Romantic Doctor 2: Finally… A Sequel!


It’s been years since my last entry for this blog. And the best way to make a comeback is to provide an honest review for Romantic Doctor Season 2.

Romantic Doctor originally aired from November 2016 until January 2017, wherein the titular character leads a group of doctors on a remote hospital called Doldam Hospital. The first season showcased how a head surgeon Boo Yong Joo aka Master Kim (portrayed by Han Suk Kyu) changed the lives of Kang Dong Joo (portrayed by Yoo Yeon Seok) and Yoon Seo Jung (portrayed by Seo Hyun Jin). Under Master Kim’s guidance Kang Dong Joo and Yoon Seo Jung learned more about life values and love.

Fast forward to Season 2, it’s sad that we don’t get to see Kang Dong Joo and Yoon Seo Jung, however it was explained by Manager Jang that Dong Joo is on an island doing his military service while Seo Jung was studying abroad. Thus this provided a reason for Master Kim to recruit 2 GS doctors when he visited Geodae Hospital.

Here we found 2 new characters: Seo Woo Jin (portrayed by Ahn Hyo Seop), a talented GS Doctor however due to to being a whistleblower, he is the most hated man by his colleagues. On top of that he is always on a run due to his debt. Cha Eun Jae (portrayed by Lee Sung Kyung) is also a talented doctor which is overshadowed by her anxiety and because of that she cannot be in the OR as either she will faint or throw up. Just like Dong Joo and Seo Jung, these young doctors were destined to be mentored by the great Boo Yong Joo.

It felt like the storyline coming to season 2 was as seamless as it gets. We are greeted by a roaring start which is a good way to start introducing new characters (and returning a villain). It was sad that President Yeo was dismissed as the president of Doldam Hospital which leads us to the new president and Master Kim’s rival for season 2, Park Min Guk (portrayed by Kim Joo Hun) was an elite doctor who has a troubled past after getting involved in a bus accident with Master Kim. He was surprised that Master Kim is still trying to save someone’s life while he chose to run away from the accident. This flashback scene haunts him throughout the course of the season. He chooses patients to please the President of the Foundation Do Yoon Wan (yup, he’s back). Towards the end of the season, a change of heart led him to stay at Doldam hospital and eventually earned Master Kim’s respect.

Majority of the Doldam staff were back for season 2, and just like the first season, every episode focuses on a certain medical case (majority are trauma cases). I really love the voiceover throughout the series wherein the narrator shares something to the audience. Master Kim’s emotional dialogues always hit the spot, especially towards Park Min Guk. For those who loved the first season will definitely love the sequel.

I really look forward to Season 3 where hopefully we can get the entire cast from both seasons back as I look towards on how the new doctors fare up with the doctors from season 1 (except for Do In Bum who showed up on the latter part of the series and helped out Seo Yoo Jin). A sequel worth watching indeed.

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