Young Lady and Gentleman Eps 1-12

So I’m back to watching another KBS weekend drama! This time it’s a cute and heartwarming show about a widower, his 3 children, and a young live-in tutor. Below are some of the initial thoughts about the drama.

I love that the show is fast paced for a 50 episode drama. I didn’t even realize that I was in episode 12 (that’s like more than half way in a regular Kdrama)

There are a lot of stuff happening here. I honestly don’t like the Jo Sara and her mom – they are both annoying and trying hard to fit in and become rich. I want to like the Young Guk’s stepmother but it’s very hard to like her when she is so whiny and manipulative. The actress is also overacting.

I love the story of Dandan’s family (except for the mom who is useless). I like Dae Bum and Young Guk’s half sister’s short lived romance. I’m sure they’ll end up together eventually but for now, Dae Bum needs to earn money and be successful before he can come back to Se Ryeon. I also find Uncle Guk super cute, but ugh!! why will he end up with the scheming b*tch Sara?!? As for the cousin Mirin, I feel bad for her, she sometimes look out of place since her parents are gone, and I don’t like her potential loveline to Jun Oh. Quite assuming of her to think that Jun Oh likes her or is stalking her when she isn’t even pretty!

I love Dandan’s father, I totally didn’t expect that he turned out to be Mi Sook’s long lost brother!! So that means they could have been a rich family, which kind of makes Dandan look equal to Young Guk in terms of social standing. I can’t wait for Sara to find out about that link. I’m also curious how Dandan’s father will react once he finds out Anna Kim is his wife who left him all those years ago!! Part of me is wishing they get back together because the current wife is really useless, but half of me is also angry at her for leaving. Dandan will probably get mad at Anna Kim once she finds out the truth.

So far so good, it’s makjang but not hair pulling makjang. It has a lot of good wholesome moments especially with the kids. Hope the confession between Young Guk and Dandan will be look natural and not too weird.

Rating for thr first 12 episodes: 8.5

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