My golden life eps. 16-20

Wah!! The smitten look on Do kyung’s face says it all. Cant believe he was so mean and hurtful to her. I get that he is angry mostly likely at himself, and that he wants Ji an not to expect anything from him, but must he be so harsh? It is not as if ji an ever said anything or hoped there was something more. at this point she is still swimming in emotions – scared of being found out, worried about her parents, uncertain of her future. I really felt bad for her and Do kyung was a jerk. The inevitable happened, the dad found out just when Ji an was about to tell the truth and i feel so sick with the way the dad reacted against Ji an’s parents. Im not saying Ji an’s parents was right, but super felt bad for the father who was powerless to do prevent this all frim happening.

I also felt sad for Jisoo. The mom already expected this would happen and Ji soo has every right to be angry for being lied to and it is wrong her the parents to ignore her feelings and kept worrying over Ji an. I know she hasnt come home but come on, they should have explained it better to Jisoo and reassured her. I know Ji soo is also angry at Jian, i prolly would too if i thought my sister deceived me or chose money over her but Jian is also right. Jisoo is immature and selfish and have never thought of how much sacrifice she has made over the years for her. again im not saying Jisoo is wrong to feel betrayed but she ciuld have been more understanding or listened to Jian. All throught out thr show jisoo was shown to be happy and cheerful girl. For her to suddenly go to the parents house and claimed her birthright is a big decision. I dont know if she will rebel or start being a bad person i hope not. She is right. It is every bit the Heasung parents’ fault for losing her in the first place and should also be held accountable. and Do kyung is right. How fo they expect Jisoo to just be okay with going to them when she saw how bad they treated her foster parents.

On the upside, i think it is the start of Hyuk finally noticing her. Just when she has ket go and is preoccupied. That look when hyuk realized the pretty girl is jisoo is priceless.

I didnt expect the driver to be an ass, totally scamming Seohyun for her money. Im glad she has Jiho by her side. He is streetsmart and no doubt will kick the driver’s ass. And maybe she can learn a thing or two from him. I also wish Seohyun trusted Do kyung to help her out too. So far i think she still doesnt know what happened to Jian.

Mr Baker finlly got caught by Ms Cafe. Hope they get it right this time. would love to see them both happy. and stop the misunderstandings already.

Wah! Cant wait for Jisoo to wreak havoc in the Haesung house. I have a feeling the parents will wish Jian was their real daughter. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.