[throwback] The Package (2017)

The_Package_(TV_series)-posterDrama: The Package (더 패키지)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 12
Release Date: October 13 – November 18 , 2017
Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 23:00Plot:
The drama tells the story of a tour guide and her group of tourists. Each of the tourists’ stories unravel as they go through 8 days of French tour.Cast:
Lee Yeon Hee – Yoon So-so
Jung Yong Hwa – San Maroo
Choi Woo shik – Kim Gyung Jae
Ha Shi-eun – Han So-ran
Ryu Seung Soo – Jung Yeon Sung
Park Yoona – Na Hyun
Jeong Gyu Su – Oh Gabsoo
Lee Ji Hyun – Han Bokja
Yoon Park – Yoo SooReview:
I’m so glad i randomly selected this show to watch. This show may not have rated high but I loved it a lot! Each of the characters were relatable and are the different kinds of travellers you normally meet in a group tour!Yoon So-so and San Maru – I think if this was in real life, we will call their relationship as a rebound romance or a travel fling. Except this is a korean drama so this is supposed to be destiny and eternal love. I love Yoon So-so and i can totally feel her pain and embarrassment. That’s why never make plans for another person, always be sure, you are planning for yourself. Yoon so-so fell in love, eloped in Paris and got dumped. She is too ashamed to face her family and she kept out of touch and is trying to finish her college degree to save face. I think that’s not a bad idea. She is already there in France, might as well make the most of it. On the other hand, I can understand the brother telling her sister to just go home – she doesn’t have to stay to prove people and to save face. her family still loves her and will take care of her. But I agree with So-so, she needed that time alone in France to discover herself and become confident again before coming back to Korea. As for San Maru, i applaud him for maintaining his integrity despite the risk of losing his job and girlfriend. This is the second drama (after Misaeng) where office workers are treated badly and unfairly – i’m scared if this is really how Korean companies work or this is purely fictional. First off, Maru should not have told the girlfriend or his manager. The protocol for whistleblowing is to report the incident to an independent officer – such as the compliane officer or anonymously. Ugh, i hate the girlfriend!! I think in some ways she loved Maru too, but she is a coward and a follower – and i think eventually she and Maru will never work out. Because Maru is independent. He is crazy and accident prone lol. He needs someone free spirited like So-so. I love how he ended up going to South Africa to do what’s right – a little naive and too nice but i think we need more Maru in this current times. I may have said that Soso and Maru seems like a travel fling – and it’s mostly because they only met for a few days and they’re already in love. They dont even know each other outside of the tour and I’m glad both had the sense and broke up. The whole destiny is absurd but the chances of them meeting after a few weeks or months in the airport going back to Korea is actually possible. I hope there is a season 2 where So so is back in Korea.Gyung Jae and So Ran – at first i didn’t like Soran. why is she thinking of another guy when she has a perfectly nice boyfriend? and why does she keep creating rumors or stories about their other travellers? and why does she keeps shopping – does she make that much money? but later on, i ended up liking her. she may be gossipy but she’s actually a nice lady. i could understand why she was thinking of the other guy – it’s because nothing seems to be happening with her current relationship and the guy is jobless and is not proposing to her. after 7 years i think it is fair for them to reflect on their status and what they really want to happen. As for the guy, i think he is a nice guy, he just doesn’t know what to do with his life. I was crying when he found out he didn’t get the investment and he was crying in the bathroom. I’m glad Soran decided to stand by and support him. So what if they dont have the grand life? as long as they’re together then they can weather the storm.The old couple – gah, the old man is the traveller i hate to be with – always complaining and shouting. I feel bad for the nice wife – always having to apologize for her husband and be embarrassed. i wish they communicated more. Old man knows his wife has cancer and being a typical guy, he doesn’t want to cry and instead lashed out at people. Most of the time we got angry because he cared for his wife and he wanted her to enjoy life rather than just kept focusing on her death, which i totally agree. The wife should be happy to have a husband who loves her so much but the guy should also tone down his rudeness. I was crying with them when they were crying and kissing on top of the double decker bus. It was a sweet moment for the couple.Yoon Seung and Na hyun – i think the show took a long time to introduce their story. I had a feeling they were father and daughter, i just didn’t know their story. The dad seems so devoted to the bratty girl and to the girlfriend, i was scared that the girlfriend was cheating on him. Whew! dang show trying to trip us viewers. i also loved their relationship and likewise, i brokedown when the dad got down on his knees for her daughter not to get expelled from school. Sometimes i also wanted to strangle the daughter for being so mean to the dad. i think she was just going through her rebellious teenager phase and she was so used to treating her father as a friend that she forgot that she is her father. I’m glad the father finally stepped up and scolded his daughter. She needed a little discipline and learn to respect her father. Again, cried a lot.I’ve never been to France so watching this show, i felt like i was part of their group tour and was able to see each of the famous sites. I loved everything, from the pacing, to the stories, the music, the locations. How i wish So-so was a real tour guide – i will definitely join her tour!

2 thoughts on “[throwback] The Package (2017)

    1. I also didnt expect to like it but it was a nice drama. I think good to watch on a rainy day, on during autumn or winter.


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