The Spies Who Loved Me (2020)

Drama: The Spies Who Loved Me (나를 사랑한 스파이)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 21 – December 17, 2020
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 21:30 (35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

Kang Ahreum met Jeon Jihun in Jeju and quickly felt in love and got married within 6 months. They also got divorced a year later and vowed to never see each other again. Turns out, Jihun was an Interpol agent and although he loves his wife, he decided to leave Ahreum to protect her from getting even more hurt. Years later, Jihun and Ahreum meet again as Jihun was chasing Sophie, who turns out to be Ahreum’s friend. Sophie was murdered and Jihun and Ahreum work together to solve her murder. Unfortunately, it seems like Ahreum’s current husband, Derek is one of the suspects and unknown to Ahreum is actually a double agent. Can Ahreum and Derek’s marriage survive once she finds out the truth about her husband? Does Jihun still have a chance to win back Ahreum and solve the case?

Main Cast
Eric Mun – Jeon Ji Hun
Yoo In Na – Kang Ahreum
Im Joo Hwan – Derek Hyun

I loved this underrated KDrama! This felt like an actual spy drama and had similar vibes with My Secret Terrius. But this one is different because beyond the spy and action, there were a lot of discussions on love and marriage. Actually it is like a relationship drama under the guise of a spy drama.

I loved the 3 main leads. Jihun, Ahreum and Derek had so much chemistry together as a team and separately as couples. The stark contrast of the marriage between Jihun and Ahreum vs Derek and Ahreum were both so beautiful, i actually got confused who she will end up with. I was team Jihun but i wondered how they will get back together without Derek in the way. I liked how they resolved this.

The bromance between Jihun and Derek was also great. They both loved the same woman although they had different ways to show their love. Hated Derek’s character at first but came to also like and pity him in the end. I hope he is having a good life in Malta like he wanted.

Although Jihun loved Ahreum he never crossed the line and waited until the time was right. They were too young when they got married but now they grew up, got to know each other more and found out thy actually worked well together. They looked like the korean Mr and Mrs Smith in the last episode. Really loved the acting of Eric in this drama.

Ahreum is one of the best female leads in 2020. She was smart and tough, yet feminine and compassionate. She fought Tinker and slashed his leg with a pair of scissors, she made a sweet deal with Kim Dong Ran and helped take down Helmes boss. I actually thought she would get out of the wedding dress business to be a full time agent in Jimin’s team but being informant is way better!

I loved the whole team – Chief Ban Jimin (who was super hilarious and harsh), the cute couple Yonggu and Seora, even the sad story of Tae Ryong 😦

The only thing I didn’t like about this drama is how they handled the bad guys. Poor Peter never got justice for his death. No one probably knew he was dead and no one ever found out Doobong killed him. Although Derek did clean his body and put him in a nice box, Derek also used his body to fake his death and no one figured out it was actually Peter. So really felt bad for him.

Likewise I thought Shin Hera got off quite easily, with just some crying (the mother-son relationship was so odd) and I can’t believer Derek let Tinker go. He is probably still out there, spying and maybe killing people.

Overall, I loved this drama, the final episode was satisfying. Can’t believe they were able to squeeze in one spy case in the final episode! I wish we had 1 more episode of Jihun and Ahreum together (or maybe see them walking down the aisle the second time around!)

Rating: 9/10

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