Super Junior SS8 World Tour Kihno KiT Unboxing Video

Super Junior Super Show 8 World Tour: Infinite Time Kihno KiT album comes with a concert photobook – check out some of the pics I took.

Here’s the full unboxing video in my Youtube channel:

And here’s a short tutorial on how to use the Kihno KiT in your Android device:

It was so nice to watch and reminisce about this concert! This is their concert in Seoul, I attended the Manila concert and it’s almost the same!

Can’t wait for their 10th album!

The Penthouse S1 (2020)

Drama: Penthouse (펜트하우스)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 21
Release Date: October 26 – January 5, 2021
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00-23:10

The story about 5 families living in Hera Palace and the lengths they will go to protect their power and family.

Main Cast
Uhm Ki Joon – Joo Dan Tae
Kim So Yeon – Cheon Seo Jin
Lee Ji Ah – Shim Su Ryeon
Eugene – Oh Yoon Hee
Yoon Jong Hoon – Ha Yoon Cheol
Shin Eun Kyung – Kang Mari
Bong Tae Gyu – Lee Kyu Jin
Yoon Joo Hee – Go Sang A
Kim Young Dae – Joo Seok Hoon
Han Ji Hyun – Joo Seo Kyung
Choi Ye Bin – Ha Eun Byul
Kim Hyun Soo – Bae Rona
Jin Ji Hee – Kang Jenny
Lee Tae Vin – Lee Minhyuk
Jo Soo Min – Min Seol Ah
Ha Do Kwon – Ma Duki
Park Eun Seok – Logan Lee / Gu Ho Dong

I put everyone one the main cast because each and every character was important to the show. From the trailers and promos, I already knew this drama will be an intense rollercoaster ride and I was right!!

At first I thought the over the top luxury feel of the show felt cheap, but later on I realized, it just fit with all the makjang craziness. I loved that the story was predictable yet unpredictable. Like I can already second guess what will happen next to the story and yet it still managed to surprise me with a twist that I didn’t expect and a reveal that just kept the stakes higher and higher.

I absolutely loved the deliciously evil tandem of Dantae and Seojin. I never knew I needed Uhm Ki Joon and Kim So Yeon together until Penthouse. Is it weird that I was half rooting for them to win over Su Ryeon and Yoon Hee and half wishing they get all the karma from all evil things they’ve done? I’m sure they’ll continue to wreak havoc until S3. They can kill everyone else as long as they don’t kill of Dantae and Seojin. If Namgoong Min didn’t make an amazing performance as Baek Seung Soo in Stove League, I’m so sure that So Yeon would have easily gotten the Daesang. But not too worry, she has two more seasons (and chances) to get the Daesang. That scene where she was playing the piano after her father died was just brilliant acting.

I loved that everyone is so bad that they’re so good. It’s like everyone has their bitchy or evil side, even Suryeon and Yoon Hee were terrible people and parents. Suryeon is the “good guy” in the show but for me she is the worst. I get that she is hurting. I get that she wants to avenge her daughter’s death. But no one knew Seol Ah was her daughter when that happened. Okay , still not an excuse to bully a young girl, but I thought Suryeon just went too crazy. Maybe it’s her guilt talking and putting the blame on everyone else. This drama also just shows us that “Revenge is never the answer”. In the end, she got herself killed (and what a lame way to die!) and the “bad guys” are still living free.

Likewise Yoonhee is pitiful but she can only blame herself for always choosing the wrong side and making poor decisions. Maybe because there’s no one who guides her and supports her, but she is too clueless to survive the cutthroat life in Hera Palace. I think the smartest thing she could have done is to leave Hera Palace, take Rona away from Cheong A and just live a simple normal life. Her main problem is her bratyy daughter Rona. I’m sorry but Rona is as dumb as her. She doesn’t appreciate all the sacrifices her mom did for her and just kept whining that if she can’t go to Cheong A, she will just die. I hope that in season 2 she will be more bad ass coz right now, I just can’t root for her, well, except that she ends up with Seok Hoon.

The kids were such bullies!!! At first I thought Seo Kyung will be the main bitch but turns out it’s Eun Byul! I can only blame their parents for not raising them right. Parents think that by always defending them even if they’re wrong and covering up their mistakes are about “protecting” their children, but that’s just making their children weak and not able to stand up for themselves, and not learning the difference between right and wrong. And just teaching them to be awful people.

Logan Lee — to be honest, I didn’t like his character!! and I wished he really went back to the US and we get introduced to a new mysterious character in season 2. But looks like he will be back with Yoon Hee to avenge Su Ryeon’s death.

