The Rational Life (2021)

Drama: The Rational Life (理智派生活)
Original Network: Hunan TV, Netflix, Mango TV, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Mango TV
Aired: Mar 31, 2021 – May 4, 2021
Episodes: 35
Duration: 45 min.
Country: China

A story of a successful and driven young woman as she navigates through her professional career and personal life.

Main Cast
Qin Lan – Shen Ruo Xin
Wang Hedi – Qi Xiao
Bao Wen Jing – Ziyan
Chen Peng Wan Li – Suyang
Lin Xin Yi – You Sijia
Kang Kang – Zou Cheng

I loved Ruoxin as the main character. I thought she was very inspiring on how she was able to deal with office politics in a male dominated company, and how she is able to handle crises, and how she relied on her skills and efforts to climb the corporate ladder.

I also loved Qi Xiao, he was mature and can do anything. Cook, design jewelry, sweet, support Ruoxin. We also saw how he grew up and thrive in the office, starting from an assistant who just followed his boss to a competent one who can also make good decisions. I’m glad he was able to follow his dreams of being a designer.

I loved Ruoxin and Qi Xiao together, although some times I wonder if they really are in love or they’re just so used to be together and because he is Ruo Xin’s assistant. But was so moved with Qi Xiao’s confession on episode 27. I thought that scene was perfectly executed to show both of their growing and scary feelings for each other.

I watched another jiedi lian romance called Find Yourself (2020) which I loved but I thought this one was executed better and felt more complete because this just didn’t focus on romance but also about the journey of Ruo Xin in her professional career. One thing I noticed is that the age gap of 10-12 years isn’t really bad depending on the age of the characters. Like 25 against 35 isn’t bad, or 30 vs 40 but this types of dramas tend to go to the extreme, a very successful woman in her 30s with a very young fresh grad guy of 21 or 22. I think in reality this wouldn’t happen or really work because even though the personalities may match, in the end they are at a very different stage in life and one will eventually have to sacrifice for the other. And the younger guy still have lots of growing up to do. But of course, there will always be an exception to the rule. And another thing is Qin Lan is very beautiful but she doesn’t look 34 years old. She looks her natural age and it shows when she’s beside Dylan who looks very young (at playing the same age as his character).

I loved the story of Ziyan and her husband. They had a rocky marriage, i was almost sure that I hated her husband and wanted her to leave him, but i loved how they were able to talk through their issues and not only stay together, but really love and appreciate each other.

At our wedding, five years ago, you said something that still moves me even to this day. After holding your hand for five years, I just want to say, Let’s hold hands until we’re old. Even death won’t separate us. The most beautiful love poem for my life-long comrade. I hope we can be the closest comrades in the years to come. Let’s face life’s ups and downs, and the fragility in humanity together. Let’s get through conflicts, temptations, frustrations, and challenges. For the latter half of our lives, maybe we’ll get plenty of chances to let go of each other’s hands and survive alone. But hopefully, in the end, we won’t. Love runs deep, but loyalty runs deeper.”

Ziyan to Zou Cheng on stage, episode 34

I also liked Suyang and Sijie, they were so cute together, although there were times i wanted to get angry at Suyang, I’m glad he has Sijie by his side who didnt stop believing in him.

“My dream is to become a better version of myself. One I can be proud of! One who can handle life’s struggles, grab all opportunities and see a bigger stage! Then do everything possible to get a hold of it.”

Suyang to his parents, episode 31

Some of the not so nice parts but didn’t lessen my love for this drama. First, Ruoxin’s voice is always so soft and calm even in urgent situations. She only raised her voice one time for the entire 35 episodes, even when she was angry, her voice was still soft. I thought this was too odd. Second, all of the older guys in the office and her suitors were jerks except Xu Mingjie who was half a jerk. I dont think the drama needed to portray this to show that Qi Xiao is the better match.

Third, Ruoxin’s mom was so off, I’m not sure if it’s the acting or the character. One day she will be sweet and kind, the next day she will scream at Ruoxin. Then another day she will cry and be scared. I didn’t know what she wanted for Ruoxin and thought she was selfish and thought more on herself than her daughter’s happiness. I liked the last episode where the couple sat down and explained to her their side and she finally listened and said that she is also learning from them.

I wonder where i can find the special episodes? Netflix does not have them.

Rating: 9/10

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