Weak Hero Class 1 (2022)

Drama: Weak Hero Class 1 (약한영웅 Class 1)
Network: Wavve
Episodes: 8
Release Date: November 18, 2022
Runtime: 45 mins
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Plot: 3 guys fight for their lives against class bullies.

Main Cast:
Park Ji Hoon – Yeon Si Eun
Choi Hyun Wook – An Soo Ho
Hong Kyung – Oh Bum Seok

I was interested to watch this because of Choi Hyun Wook but I didn’t like the topic, which is about school bullying. However, since i read so many good reviews about this drama, I decided it to watch it also!

Wow! This drama is so brutal! Why does Korea have so many bullies in school? Is it just exaggerated in kdramas or is this norm in every school? I think in my country, there are some bullies of course, but generally not a lot. I asked my nephews and nieces as well as my friends’ children, they do not have bullies in their school (thank God!)

I think what’s striking in all the bullying cases (kdrama or in real life) is that these children had a sad childhood. Whether they were directly unloved, neglected, abused, or indirectly affected by family events like death, divorce, etc, it really impacts the children’s lives and their outlook. So I think parents should really be careful in raising their children. Not just raising, but actually decided if they want to have a children or not. Like in Si Eun’s case, both parents are working and had no time to care for their one and only child. Or Bum Seok who didn’t want to be adopted, but ended abused by his adoptive father. Or how about Young Bin, whose mother always let him get away with his misdeeds through money. And interestingly, it is Soo Ho, who didn’t have parents, but was lovingly brought up by his grandma, who had more integrity than the rest. So I guess, LOVE makes a whole lot of difference.

Si Eun was a loner but ended up having a really good friend in Soo Ho. He was willing to fight and die for his friends. Soo Ho, who always knows his boundaries, but always get into fights trying to save his friends from jealous people. Ugh! I didn’t know if I should hate Bum Seok or feel bad for him. Logic would think that he would be nicer since he knows what it’s like to be bullied, but usually anger and hatred makes you do things you don’t want to do.

This drama also showed how adults fail these children all the time. The parents who starts the neglect and abuse. The teachers who do not do anything, even turn a blind eye to the bullying. The bad men who put these children to labor or to crime. The police / government officials who also not able to arrest these bad guys.

I didn’t read the book. And I know there are no plans of having a season 2. (They didn’t expect that this drama will be a hit!). So i wished that they just ended this differently. Like Soo Ho, getting better rather than be in a coma. Si Eun in a new school with a new bully to contend with. I guess the new bully didn’t know Si Eun almost killed people in his old school. He should be worried.

Overall, amazing drama. Not for the weak.

Rating: 9/10