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Kingdom Season 2 (2020)


Drama: Kingdom Season 2 (킹덤 시즌 2)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 6
Release Date: March 13, 2020

The story continues from Season 1 where Lee Chang is trying to fight the monsters, while figuring out how to stop the plague and the evil Cho Hak Ju.

Main Cast
Ju Ji Hoon – Lee Chang
Bae Doo Na – Seo Bi
Ryu Seung Ryong – Cho Hak Ju
Kim Hye Jun – Queen
Kim Sang Ho – Moo Young
Kim Sung Kyu – Young Shin
Jun Suk Ho – Cho Beom Pal
Heo Jun Ho – An Hyun

Please click the link for my review of Season 1: Kingdom (2019)

Season 1 was so amazing and I was really looking forward to season 2. and It didn’t disappoint. We were able to finish the story in one night. The story, the pacing was on par with the first season. But this time, there were more monsters, more blood and gore and more deaths. I love Lee Chang as the Crown Prince. Like i said in season 1, he started as an immature prince but as he meets the villagers and his mean, he started learning how to adapt, how to think quickly and how to strategize. Most of all, he learned to love his country and his people more, to the point that he sacrificed himself and the throne to continue his mission to find the cause of the plague and stop it. I love that the people believed and trusted him, even to the point of dying to protect him. I didn’t want to care too much for the characters because they might be the next one to die but what i loved is that even with Lee Chang’s men dying, the show introduces new sets of courageous people willing to join his cause and fight for Joseon.

The cinematography was also spot on. One of the most beautiful scenese was when Lee Chang was trying to break the ice, then he bodyslammed one of the monsters, then we see the wide shot of the ice breaking and they eventually all fall in to the ice. WOW! Amazing scene! other scenes I love were everytime Lee Chang walks with his men and the scene does a slow motion. it’s like he’s walking the Joseon runway! The costumes were also gorgeous, and the colors! Lee Chang in white/ivory costume that became almost red/maroon from all the blood. Just beautiful.

I was disappointed in Cho Hak Ju. after all the things he did, he will just die from drinking poisonous tea from her daughter Queen? How anti-climactic! and I was right, the Queen really is more evil than Hak Ju.

The young king — wah! i’m delighted they got the brilliant kid from When Camellia Blooms. he is an amazing young actor and i’m already expecting him to bring in the tears next season. My theory is once he knows what happened, he will most likely sacrifice himself so he stops the plague and give the throne back to Lee Chang.

The ending was definitely a shocker and I wondered what can season 3 possibly be? and I’m so excited to see Jun Ji Hyun in the last 10 seconds of the show. I think she will play a big role in season 3 (if it ever happens). She doesn’t look like the bad guy here, I think she was the one who discovered the new monsters and is trying to fight and contain them. Argh!! I can’t wait for Lee Chang and her to meet and work together! Can we have a love scene of the two of them?? Pretty please???

Rating: 9.5/10



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