Happy New Year 2023

Wait what?? It’s 2023!!! Time flew so fast I still can’t believe it’s another year.

To me, 2022 had some standouts but also had a lot of disappointments. I completed 41 dramas, 21 movies, and 6 variety shows.

Below are my top 10 shows based on my ratings:
Rated 9:
1. Love Between Fairy and Devil – my overall favorite, the rest are in no order
2. Reborn Rich
3. Our Blues
4. My Liberation Notes
5. Twenty Five, Twenty One
6. May It Please The Court
7. Through The Darkness
8. You Are My Glory – this is a 2021 Cdrama but I just had to put this in my list

Rated 8.75
9. From Now On, Showtime
10. Narco-Saints

Judging from my top 10 list, the dramas are melodrama or action/thriller and mostly made me cry a lot of good tears. I realized that my taste has been changing over the past few years, though I still go for feel good romcom once in a while.

I don’t always watch CDramas but my watchlist has been growing every year and I’m starting to have my list of fave Chinese actors and actresses to watch! Yang Yang, Dylan Wang, Xu Kai, Dilraba, etc.

I also found new actors and actresses I want to watch out for like Kwon Yuri, Son Sukku, Nam Joo Hyuk, as well as old favorites that have come back to drama land like Jung Il Woo, Ha Jung Woo, Jung Ryu Won, Kim Nam Gil.

There were dramas that I had high expectations but didn’t live up to the hype like Cheer Up, Love Is For Suckers, and those I didn’t bother to watch anymore because of low reviews like Kill Heel, Thirty Nine, Forecasting Love and Weather. There were also dramas that I didn’t expect to love like From Now On Showtime and Yonder. And highly rated dramas I ran out of time and will watch next year like Little Women, Under the Queen’s Umbrella.

I was able to watch 2 Jdramas this year, Fishbowl Wives and First Love: Hatsukoi, which are more Netflix-style rather than the usualy Jdrama style. I look forward to more Jdramas on Netflix to add to my ever complicated and growing list of drama watch list.

Winter dramas are starting and they look promising!!
Ongoing or started last week of Dec – Alchemy of Souls Part 2, Trolley, Big Bet S1, The Glory, Interest of Love, Red Balloon, Work Later, Drink Now S2, The Island, Unchained Love (CDrama)

Starts in Jan 2023 – Can We Be Strangers, Brain Cooperation, Agency, Crash Course in Romance, Payback

Hopefully 2023 will be better, less trying hard to create complicated story, and more simple but solid storytelling and acting.