Homemade Love Story eps. 25-36

Link to episodes 13-24: https://kdramadreaming.com/2020/12/23/homemade-love-story-eps-13-24/

Jae Hee – Bit Chae Woon – Seo Ah
Finally Jae Hee telling assuming Seo ah but she is just his little sister. I honestly think Jae hee didn’t lead her on, even before he has always treated her like a sister and told her repeatedly he doesn’t like her. That Seo ah will get angry at Chae Woon for stealing her “boyfriend” is stupid. and I’m glad Jae Hee is making it clear to Chae Woon that he likes her.

The Woo Family – I didn’t expect Jung Ho to get amnesia and become a nice guy!! Totally feeling the My Unfamiliar Family vibes here. But this amnesia will be good for him. He will realize how nice he was, and reflect on what happened that made him into a jerk that he is now. Love the Jae hee and James bonding moments – I just hope when Jung Ho returns his memories, he will not go back to his self.

I’m still curious what happened between Sun Jeong and Jung Ho years ago, it seemed like they liked each other but how did Jung Ho end up getting married to Min Jae? And are the writers going to give them their second chance at love? I hope so! Because I seriously love the flashbacks!

I still dont like Ba Reun and I think Ra Hoon can do better, but I guess I have to accept that this is where Rahoon’s story will go. I hope Ba Reun helps Rahoon reach his dreams of owning a food truck!

As for Hae Deun, I thought we were done with the kpop idol trainee storyline but we’re still here. The good news is.. they just introduced a new character — actually not really new, but I have always wondered when “Junha” (Seo ah’s brother and Jae hee’s best friend) will show up! and I’m so happy that Junha is so much fun!!! Perfect for the spoiled bratty Hae Deun!! I love them together! Now i’m looking forward to their future adventures!

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