, oh no. she always plays the bad girl. I am so glad she isnt this time. It is nice to see rich people actually falling in love with average people. Even though this may be a fairytale.

Oh and if you noticed by now, ive been capping Park Si Hoo shamelessly. Haha. I cant help it! he just looks so good in every suit, jacket, he wears and in every smile, sad eyes, and angle.

My Golden Life Eps. 21-25

These episodes were difficult to watch, not because it was boring, but because it is hard to see Ji an so lifeless and Ji soo so bratty. I would say since this is the middle of the 50+ long series, we are now at the point where the characters are at the lowest of low and audience are seeing the slow transition from the most difficult part of their lives (which is finding out the switch and chaos that ensues) to picking up the pieces and moving forward.

Previously, I thought Ji an was an okay lead character, she has a lot of flaws but I commend her for her relentless passion for her family and unending work ethics. Seeing how so down and lifeless made me sad for her, not pity. She has worked her ass off compared to her family and her sister, yet she is not seeing her hard work pay off at all. It seems like the world is conniving to just ruin her life as soon as she starts feeling good. I also did not like Hyuk before because I thought he was creepy for always trying to force himself in Ji an’s life when she isn’t really interested in more than friendship, but this time I was glad to see that someone cared enough to actually look for her and convince her to come back. Not even the best friend bothered to look for her!

On the other hand, Ji soo is in a bratty and immature mood. She feels like the real parents didn’t care for her enough not to lose her while her foster/adoptive parents worried more for the real daughter than her. I could understand her anger and she is taking it out on both sides. But I know the real Ji soo is not vindictive, she is even sweeter than Ji an. a bit clueless, a little insensitive and unintentionally selfish but still has a pure and good heart. Looks like she is starting to thaw as her anger is fading and I’m glad to see her real parents, especially the mom, take their time to let her have her way for now. I’m sure when the time comes, when Ji soo is ready, she will be part of the family. and I’m thinking maybe her fresh ness is what the household needs. They are too cultured, too refined and too restrained and a little bit of positive energy and cheerfulness will do them good.

As for Do Kyung, I’m not liking him right now, mostly because he let Ji an down. I know he means well, as is trying to find her to bring her back and make amends, but he deserves to be in agony for now. Until he realizes he loves Ji an and take back all the hurtful things he said to her, I’m fine to see him suffer a little.

I’m excited to see the next 5 episodes. Ji an is back in the city. I don’t know how she will recover but I’ll be watching and cheering for her!

My golden life eps. 16-20

Wah!! The smitten look on Do kyung’s face says it all. Cant believe he was so mean and hurtful to her. I get that he is angry mostly likely at himself, and that he wants Ji an not to expect anything from him, but must he be so harsh? It is not as if ji an ever said anything or hoped there was something more. at this point she is still swimming in emotions – scared of being found out, worried about her parents, uncertain of her future. I really felt bad for her and Do kyung was a jerk. The inevitable happened, the dad found out just when Ji an was about to tell the truth and i feel so sick with the way the dad reacted against Ji an’s parents. Im not saying Ji an’s parents was right, but super felt bad for the father who was powerless to do prevent this all frim happening.

I also felt sad for Jisoo. The mom already expected this would happen and Ji soo has every right to be angry for being lied to and it is wrong her the parents to ignore her feelings and kept worrying over Ji an. I know she hasnt come home but come on, they should have explained it better to Jisoo and reassured her. I know Ji soo is also angry at Jian, i prolly would too if i thought my sister deceived me or chose money over her but Jian is also right. Jisoo is immature and selfish and have never thought of how much sacrifice she has made over the years for her. again im not saying Jisoo is wrong to feel betrayed but she ciuld have been more understanding or listened to Jian. All throught out thr show jisoo was shown to be happy and cheerful girl. For her to suddenly go to the parents house and claimed her birthright is a big decision. I dont know if she will rebel or start being a bad person i hope not. She is right. It is every bit the Heasung parents’ fault for losing her in the first place and should also be held accountable. and Do kyung is right. How fo they expect Jisoo to just be okay with going to them when she saw how bad they treated her foster parents.

On the upside, i think it is the start of Hyuk finally noticing her. Just when she has ket go and is preoccupied. That look when hyuk realized the pretty girl is jisoo is priceless.

I didnt expect the driver to be an ass, totally scamming Seohyun for her money. Im glad she has Jiho by her side. He is streetsmart and no doubt will kick the driver’s ass. And maybe she can learn a thing or two from him. I also wish Seohyun trusted Do kyung to help her out too. So far i think she still doesnt know what happened to Jian.

Mr Baker finlly got caught by Ms Cafe. Hope they get it right this time. would love to see them both happy. and stop the misunderstandings already.

Wah! Cant wait for Jisoo to wreak havoc in the Haesung house. I have a feeling the parents will wish Jian was their real daughter. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.