Super Junior: The Last Man Standing (2023)

Title: Super Junior: The Last Man Standing
Genre: Documentary
Date Released: January 18, 2023
No. of Episodes: 2
Channel: Disney+

This is a must watch for ELFs and newbies who want to learn more about this legendary kpop group.

There are 2 episodes, first episode focused on their training, pre-debut upto 2nd album.

Second episode started with Sorry Sorry and launching their global success. But it felt they rushed the episode by cramming the rest of their 15 years in less than 1 hour episode!!

They could have added third episode focusing on after everyone came out of the army, their new albums, how it felt like competing with the younger generation, what their future goals are.

Wished there were more songs, concerts, music videos shown to see their growth. Wished they also focused on all their achievements too not just one or two. And they could have also gotten more industry experts to talk about their fame and influence. And i dont think everyone got to say their final words in the docu. But i loved how they included some ELFs and their thoughts about being a fan.

As Siwon said, they last because of their trust and respect for one another, and all of them wants to be Suju forever. Yes, Leeteuk, when we all die, we will have SuperShow in Paradise 🥰

Rating: 8.5/10