Hyena (2020)

Drama: Hyena (하이에나)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: February 21 – April 11, 2020
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00

To survive in a highly competitive environment, two rival attorneys with only high-class clientele tear apart anything that stands in the way of their ambition.

Main Cast
Ju Ji Hoon – Yoon Jee Hae
Kim Hye Soo – Jung Geum Ja

Gah!! I loved this drama!! The flashy directing and styling, the posh office, the trendy suits and the intense story are reminiscent of Suits. I’m surprised this show came from SBS – it looked more like a cable tv drama.

Where do I start? I didn’t know I needed to see Kim Hye Soo and Ju Ji Hoon pairing until I saw this drama! Kim Hye Soo was amazing as the rough and street wise Jung Geum Ja. She is tough and willing to do what it takes (legally of course) to win her cases. Yoon Hee Jae is the complete opposite – he is suave, smart and polished. He is used to winning his cases but is at a loss when he gets pwned by Geum Ja every single time. He can’t believe he got duped by a “trash” and fell in love. The worst was in that episode where Hye-won poured wine on Hee Jae’s head and Geum Ja saw and made fun of his humiliation.
I have to say, what Geum Ja did at the start was really awful but Hee Jae should have been smart enough to know that he is being played. I was wondering how they can get past that when people find out their secret. I believe Geum Ja also somehow fell in love with Hee Jae even when she was playing him, except that she is not a romantic and prefers to stick to her goal. At this point in her life, she is hungry for money and success and does not need love to complicate and confuse her.
I loved their angry dog-cat fights, their witty back and forth taunts and their too potent sexual tension coming off every time they are near each other. That “push Hee Jae to the wall and kiss him deeply”, all the drinks and real talks they shared, and that one and only bed scene.
It took some time for Hee Jae to like and respect Geum Ja but once he did and they started working together as a team, they were unstoppable! Although they didn’t end up together romantically in the end, I didn’t mind because being equal partners is even better. and I’m sure that Geum Ja can buy her dream building in a few years’ time (with Hee Jae’s help).
I love their little legal team of misfits – from the cute rookie lawyer, Geum Ja’s sweet secretary, pretty and feisty Ms Boo, funny Atty Ga, sharp minded Atty Kim and police detective Joo Ho.
As for the legal cases, the main stories revolve around Issume Holdings and Chairman Son, so every 1-2 episodes is either about the son or the daughter or the mistress, etc until we are able to connect the dots and find out the bigger secret why Issume is so important to Song & Kim. I liked each case and how Geum Ja/Hee Jae handled them. The worst guy is Attorney Song – I really liked him at first when I thought he was Hee Jae’s mentor until we learn that he is the a$$ that has been manipulating his wife, his clients, even the government all along! Feel bad for Hee Jae – he was betrayed by Atty Song and further disillusioned with his father.
The inclusion of Kevin as AP EON was great! it was fun to see Hee Jae feel jealous of another guy – who is either his equal or even better. I found Kevin so handsome at first although I am team Hee Jae all the way! But when he started to team up with Atty Song, his handsome face became ugly to me! Not only did he not get the merger that he wanted, Geum Ja also rejected him! haha!
Just to go back to Geum Ja – her childhood trauma was painful and hard to watch. Even when the father died at the end was anti-climactic. He somehow redeemed himself when he interrupted Geum Ja’s attacker but he never really apologized to her. At least, he’s gone and she is free from her past!
This is one show you shouldn’t miss!
Rating: 9.5/10

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