Vivid Romance (2017)

Drama: Romance Full of Life (생동성 연애)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 3
Release Date: February 16 – March 2, 2017
Runtime: Thursday 23:00

In-Sung has been studying for the police officer exam for years but he keeps failing. In spite of that, he still maintains his sunny and optimistic personality. On the day that he failed the exam again, his girlfriend Sora dumped him with no explanation. Feeling sad and lost, he decided to join a high paying part time medical experiment and ends up becoming a super genius. He decided to change his style and became more confident. Suddenly all the girls are noticing him but all he wants is Sora. Will he be able to get back together with her and pass the exam?

Main Cast:
Yoon Si Yoon – So In Sung
Jo Soo Hyang – Wang Sora
Kang Ki-Young – Jo Ji Sub
Kim Min-Soo – Gong Moo
Jang Hee-Ryung – Kim Tae-Yi

I wasnt ready to let go of Yoon Si Yoon so i ended up watching his old drama and what a change from the serious Dowon in Train to the adorable nerdy Insung!

First, their names were too funny!! So Insung, Jo Ji Sub, Wang Sora, Kim Tae Yi, Gong Moo and Song Ae Gyo 🤣🤣

I liked the story of working hard for your dreams, that there is no short cuts to success. But at the same time, you should strike a balance between work and life and health.

I wasnt sure what Insung liked about Sora because she seemed like the kind of girl that was always sad about life. Episode 5 had a lot of flashbacks about their relationship and i wished they showed that in episode 1 so that we root for them. Most of the time i want Insung to get over Sora and find someone better than her.

I think their relationship failed because they (mostly Sora) both weren’t confident about themselves and they neglected each other instead of supporting each other. When the going gets tough, it’s good to have friends and family around to lessen the stress rather than push them away.

In the end, I honestly didnt understand why Insung had to go back to his nerdy self just because the experiment is done. It’s just a matter of fixing his hair and wearing better clothes. or maybe he is more comfortable as the adorable geek and Sora loved him the way he was.

Only 3 episodes so worth to watch if only for Yoon Si Yoon!!

Rating: 8/10

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