Ghost Doctor (2021)

Drama: Ghost Doctor (고스트 닥터)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: January 3 – February 22, 2022
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:30
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Main Cast:
Rain – Cha Young Min
Kim Bum – Go Seung Tak
UEE – Jang Se Jin
Naeun – Oh Soo Jung

The best thing about this show is the bromance between Youngmin and Seungtak. They started on bad terms, arguing because of their differences in the way they work and their outlook in life, but because of the circumstances, they ended up understanding each other, working together and becoming real friends and colleagues.

My favorite character is Youngmin. He really grew as a person and doctor in this drama. I admire his determination and passionate to heal other people even when he’s sick himself. It must have been difficult not to be able to do anything when he was a ghost. I also loved the lost and found romance between Youngmin and Sejin. Or maybe I was caught up in Rain’s acting, his crying and their regrets (because UEE didn’t really do much as Jang Sejin – she mostly had the same sad look on her face in every scene). Although falling in love again in just a few months (after 12 years apart) while YM was a ghost was a bit of a stretch, I still liked that they were able to reconcile and give it another go.

On the other hand, it took some time for me to like Seungtak because he was mostly lazy and didn’t do anything for most of the episode. His character growth only came out in the last 4 episodes. I was hoping early on that he would be eager to learn from Youngmin and operate on Youngmin as a climax. It was weird and unbelievable that Youngmin operated on Youngmin and Seungtak was only able to prove himself in the last part when he was the one closing Youngmin. But still I guess the show wasn’t trying to say that Seungtak is a genius, but it’s through passion and will, and with Youngmin’s mentorship, Seungtak can also become a great doctor someday.

I also loved the 3 ghosts and Tes since they had their own side stories that were also touching, plus Soo Jung’s story with her grandpa. I think Naeun should do more characters where she gets to be nice and funny rather than playing the b*tchy ex-girlfriend roles.

Halfway I thought the story lost steam because they focused on the bromance and the “will Youngmin wake up or not?” plot, but overall I’m satisfied that almost everything was answered in the final episode and it didn’t feel rushed.

I also thought there were some characters that didn’t fully live up to the story, like a lost opportunity, such as Han Seung Won and Doctor Ahn’s story. Also Sejin’s brother’s story was boring.

“Don’t forget. As much as you value your life, every life in this world matters.”

Rating: 8.5/10