On the Way to the Airport (2016)


Drama: On the Way to the Airport (공항 가는 길)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 16
Release Date: September 21 – November 10, 2016
Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 22:00

Choi Soo-A (Kim Ha-Neul) works as a purser at an airline while her husband Jinsuk (Shin Sung Rok) is a pilot and they have a daughter Hyo eun. Hyo eun moves to Malaysia to study and meets Annie, who is Do Woo’s (Lee Sang Yoon’s) daughter. Choi Soo-A meets Do Woo and they become close and fall in love. Unfortunately, Do Woo is also married to Hye Won (Ji Jin Hee).

Main Cast
Kim Haneul – Choi Soo A
Lee Sang Yoon – Seo Do woo
Shin Sung Rok – Park Jin Suk
Choi Yeo Jin – Song Mi Jin
Jang Hee Jin – Kim Hye Won

Ohmygod. Why didn’t i watch this drama earlier? I was so moved by the story, right from episode 1. I got sucked by the story, the beautiful cinematography and soundtrack. I can literally feel the romance and chemistry between Soo A and Do Woo with just their gazes. This definitely did not start as a sexual affair. They started out as parents/friends who can relate to one another though there was already a hint of attraction from the start. And being able to tell each other their problems and find comfort with one another eventually they fell in love.

I’m not condoning extra marital affairs and I’m not saying they are right but looking at their relationships with their husband/wife, you just know that there is no more love, not even a “relationship” to “ruin”. Soo-A and Jinsuk’s relationship felt abusive to me. Emotionally not physically. That Jinsuk has to decide and control everything and still gets away with having a few teases with his fellow FAs is so wrong. I’m surprised Soo A was able to hang on that long. I guess she has been enduring it for her daughter and not wanting to rock the boat. It took meeting Do woo that she finally became courageous. To think for herself and her happiness too and to live the life that she wants. I sometimes feel bad for Jinsuk yet when he says something cruel to Soo a, I just want him out of her life.

On the other hand, Do woo and Hyewon’s marriage is also so weird and wrong. From the very start I disliked Hyewon. Her face tries to look so innocent and like she is the victim when she has manipulated and lied to Do Woo for years. And nice Do woo has been taking it until the death of Annie, which triggered him to man up too. i think Soo A and Do woo meeting each other was all it took for them to stand up for themselves and get out of their own abusive marriages.

I like what Do Woo said to Hye won. This is about their marriage and has nothing to do with Soo A. Whether or not they met the marriage would still have not worked after all the lies. I was interested to see how they will try to bring them together and I was satisfied how the story continued. After they both dissolved their marriages, they didn’t immediately go to one another. They tried to live away from each other and to think things through and when they both found the courage and free themselves of the guilt, then they met up again. And seeing them together at the airport was the perfect ending for me. i just wished that there was more interaction between Do woo and Hyo eun.

This easily just went up to one of my favorite dramas of all time. Oh and Soo-A (Kim Ha Neul) looks so beautiful and classy in everything she wore! I don’t know how she manages to walk in those high heels. And i love how they writers were able to wrap up everyone’s storylines, including Jinsuk and Hyewon neatly.

Touch Your Heart (2019)


250px-Touch_Your_Heart 2019

Drama: Touch Your Heart (진심이 닿다)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: February 6 – March 28, 2019
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:30

Oh Yoon-Seo is a popular actress since she is pretty but her acting is terrible. One day, she gets involved in a drug scandal with the son from a chaebol family which causes a significant decline in her popularity. Yeon Seo finds out that a famous screenwrite wants her to play the lead female role for a drama. However because of her scandal and her bad acting, the screenwriter stated that Yeon Seo has to prepare for the role by working as a lawyer’s secretary for a few months. Yeon So’s manager asks his cousin-lawyer to hire her for a few months in his firm. The cousin, who is a big fan of Yeon Seo, agrees and asks his ace lawyer, Kwon Jung-Rok to let actress Oh Yoon-Seo work as his secretary for 3 months. Jung Rok is cold and direct, and is not happy about the situation, but he has to accept.

Main Cast
Lee Dong Wook – Kwon Jung Rok
Yoo In Na – Oh Yoon Seo
Lee Sang Woo – Kim Se won
Son Sung Yoon – Yoo Yeo Reum
Shim Hyung Tak – Choi Yoon Hyuk
Park Kyung Hye – Dan Moon Hee
Oh Jung Se – Yeon Joon Kyu
Lee Joon Hyuk – Yeon Joon Seok

I have a confession to make. I never finished Goblin. I wanted to but I was just so bored and I couldn’t get past the point that Goblin is having a relationship with a high school student. it’s not romantic at all. Anyways I heard so many good things about Dong Wook – Yoo In Na coupling and i love them both so I was pretty much excited to watch this. And it didn’t disappoint. Wait, it’s not a great drama but it gave me warm feelings.

