Space Sweepers (승리호) – Movie Review

Hi Everyone! I am moving things a little bit to review this recent movie that was released on Netflix. The story takes place in the year 2092 wherein Earth has become too polluted that people are now migrating over to Mars. The crew of the spaceship named “Victory” (승리) will be entangled in a conflict between Earth and Mars.

The crew of Spaceship Victory (승리)

Key Characters

Tae-Ho (Portrayed by Song Joong-ki) – The pilot of Spaceship Victory and was a former commander of the Space Guard. Before he joined the crew of Spaceship Victory, he adopted a child named Oh Jiyul and became a father figure to the little. girl. After a tragic event wherein Soonyi was caught on an explosion in space, Tae-ho uses all his resources in order to find her hoping that she survived after the tragic incident. At the conclusion of the story we found out that Soonyi didn’t survived the explosion.

Tae-Ho (Portrayed by Song Joong-Ki)

Captain Jang (Portrayed by Kim Tae-Ri) – The leader of the crew. As a student she developed 4D AR lenses in addition to lightweight laser blasters and EMP mines. She deserted the colony at a young age to form a pirate organization after becoming immersed in anti-UTS ideology. She previously attempted to kill CEO James Sullivan at the expense of her previous team.

Captain Jang (Portrayed by Kim Tae-Ri)

Tiger Park (Portrayed by Jin Sun-Kyu) – A wanted person on Earth as he led a drug cartel thus he fled the planed to avoid being captured. He is the crew member who is really fond of Dorothy/Kang Kot-nim)

Tiger park (Portrayed by Jin Sun-Kyu)

Bubs (voiced by Yu Hae-Jin; portrayed by Kim Hyang-Gi) – The Mechanical crew of Spaceship Victory. Probably the crew member that has the most amount of cash on hand due to him winning wagers. During the events of the film his mechanical body got heavily damaged at the final battle wherein he received a human-like body (surprisingly a female).

Bubs (Voiced by Yu Hae-Jin)

Dorothy/Kang Kot-Nim (Portrayed by Park Ye-Rin) – originally perceived as a weapon of mass destruction that when the crew of Spaceship Victory discovered her hiding on their cargo area, the crew originally tried to sell them off for a good amount of money. It turns out that she is the daughter of Kang Hyun-Woo. It was explained that she suffered a rare diseases and was on the verge of dying. Her father injected a serum that is loaded with nanobots which in turn had a positive effect for Kot-Nim as she was able to walk again. Not only that, she is able to control the nanobots and was able to revive a dead plant. She was also used in making Mars liveable thus he is the target of CEO James Sullivan.

Kang Kot-Nim (Portrayed by Park Ye-Rin)

James Sullivan (Portrayed by Richard Armitage) – The CEO of UTS and an enhanced individual. His veins shows up everytime he is angry. His intention was to kill Kot-Nim however since she is protected by her nanobots, the only way to kill her is by using a Hydrogen Bomb wherein she will be destroyed on a molecular level. He was killed by the Hydrogen Bomb after the crew set him up thinking that Kot-Nim was with them while travelling far away to prevent the destruction of Earth.

CEO James Sullivan (Portrayed by Richard Armitage)


The concept of people moving to a different planet or to a space colony is not new as this story concept was seen on the majority of Gundam Series. Even though the movie did not provide a back story on how Earth went into a such sorry state, the movie provided us with the best cinematography that I have seen so far. I hope this pushes all Korean Producers to keep this trend on the highest level. Would there be a sequel? I don’t think so, I think it is good that the story ends there rather than having a sequel that will be faced with a lot of criticism because of the massive success of the original movie (Train to Busan: Peninsula).


4/5 Stars

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