my golden life eps. 11-15

I can’t stop watching this show. While there are some boring parts, the show keeps it interesting enough for me to keep watching. some of the main things that struck me in these 5 episodes:

When Ji an realized that she is not the daughter. wow. to be honest, I was expecting her to keep quiet and not do anything but I forgot that she is the lead, and despite all the money and opportunities she has been given, they can never replace family. I also love how she has also learned to love and protect her “new” family even though she has just recently met them. The Haesung group family has been nothing but great to her and she knows how scary the mother can be so she is trying her best to put on a great 40th year anniversary event so as not to publicly shame them and also, just maybe they will not be that hard on her family. And what a big change for Do Kyung from the sweet and smiling oppa to a hard ass cold hearted jerk. I guess it’s a normal reaction for someone who felt betrayed and despite his icy behavior, his good manners and good heart still shows as he also helps Ji an get through the event and his family.

I also love how this drama shows that sometimes, poor people just need the right break or opportunity so that people can see that they are as smart and skillful as the privileged people. At the same time, you can be successful even if you are poor, as long as you work hard and right.

Ji soo is so adorable. I love that she is starting to be more confident yet still be pure hearted. I just wish she stops wearing her hair like a cute girl. They so do not look like twins – she looks waayy younger than Ji An. and I think it’s the beginning of the end for Hyuk. He finally learns she is not just a klutz or a dimwitted girl. She may not be as ambitious and smart as her sister, but she is equally passionate with her dream and is slowly working her way towards her goal. Loved the conversation between Do kyung and Ji soo – he learns that Ji an is a really good person who takes care of her family even though she is living a difficult life. and I guess that’s why he also can’t fault her or get angry at her.

Funny to see Mr Baker pretending to be successful and try to pass by Ms Café everyday. I think his move will work very very soon and I can’t wait for Ms Café to realize he is her bread supplier! It seems like Mr Baker really loved her but had to break up with her because of the dad. Maybe this time her dad will finally realize that he is a good man and will not treat her as bad as her ex-husband. Ms Café is so pretty when she smiles and I would like to see her shine bright again.

I love the simple and sincere relationship between Ji Tae and Soo A. I’m glad his love for her made him change his mind about marriage. Soo A is right, they are not rich and they don’t need to be like other people by hosting a grand wedding that they can’t afford. It is much better to just have a simple ceremony and save their money for their own house.

Ji Ho, I know he is working really hard coz he needs money and I applaud him to be so hard working like Ji an, but I wish that he also finishes college, even if it takes him longer than the others. at first I thought the love line was going to be between Do kyung’s sister and the bodyguard but now it makes me think if it’s going to be with Ji Ho. I don’t particularly like the sister, she seems robotic and shallow with a hint of meanness but I think she just needs more affection and attention.

I used to skip the parts when Ji an’s father is moping around, but now that he is starting to work hard again and motivated, I would really love to see him succeed. on the other hand, while what the mom did was tacky, I could understand how she had to do it. and I don’t know if it’s right for her to save the money for Ji an or Ji soo, so that she doesn’t come out as greedy or scheming. I’m scared to see what happens when Haesung mom finds out she was duped. (but it was her fault in the first place for not confirming the DNA results – really stupid move).

Can’t wait for the next 5 episodes! I hope Do kyung starts falling for Ji an and Hyuk with Ji Soo. hehe!

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