Korean World Music Festival 2019

Check out my post on last month’s Korean World Music Festival (KWMF)! After not being able to buy Twiceland tickets even though i queued up early in the morning with my fellow fan (note to self: never buy from SM Aura coz the queue was so disorganized), I was psyched to see Red velvet in concert. Back then, i was anticipating that I’m buying VIP standing tix for Twice so I just got Lowerbox tix for the KWMF (also because i wasn’t a big fan of the other artists). How i wish i upgraded to VIP because seeing Red velvet in the flesh was such a dream come true! they sang 5 songs – Red flavor, Power up, Moonlight melody, Bad boy and RBB — i felt that it was too short! If they ever get the chance to come back for a solo concert I will watch again. The ladies were so tall and pretty — but seriously, Irene is a whole level of goddess! Even I can’t help but be amazed by her beauty.

Anyways, just to back up a little bit, the concert started with Sohee from Elris. She was so pretty and sweet – reminded me so much of Sunmi! Then Kim Dong Han was up next and he sang a few songs – i’m not that familiar with him but he seemed okay. Third act came out and it was ELRIS – without one of the members, since Bella got into an accident and couldn’t perform. Still, props to her for coming to Manila despite and sprained ankle and cheering for her group.

The 4th act is NCT 127. See some clips below. I really like their Superhuman song and I saw them perform that song in Good Morning America and i was amazed!

and Of course the 5 beautiful ladies of Red Velvet

I uploaded the videos on my youtube channel – in case you’d like to see the bigger version on your tv screen.

Overall, I had a blast watching the festival. I wish there were more festivals like this, not just solo concerts.