Homemade Love Story ep 37-48

Thoughts on episodes 25 to 36 in my previous post:

i didn’t have much comments on episodes 37 to 48, mainly because I was getting tired of Sun Jeong acting like such a coward, Bit Chae Woon trying to be tough, and Grandma being such a pain in the ass liar!! I actually feel bad for Jungwon, and I’m surprised how nice she still is after everything that has been revealed.

I super hate two faced Seo Ah and major a$$ Hwang Naro! They are the worst and weakest link of the show for me, one of the reasons i want to throw my pillows on my phone. Naro is so mysterious about his past, I dont know what motivates him to do these things or at least try to make the viewers understand his way of thinking. He is hell bent on getting into the Kim family for what? just money? that’s too shallow! Did he really like Chae woon that’s why he’s retaliating by making her life hard? As for Seo ah, she has the nerve to try to ruin her family’s life with her whiny manipulations. If something happens to the company or to her mother, what will happen to her? Is it becuase it’s her father’s money so she doesn’t care?

The main highlight of the episodes for me are Man Jeong and Hwakse’s love for each other.

James/Jung hoo is starting to regain his memories and i love his transition to being from a jerk tightwad to a nice guy. I used to like Minjae but now her character is being stupid. Boy, she must really love Junghoo even now or is it just feelings for a man she has lived with for 30 years?

Still looking forward to Hae Deun and Junha’s funny interactions. They are bringing the fun in the otherwise depressing storyline.

Rahoon is barely in the story which is sad because would love to see more of his struggle and his success to own his food truck.

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