Yoo In Na as Oh Yoon Seo was so charming. No wonder she (Yoon Seo, not Yoo Inna) is popular despite being a bad actress. She seems like a really nice person though sometimes it’s hard to believe how she remained naive and innocent after working in the industry for so long. And she doesn’t have any friends! It was so cute seeing Yoon Seo acts sweet and adorable in front of Jung Rok, who is her first romance, and likewise, it was funny to see Jung Rok acting so awkward, trying to navigate their first relationship together. But again it was also unbelievable that Jung Rok has zero experience with love. Sometimes watching the drama I have to stop and remember that these 2 are 30 something adults, and not college students with the way they are acting.

There wasn’t much conflict in the drama. I think 75% of the drama was just about their blossoming relationship, which is not bad because we get to see more fleshed out relationship. On the other hand, I actually loved the first few episodes where there were actual legal cases that they worked on. It kept the show interesting and going beyond the too much sweetness.

and i actually forgot that she had to go back to her acting. I was okay if Yoon Seo just retires from showbiz and remain as Jung Rok’s secretary – i thought that was the ending. haha. I forgot this is korean drama and she has to go back to showbiz and redeem her name and reputation. How fickle fans are, after shunning her because of a drug scandal that is not true, they just quickly accepted her like nothing happened and they didn’t just ignore her for years. I’m also glad that Yoon Seo is taking her acting seriously this time and is improved after gaining experience.

I also loved the interactions between the manager and the cousin-lawyer. too funny. Oh, the Yoon Hyuk and Moon Hee pairing was also hilarious! I was really hoping they get together in the end and I was right!! Eun Ji turning down Doo Seob was sad but then I kind of get why she did that. plus you can’t have everyone in the company coupled together. That would be weird. Lastly, I couldn’t really understand why Se-Won and Yeo Reum’s characters are in the story. Jung rok and Se won’s bromance was sometimes awkward since Jung Rok keeps ignoring nice Sewon, his interactions with Yeo Reum were so boring!

Overall, this was a quick watch. I love the romance – my friend couldn’t finish this coz she said they were too sweet but that’s what I liked most about this show. I must really getting old haha since I appreciate these kinds of slow and warm romance dramas over the trendy dramas.

Jugglers (2018)


Drama: Jugglers (저글러스)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 4, 2017 – January 23, 2018
Runtime: Mon & Tue 22:00

The story mainly revolves around 3 ladies working as secretaries in one company. Yoon Yi works for a playboy boss and was mistakenly thought to be having an affair with him by the boss’s wife. As a result, she got waitlisted from the secretary pool and was hit by a bad reputation/rumor of sleeping with the boss. She ends up working with straight laced no nonsense Chi Won who is so independent and does not seem to need the help of a secretary. Pretty soon, they end up falling in love. On the other hand, Bona is a great secretary to Sang Moo, who is corrupt and arrogant. Chi Won is trying to uncover Sang Moo’s corruption, which strains the “friendship” between Yoon Yi and Bo Na. Bo Na has to decide if she will side with her long time boss or with her friend. Lastly, Yool is the son of the company’s directors and is an immature guy. He may have ideas but no one seems to be listening to him, thus, he tends to just slack off. Yoon Yi recommended her friend, Jung Ae to be Yool’s secretary. Jung Ae got married young and has a kid but now has to find work to help pay off her husband’s debts and raise her son. She hides her marital status from Yool and is able to turn Yool from a slacker to a hard worker. What will happen if Yool finds out the real truth about Jung Ae?

Main Cast
Baek Jin Hee – Jwa Yoon Yi
Daniel Choi – Nam Chi Won
Kang Hye Jung – Wang Jung Ae
Lee Won Geun – Hwangbo Yool
Cha Joo Young – Ma Bo Na
Jung Hye In – Park Kyung Rye

I think story-wise, there was nothing really new. there has been so many kdramas about companies and uncovering corruption, secretary and boss living under the same roof and eventually falling in love. What i loved about this drama is the sincerity of the characters, esp Yoon Yi. The show also made me appreciate secretaries even more. They are not just assistants who fixes the boss’s schedule. They help their boss become better by making sure everything runs smoothly. They also help keep the team morale up and supports the team through various admin stuff. I love howthe 3 secretaries’ lives were all different because it gives flavor and reason to why they decide things and why they act a certain way.

I also love the romance/relationship between Yoon Yi and Chi Won. They were total opposites, yet once they worked together, they were a perfect match. I also liked the side story about Yoon Yi living in Chi Won’s old house. It must really be fate bringing them together. I love how they support each other, esp with Chi Won’s trauma.

The corruption story I didn’t like that much, mostly because it took too long to build the story. Bona’s boss was so annoying, all i want is to expose him and get him kicked out of the company but I had no clue what he was supposed to be doing bad until the last 2 episodes. and it felt like Chi Won worked too slow and Bona’s manager was just too powerful (when he is not that high up in position). I loved the conflict for Bona’s character. She needs the money, she needs the promotion plus she has been working for his boss for a long time. He hasn’t treated her badly and she rightfully shares her loyalty to her boss, but when you know your boss is doing bad things, aren’t you supposed to report him? Bona can always be assigned to a new boss if needed though with what happened to Yoonyi, i’m sure other bosses would not want a secretary who cannot be trusted with secrets.