Rating: 9/10

I’m hoping there will be new characters in season 2 so that the story will remain fresh and fun (and intense!). I think the lady reporter and the detective will be useful in Season 2. I didn’t read any additional casting news so it looks like it will be the same characters (or maybe they’re keeping every thing secret for now as to not spoil the story). All I’ve read so far are cameos like Junjin and his wife, Lee Sang Woo.

I was also hoping that Yoon Hee will meet a hot sexy lawyer who will help prove her innocence (Okay, maybe I’m reminded of Reporter Jimin from Lies of Lies haha) but the detective was also cute. But I think Yoon Hee will never get a romance line. Not while she is hell bent on revenge. Will she end up like Su Ryeon by end of Season 3?

Speaking of Su Ryeon, she is definitely dead right? She can’t still be alive and it’s impossible to just switch her body (like who will do that??). But she is obviously still in season 2, so my guess is she will probably be Dantae’s elusive first wife (how with the same face? I have no idea). In the first season, I heavily adjusted my viewing lens to fully enjoy the show so I have a feeling I need to double my viewing lens and get ready for another rollercoaster ride this February!

Hot Stove League (2020)

Drama: Hot Stove League (스토브리그)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: December 13, 2019 – February 14, 2020
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00

A fledging baseball team hires a team manager who is not afraid to shake things up to make some changes. Will he be able to convince the team to succeed or will the team end up being disbanded?

Main Cast
Namgoong Min – Baek Seung Soo
Park Eun Bin – Lee Se Young
Oh Jung Se – Kwon Kyung Min
Jo Byeong Gyu – Han Jae Hee
Lee Joon Hyuk – Go Se Hyeok
Hong Ki Joon – Jang Jin Woo
Jo Han Sun – Lim Dong Gyu
Ha Do Kwon – Kang Doo Ki

I think almost everything that Namgoong Min touches turns to gold. And I’m so happy he finally won a Daesang for his fantastic performance as Baek Seung Soo. Actually, the entire cast was amazing!!

I started watching on a Sunday, kept hitting “next episode” until i realized i was almost done with the show!

How much I loved this drama? Let me count the ways. First, as I said above, amazing performance not just of Namgoong Min but from everyone – the management, the head office, and the players. Each episode focused one 1 to 2 persons’ stories and how Baek was able to help and resolve the problem.

I only have basic knowledge of baseball so didn’t really understand the stats, but it didn’t really matter because the whole point is more on how a manager was able to successful transform a low performing team to a champion. It’s not just how he worked, but how he influenced the people around him to become better versions of themselves.

You can pick up some tips on how to manage difficult people and how to deal with difficult negotiations, Baek Seung Soo is so good at it, i wonder why he is not a hot commodity. I guess they are uneasy with his unorthodox thinking.

I especially loved the episodes about Gil Chang Ju. You can really feel that he loved his wife so much that he had to do what he can for her, and he felt terrible for letting down the people. I would have advised him to do the same thing – play for one season and go to the army like everyone else and come back better and stronger.

I also loved the story about Baek’s brother and cried for Seung Soo. The burden Seung Soo was have felt – feeling guilty for his brother injury, feeling devastated for his wife’s miscarriage, and taking care of his parents. He never shared his pain with others and he stopped smiling. I really hoped that he would finally find a team that would actually want him and stay, but I guess he really is a drifter, off to go where no man wants to go and just kicking ass.

I also loved Lim Dong gyu’s redemption. Episodes 1-2 made him look like such a jerk but underneath it all, he also had his dreams. I think he learned his lesson when Seung Soo kicked him out of the team. But it also felt right when he came back because he is always a Dreams player.

The only episode I didn’t like was episode 15, i thought it was too much, like they had one more episode to fill but they dont know what else to do so they just made the WTF decision to trade Kang Duki and make the manager look like a tool. I also didn’t like Kwong Min, even though he was getting hit and humiliated by his cousin and his uncle, I didn’t feel sorry for him. And him suddenly changing his mind and agreeing to sell the team wasn’t too convincing.

Episode 16 was too simple for a finale. I wish we saw more efforts from Seungsoo to look for a buyer all throughout the show. The ending was easily resolved with just 1 company agreeing to buy the team after just 2 meetings. To think Director spent years looking for a buyer to no avail.

One thing I wanted to say, If the plan was to disband the team from the very start, it didn’t really make sense to bring a new GM and approve of all his changes. It then feels like all his (and everyone’s) efforts will just be a waste of time and the best players will all end up team-less (which is awful!). I wish the objective was very clear from episode 1 – if he can’t fix the team before the season then they will disband. Baek did so many changes that there’s actually a big chance to win the next season, and yet the company still went ahead and killed the team. Other than that, everything else was terrific. I wished there an epilogue or a special episode where we actually see them play during the season. I would have wanted to cheer for them even if it’s just imaginary. LOL.

Rating: 9/10