My Golden Life eps. 26-30

Wow! I have watched a few weekend dramas already but this is the first time i saw the rich guy leaving his fortune to make it on his own and to be equal with the girl he loves. Totally loved Do kyung for finally standing up to his family.

There were lots of good things that were said in these episodes. The two that struck me the most were when the shared house members were talking and the girl said to Ji an, “You live your own life. You are not living for someone else.” How true. Sometimes we worry too much on what others may say and it stops us from doing what we really want. Im so happy that Jian is alowly getting back on her feet and this time doing what she loves. She may not be a sculptor now but she is doing furniture and design and her business skills are still in tact.

The other one was when Jisoo and Hyuk were talking in the car and Hyuk said, “Every person has an inside story… but getting over it is part of life. So i am just waiting to get past it.” Hyuk and Jisoo are getting closer in every scene and i can feel the tension between them.

Im glad there is someone listening to Jisoo. I’m sure she feels sad, her sister and dad is deserting her and she is feeling too much pressure as a Haesung daughter.

I am also liking the father daughter scense between Jisoo and the vice chairman. He must understand how she feels as he is an average man who married into money. And i can really feel how much he loves her. Maybe he will be her ally in that cold household. I cant imagine how her parents even fell in love. The mom is too different from the dad. And i can feel how sad he is becoming, seeing his daughter too scared to go home, his son resigning and wanting get out of the house. Does Seo hyun have to leave too for them to wake up?

The grandpa is really really awful. Why cant he just die already and make everyone be at peace? So what if he built his company? Serves him right if everyone leaves Haesung and he has no heir to leave his precious company to.

Lastly Sora.. when i saw the actress, i thought, oh no. she always plays the bad girl. I am so glad she isnt this time. It is nice to see rich people actually falling in love with average people. Even though this may be a fairytale.

Oh and if you noticed by now, ive been capping Park Si Hoo shamelessly. Haha. I cant help it! he just looks so good in every suit, jacket, he wears and in every smile, sad eyes, and angle.

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