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My Golden Life eps. 36-45

So many things happened in these 10 episodes.. and mostly lots of reconciliations.

I love that Ji an and Do Kyung are no longer fighting their feelings. They tried dating for a week and it was glorious. How strong both of them are for being able to stay for one week and just say goodbye like that. But I know that it’s for the best because it really is not the right time for them. for their love.

The Seo family is finally completely reconciled. First, Tae Soo, having an imaginary cancer. wow, did not expect that storyline. but it was good because it was pivotal for the happy to get together and do something for their father, who has been nothing but loyal and sacrificial for his family. I admit, i’m starting to warm up to the father. I want him to live knowing he did a good job raising his family. I want him to succeed in his business. I want him and his family to be happy. Ji an and Ji Soo have also reconciled, back to being the cutest and closest twin sisters can be. so nice to see them back caring and support each other. Also nice to see Ji soo reuniting with her adoptive parents and being able to come to terms about what happened and finally realizing that she was not ignored or neglected or unloved. She may not be their own blood but it does not matter because she is part of the family. Finally happy to see Soo A and Ji Tae overcome their issue and be happy again. For a minute I wanted to knock some sense into Soo A. Can’t she see how much Ji Tae loves her that he is willing to let her go just to make her happy? A baby is always a blessing to the family.

As for Ji Ho, most of the time his story focused on his friendship with Seo Hyun, with Seo Hyun starting to feel something for Ji Ho. I wonder how Ji Ho feels. I think it will get too complicated if they end up together, so I hope it won’t go that route. I want Seo Hyun to do something for herself and be more useful. She seems smart and charming and I can’t believe her family is not really making use of her more. I feel bad for her, seems like she is invisible to her family. It’s always just Do kyung this, Do kyung that. Surprised she grew up normally with no family issues.

Ji Soo and Hyuk finally got together (and it’s about time!). The Ji Soo leaving for the airport and the Do Kyung, Hyuk and Ji an trying to stop her was too much for me, but effective to show Ji Soo how Hyuk feels. I hope they get married in the end. They just seem perfect for each other. and I hope Ji Soo becomes a great baker!

I hate hate hate the Grandfather! someone has to stop him. Can’t he die already? Argh! How evil he is for trying to manipulate everyone, using his power and being so cruel? He has broken Do Kyung’s spirit so many times. Is that even love? I really hope Do kyung will not go back to Haesung and grandpa or everything that he has done so far is going to waste. and I hope his DK Eco Tech business becomes successful. He worked really hard from scratch with no money, just some good friends and good ideas.

I can see the Vice Chairman is starting to think about his life – esp since Do Kyung living his own life and Ji soo also angry and does not want to be part of the family. At the start of the show, I actually thought he is the bad father, but seems like he is the soft hearted one. What did he even see in the mother? She is also cold hearted and manipulated. Was super happy when he finally resigned! Yes! How about divorce next? though I think that wont happen since the show should end happily for everyone.

Last 8 episodes.. curious to see what’s in store and how the whole series will end.


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