As for Yool and Jung Ae, I wasn’t really sure why they had to hide her marital status (is it because Yool will not hire her)? and they should know that is not acceptable and can be reasons for termination. Plus, Yoon Yi helped change Jung ae’s CV, which is also wrong and i dont remember that she got penalized or suspended for it. Yool seemed like a cute son to Jung Ae. He obviously needed someone who will treat him with respect and guide him.

Overall, the story is simple but I had a lot of fun watching the drama. It was lighthearted but had good lessons to learn from.

Twicelights in Singapore

I was really disappointed when i queued early but failed to get tickets to Twicelights Manila. So my friend and i saw standing tickets at viagogo.com and bought the tickets on impulse a few weeks ago. We booked our flights and hotel and was super excited! One of our tickets even won hi-touch!

We landed in Singapore late last night and was so tired we woke up around 9 30am we quickly had breakfast and were in Singapore indoor stadium by 12nn. My friend queued for the hitouch event and to our surprise, the crew said that someone already registered for hitouch!! We were so shocked. The lady checked our barcodes and she said the queue no matches the barcode so our tickets are real. She advised us to queue up early so that we can enter the stadium before the person can come in or else our tickets will be void. The standing pen queue only starts at 2pm so we had no choice but to wait for the next 3 hours near the area. The weather was lovely and the breeze was cool, but we were both nervous. What if we were scammed? We will be so disappointed for spending so much to go to Singapore and still miss the concert. We were already thinking of plan b. Can we get refund? Can we still byy tix at the venue and make do with the restricted view? Should we start looking for scalpers?

2pm came and we went inside the standing pen queue area. Luckily we didnt see anyone in the queue claiming to have the same numbers as ours. Still we were anxious and super sweaty as thr sun has decided to comeout in full force to greet the Once who are patiently waiting in line. Finally at 3.30pm the gates open and we were slowly let in. We finally entered the venue around 4pm and we breathed a huge sigh of relief when we got in! Whee!!

Next dilemma is finding the best standing position. Unfortunately our no is 5700+ so we were already in the middle. I was alreafy dreading the concert coz i had a feeling that all i will be seeing are the backs to all the tall guys in front of me!! In my kind i thought wah!! I shiuld have just bought the 2nd level seats if i will be spending the entire time watching the tv screen.

The show starts around 5.15pm with the lovely Twice singing Stuck in my head. At first it was bearable as i could still see them dancing though very far away and i can just raise my phone high to see them. I was even able to take some pics and short videos of the girls singing Cheer Up, BDZ, Dance the night away and I Want you back. All this time i was craning my neck and tiptoeing while i balance myself and my arms way up high trying to see the girls.

After an hour i decided to give up taking pics and videos altogether coz the crowd just kept getting taller in front of me haha. I would say that 40% of the time i was watching the big screen, 30% watching someone else’s phone, 10% the backs of people and 10% actually seeing them in person. My tall friend who is 6’3 had no problems whatsoever and was even able to shoot great pics videos and see them perform on stage. Sucks to be short. Haha.

But i still had so much fun. That 10% of the 3 hour show was still worth it because i was able to see them upclose whenever they stayed on the extended stage. Wow they are all so gorgeous in real life! I think that night Nayeon was the prettiest. Sana and Dahyun were like flawless angels. Chaeyoung and Dahyun also looked really beautiful tonight. I was bummed that i always miss seeing Tsuyu and Momo but after their red hot unit stages they went to the middle and finally got to see them. Wah!! So tall and sweet!! I was finally able to see Jeongyeon at the encore stage when they sang Knock Knock! She looked so simple and natural and had a small face!

Aside from seeing them upclose, there was never a boring moment coz they sang all of their hits. TT, Signal, Fancy, Heartshaker, Likely, Ooh Aah to name a few. I also loved the small moments where they would stop and talk to the audience. I also loved the hearrfelt farewell messages from the girls. It was a bit sad coz they were crying that they are not complete tonight and i could feel like they have faced so many challemges the past few months. Their speeches were a contrast from the Manila concert when they were all smiles and the passionate pinoy Once were screaming. I really wished that i was able to watch the Manila concert but watching in Singapir eis also a great experience!

I think i have checked so much of my kpop fan bucket list this year and it is only half 2019. Haha. So i might lie low for the rest of the year. Some people may not understand why there are people like us who spends money on concerts. Ive heard people commenting that it is a waste of money to watch one show. But it is not for us. Because it may just be for 3 hours but that 3 hours will forever be part of our memories and experience.

I uploaded in my youtube channel a few of the videos i was able to take during the first hour of thr concert.

Twicelights in Singapore: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPc2mbn5zBCNxfxrmrhLNu0vU8oXrKLxU