Happy 2020!

Hello! Happy new year everyone! Looking back at my year of watching Kdramas, i felt like I watched more quality Kdramas than last year. I started out quite well, finishing as many dramas as I can during the first half of the year. I got sidetracked on the second half because I got so busy with work than I batelt had time to watch an episode during the weekend.

I find that as I grow older my taste is also evolving. Now I like the less trendier dramas and more slice of life dramas that feels more relatable. I really wish I have more time to watch dramas.. this is my favorite way of destressing after a long and complicated week at work.

I’ve been watching Kdramas since I was in college (which is more than 20 years ago) and I can definitely feel and see the significant difference of Kdramas then and now in terms of story, characters, music, production value and acting, esp with the globalization, social media and digitalization. What remains consistent though is that Kdramas never fail to be entertaining.

I think 2019 was a good year for Kdramas. There were so many dramas that were good to watch and someone i have not watched but I’m planning to in the first half of the year. I will really try my best to write more reviews. To do so, i opened my twitter and instagram accounts, thought this would be faster for me to write my thoughts and share my updates while I still do my full reviews in this site when I have time to sit down and reflect on the shows. I’m still trying to be more digitally active (forgive me for not being too social media savvy), including creating content in my youtube channel.

2019 is also the year where I just full on gave in to my fangirlness and attended as many Kpop concerts and fan meetings as I can. I am so happy that more and more of these shows are being held in the Philippines, though every year it gets tougher to queue and buy tickets. But seeing them in the flesh makes all the hours spending watching them on tv and queueing for 5 years to buy tickets all the more worth it. Now when I see them on screen I feel like i’m cheering for my good friend to be successful.

Lastly, my wishes for 2020 are to watch more fantastic Kdramas, attend more Kpop concerts and meet my favorite Kactors through fanmeetings.

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