The Glory Part 1 and Part 2 (2022)

Drama: The Glory (더 글로리)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 8
Release Date: December 30, 2022

Drama: The Glory Part 2 (더 글로리 파트2)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 8
Release Date: March 10, 2023

High school girl who got severely bullied in high school seeks revenge 18 years later on the people who ruined her life.

Main Cast:
Song Hye Kyo – Moon Dong Eun
Lee Do Hyun – Joo Yeo Jeong
Lim Ji Yeon – Park Yeon Jin
Jung Sung Il – Ha Do Yeong
Park Sung Hoon – Jeon Jae Jun
Kim Hieora – Lee Sa Ra
Cha Joo Young – Choi Hye Jeong
Kim Gun Woo – Son Myeong Oh

Wow story was fast paced and the acting was briliant. The whole revenge plot was perfectly developed and executed by Dong Eun, and the best part is she didn’t even have to get her hands dirty. She merely exposed their sins, and they destroyed each other.

My fave scene of SHK was when she found out her mom betrayed her again and they had their argument in the apartment and the mom started the fire. Plus the last episode when she was crying after everything was done and she was at the rooftop.

I also loved the 2 male leads, cute puppy doctor Yeo Jeong who would do anything for Dong Eun and the hot ahjuicy Do Yeong who probably would have pursued Dong Eun in another life (my alternate ending).

Yeonjin was so bratty and self entitled all through out. I can’t believe the nerve of her! She bullied kids, killed 2 people, yet she refuse to admit them, and is even the one getting angry when caught. She had no remorse at all!!! How was she able to raise a precocious daughter without her evil side showing?

The other bullies were also evil – 1 is mute (i actually pitied her), 1 is in prison (should have been worse), 1 got killed, and the Jaejun the most annoying one became blind and pushed off into a cement area. Plus Yeonjin’s mom, the corrupt detective, Hyeon Nam’s husband, ugly haired pervert teacher. Lol everyone got punished!!

I Also loved Hyeon Nam. Hope she gets a chance to go to the US and see her daughter.

Son Myeong O’s disappearance went on for too long when he was obviously dead. And it was obvious who had the most motive to kill him, yet the writer tried to prolong the reveal by giving other characters possible motive.

Instead they could have focused on finishing Yeo Jeong’s revenge on Yeong Cheon and showing the couple moving forward and living happily together.

Side note. Dong Eun and Yeo Jeong can do a crossover with the Rainbow Taxi Squad to get their revenge. Lol. I can imagine Kim Doki and Moon Dong Eun plotting already!!!

Rating: 9/10


Crash Course in Romance (2023)

Drama: Crash Course in Romance (일타 스캔들)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: January 14 – March 5, 2023
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:10

Plot: A popular math teacher suffering from mental stress finds out he can only eat the meals prepared by the owner of the neighborhood banchan store. The teacher strikes a deal with the owner to tutor her daughter in exchange for cooking his meals.

Main Cast
Jeon Do Yeon – Nam Haeng Soon
Jung Kyung Ho – Choi Chi Yeol
Roh Yeon Seo – Nam Hae Yi

Choi Chi Yeol as best math teacher and boyfriend of 2023! Love Jung Kyung Ho’s comedic timing too. He was so warm hearted and inspiring to the students even when he was struggling. Glad he met the Haeng Soon who brought color to his sad and lonely life. He also got a bestie in Jong Ryeol!

I haven’t really watched a lot of Jeon Do Yeon’s works but i hope she stars in more romantic and lighter dramas and movies because i love her smile!! Her character has many problems but she was wonderful as Haeng Seon. She is a great business woman and cook, mom/aunt, sister, best friend, and girl friend. Although sometimes she can be too rash in her decisions and end up making the situation even worse.

I still think the character could have been been written or adjusted to suit Doyeon rather Doyeon trying to fit into the role. She was trying to play a character that is younger coz supposedly Haeng Soon is almost same age as Chi Yeol which is late 30s, but Doyeon looks more mature since she’s already almost 50 irl. So it kinds looks awkward when people keep saying she looks young to be a mom. Not that it is Doyeon’s fault!! I have no problem with Chi Yeol going out with an older woman, nuna. The story would still be nice!

I also love Haeyi and her friends. I was really rooting for Geonho because he was definitely nicer and wiser than rich and bothered Sunjae. Geonho also seems to have a better family support than Sunjae but he is not bad too. They’ve known each other far longer and are closer.

The best character growth in the drama is Sunjae’s mom. She was so annoying and almost ruined both her sons lives. I was crying when she went on a trip with Hui jae and made up. Sometimes work and success are not all that. It’s better to be happy.

The other crazy mom also got what she deserved for being so arrogant and toxic to all the neighbor mommies. Even her daughter Su A was annoying. So im not so happy that she ended up with Geonho. Come on! Geonho deserves better than her!!

