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My Golden Life eps. 46-52 (end)

Okay. Totally did not expect episodes 46 to 48 to be nerve wracking and all about Haesung succession. First up, Do kyung tells Grandpa that he will never go back to Haesung and that caused Grandpa to collapse. Do Kyung rushed to the hospital, felt guilty and decided to go back to Haesung. WTH! After all the bravado and sacrifices he did in the past few months, he just went back to Haesung like that? Argh!! I wanted to strangle him! That scene between Ji and Do kyung was heartbreaking. Ji an is right. She has made so many sacrifices for him and he has not done anything for her. it was a selfish love. it’s hard not to compare with Hyuk – he is more selfless and sensitive than Do Kyung.

Next up, I didn’t expect the entire news about Eun Seok’s disappearance to the fake daughter/switch to come out in the news. I mean what for? To damage the family? Oh yes. turns out it’s Jin Hee’s doing! Damn! I feel sad for Myung and Jin Hee – what kind of dysfunctional family fights over the family fortune and tries to take down your own father and humiliate your own sister and the reputation of the family just so your husband can take over the company? Granted, Jin Hee has been treated unfairly her whole life but is this how she wants to fight? That’s why no one takes her seriously! I think Myung Soo is a good guy – and pity that he lost the CEO role because his wife just took it too far and got too greedy? During the shareholders meeting, I thought it was just right that grandpa gets dismissed as Chairman of the Board. If I were Do Kyung, I would do the same thing – Grandpa has done enough damage and he needs to be stripped off his power. And I love how Do Kyung played fair and eventually won the chairmanship (grudgingly). Then argh! Grandpa starts clapping and dictating what Do Kyung has to do! My first thought was, hell with Grandpa! shut him out and ship him back to Hawaii. so imagine my surprise a few scenes later and Do Kyung does that! He accepts his dad’s resignation, stopped her mom from going back to the company and reinstating his uncle as president of the Hotel. Yes! I can see that Haesung will be heading to a new grounds with the young chairman. Also nice to see the meeting between Myung Soo and Do Kyung. Do kyung is right to give credit to Myung Soo – he is part of the family and has worked hard for it.

On to the SEO family – argh! just when the father is back in his family’s arms and they are all happy again, we find out he really has cancer! WTF!! how could you do this to him (and to me?!) just when I started liking the father, I can’t believe they will kill him. But I have to admit, it is the right way for his character to end. I love that he was able to help Do Kyung’s family — and I love that the Haesung dad and mom came to their house to say their thanks. The debts have been paid. Ji An and Do Kyung can be together right? I love the final scenes with the father – his time with Ji an, Do kyung visiting the dad, and him holding a guitar recital for his family. I cried with them when he finally passed away. and I know wherever he is, he is still looking after his family.

But before I talk about Ji An and Do kyung – another couple that is on the make it or break it is the Vice chairman and the mother. shocked that the dad served her divorce papers – is he for real or is he forcing her to accept her defeat and finally acknowledge her faults? I really thought he was leaving but then mom said the words he has been wanting to hear for the last 25 years. I am sorry. It’s all my fault. That’s it and they’re not divorcing. Aww. I wish there was more romantic / lovey dovey scenes between them, just to show that they still really love each other. On a side note, I hated Ms Min from the start, she had this weird expression on her face every single time. I actually don’t care that she left the household. i’d say good riddance.

Fast forward one year later – we get to see what happens to everyone – Ji Tae got promoted, he and Soo A moved to a smaller town, had a super cute baby and the mother helps taking care of her. Ji Soo is on the verge of opening her own bakery and there are plans for her and Hyuk to get married. Ji Ho gets a girlfriend, opens his own Block Bakery franchise and is still friend with Seo Hyun.

Ex-vice chairman is now a professor in business school, the mom is a housewife and just waits for her husband and they have a better relationship now. Ji Soo moved back to the Haesung house and is getting closer naturally to her own parents. Seo Hyun is back from studying abroad, has more freedom now to do whatever she wants. She decides she wants to take back Haesung and work in Hotel MJ. Hm.. (why didn’t I think of that?). Do Kyung left Haesung after normalizing operations and gave the chairmanship to Myung soo, which I think is just right. He went back to his own company which is now expanding. Jin Hee is also happy that her husband is finally chairman and opened a gallery, to the annoyance of her sister. I think they are still not in good terms but at least they don’t hate each other anymore.

Ji an left for Finland right after the funeral, studied there for a year while working part time and came back to Korea for a few days’ vacation. Of course Do Kyung will not just “coincidentally” meet her. Of course he will find a way to be back in her life again. I love that he wants to start over. Clean slate. as if the past never happened. and I’m glad Ji an finally gave him and herself a chance for a happy ever after!

Overall, I loved how the show was able to wrap up all the loose ends quite nicely. Everyone got their own happy ending. I was hoping the series will show Ji an become successful in her own business – and not just coming back to study. But Do Kyung flying to Finland to be with her and find a way to use Finland for his own business ideas is quite creative! Maybe it is better that their love story starts in a different country, where no one knows them and they can just be themselves.

Trying to complete 52 episodes in one month is quite difficult, but also satisfying. I feel like I was part of their journey from being two broken families to seeing them grow and mature into two loving families. It really is a golden life!


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One thought on “My Golden Life eps. 46-52 (end)

  1. Best drama. Loved every character and the storyline. I really get involved in kdramas and learn a lot about Korean culture. Love how respect and love is emphasised. Dramas I watch are not over sexualized….. refreshing. Golden Life was a joy to watch and merge wth the characters portrayal of family life. You can have all the wealth…. no love…. no life. Enjoyed immensely.


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