My Golden Life Eps. 21-25

These episodes were difficult to watch, not because it was boring, but because it is hard to see Ji an so lifeless and Ji soo so bratty. I would say since this is the middle of the 50+ long series, we are now at the point where the characters are at the lowest of low and audience are seeing the slow transition from the most difficult part of their lives (which is finding out the switch and chaos that ensues) to picking up the pieces and moving forward.

Previously, I thought Ji an was an okay lead character, she has a lot of flaws but I commend her for her relentless passion for her family and unending work ethics. Seeing how so down and lifeless made me sad for her, not pity. She has worked her ass off compared to her family and her sister, yet she is not seeing her hard work pay off at all. It seems like the world is conniving to just ruin her life as soon as she starts feeling good. I also did not like Hyuk before because I thought he was creepy for always trying to force himself in Ji an’s life when she isn’t really interested in more than friendship, but this time I was glad to see that someone cared enough to actually look for her and convince her to come back. Not even the best friend bothered to look for her!

On the other hand, Ji soo is in a bratty and immature mood. She feels like the real parents didn’t care for her enough not to lose her while her foster/adoptive parents worried more for the real daughter than her. I could understand her anger and she is taking it out on both sides. But I know the real Ji soo is not vindictive, she is even sweeter than Ji an. a bit clueless, a little insensitive and unintentionally selfish but still has a pure and good heart. Looks like she is starting to thaw as her anger is fading and I’m glad to see her real parents, especially the mom, take their time to let her have her way for now. I’m sure when the time comes, when Ji soo is ready, she will be part of the family. and I’m thinking maybe her fresh ness is what the household needs. They are too cultured, too refined and too restrained and a little bit of positive energy and cheerfulness will do them good.

As for Do Kyung, I’m not liking him right now, mostly because he let Ji an down. I know he means well, as is trying to find her to bring her back and make amends, but he deserves to be in agony for now. Until he realizes he loves Ji an and take back all the hurtful things he said to her, I’m fine to see him suffer a little.

I’m excited to see the next 5 episodes. Ji an is back in the city. I don’t know how she will recover but I’ll be watching and cheering for her!

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