I also didnt like the pairing of Jae Woo and Yeong Joo, it was too weird and convenient. Almost everyone had to pair off with one another for a “happy ending”.

Of course, everyone’s main gripe abouth this show is the This drama serial killer storyline, which wasn’t needed at all! And even how they resolved it was bad and felt rushed. Why jump off an dkill himself? He should have been punished by the law for the crimes he committed.

The final episode was so warm and happy i really hope everyone will live brighter and less stressed.

Haeyi’s mom also didnt need to come back and create unnecessary drama in the last eps.

Rating: 8.5/10

Taxi Driver S1 (2021)

Drama: Taxi Driver (모범택시)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 9 – May 29, 2021
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10
Country: South Korea

Rainbow Taxi Company is a regular taxi by day, revenge team at night. They take cases of victims and punish the bad guys on their behalf.

Main Cast
Lee Je Hoon – Kim Dogi
Esom – Kang Hanna
Kim Eui Sung – Jang Sung Chul
Pyo Ye Jin – Ahn Go Eun
Jang Hyuk Jin – Choi Kyung Koo
Bae Yoo Ram – Park Jin Eon
Cha Ji Yeon – Baek Sung Mi

Yay i love the Rainbow Taxi Squad!! Their teamwork, their disguises and cases were so cool. Esp love the invincible Kim Dogi.

My favorite cases were the voice phishing with Madame and the high school bully with Choi Hyun Wook and Lee Min Jae. All the other cases were almost connected with the main storyline of the female villain. I also loved and cried at Go Eun’s sister’s story.

Kang Hana could have been smarter and faster when investigating. Most of the time she needed clues from the Rainbow Taxi. Maybe if she worked earlier with them plus the detective team, they could have caught more suspects! And  maybe Minho didn’t have to die. His death was the most shocking part of the drama and I was also crying when I watched Hana cry for him.

Hana just had a debate with Dogi that she doesn’t understand how the victims feel until she experienced it first-hand. And even went to Dogi for help.

The Udata episode and the twins went a bit too long, this could have been done in 14 episodes or less. They even added a last minute twist in the last 2 eps about Kim Dogi’s mom’s real killer.

More than the cases, the story was about justice through the system or justice at the hands of a few people. Sometimes courts take too long and the law doesnt appropriately punish the perpretrators. Who will defend the victim and family? But i also liked what one of the bad guys said to Dogi, why is your revenge justified but mine isnt?

Im ready for season 2!! Hoping for Dogi x Goeun romance please!!

Rating: 8.75/10

Love to Hate You (2023)

Drama: Love to Hate You (연애대전)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 10
Release Date: February 10, 2023
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Plot: A top star and a lawyer fake a relationship because of a scandal but ends up falling in love.

Main Cast
Yoo Teo – Nam Kangho
Kim Okvin – Yeo Miran
Kim Ji Hoon – Do Won Jun
Go Won Hee – Shin Na Eun

Finally, a straight up romcom without murders or fantasy elements!! I wasnt planning on watching this until i saw the preview. Enemies to lovers? Top star and lawyer? Sassy lady vs Cool guy? Count me in!

I love Miran. She’s feisty, assertive and can beat the guys in any game or fights. No wonder Kangho was so impressed at this “unusual” woman. He doesnt get to meet a lot of them in his work. I love the maturity of their relationship even the dates and bed scenes looked more age appropriate and natural. I laughed at the scene where she spoke aegyo to Kangho while on the phone. She was so shocked that she can do aegyo, even the lawyers in the office were grossed out. LOL.

I also like Kangho, he looks cold but is actually playful and romantic when he finally got past his trauma. His bromance with his bestie was so funny and cute. I wouldnt have minded if they ended up together! i mean that scene in the early episodes when they were rehearsing a confession/kiss scene was so hot!

The second leads are cute but I wasnt as charmed by their story like the leads. Most of the time Na Eun was in love with Won Jun because of his looks and kept stopping him because of it (like hello, he wasn’t interested then!). On the other hand, Won Jun prolly fell in love because she understood him or was the only other female he can comfortably talk to.

This drama probably takes a jab at actors and actresses who look like they are friends in public but actually hates their guts in private. And all the insider rumors that go around the industry. Again, fans and netizens should also stop obsessing on their faves and let them live their own lives. Im imagining Lee Seunggi as I watched this show and how awful fans have been to him because of his upcoming wedding.

That super cringy public confession. I’m so glad Miran didn’t accept! The ending although is not bad is also not especially fantastic. But it also feels like it’s more realistic and the two leads stayed true to their characters.

Sometimes the vocalizing background music didnt fit the scene or was too loud.

Rating: 8.5/10