The King (2017)

Movie: The King (๋” ํ‚น)
Release Date: January 18, 2017
Runtime: 134 min.
Genre: Crime / Drama
Distributor: Next Entertainment World

Main Cast:
Jo In Sung – Park Tae Soo
Jung Woo Sung – Han Kang Sik
Bae Sung Woo – Yang Dong Chul
Ryu Jun Yeol – Choi Doo Il
Kim Eui Sung – Kim Eung Soo
Kim A Joong – Lim Sang Hee
Kim So Jin – Ahn Hee Yeon

This movie is mostly from the side of our lead, Park Taesu, who narrates his childhood until becoming a criminal prosecutor, and getting into Han Kang Sik’s world. The story is predictable but I loved how entertaining the story was. A lot of the shots are also very slick and vibrant that kept me interested to find out what will happen to Taesu. This is a long movie but I didnt feel bored at all. Or maybe Jo Insung is just so darn good looking.

Felt sad about his friendship with Choi Du il. Why Ryu Junyeol always takes the role of a tragic character and does it so well? I also liked how they were able to weave real life events into the story. Jung Woo Sung is so handsome and looks so untouchable in this movie. And Jo In Sung nailed his character, even when he was acting as a high schooler, looking so timid in front of Kangsik or when he finally stood up against Kangsik. I’d like to believe that he won the elections ๐Ÿ˜.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Great Battle (2018)

Movie: The Great Battle (์•ˆ์‹œ์„ฑ)
Release Date: September 19, 2018
Runtime: 135 min.
Distributor: Next Entertainment World
Country: South Korea

Jo In Sung – Yang Manchu
Nam Joo Hyuk – Samul
Park Sung Woong – Taizhong
Bae Sung Woo – Choo Soo Ji
Um Tae Goo – Paso
Seol Hyun – Bekha
Park Byung Eun – Poong
Oh Dae Hwan – Hwalbo
Jung Eun Chae – Shi Mi
Sung Dong Il – Woo Dae

As the movie name suggests, this 2 hour movie is about the 2 month battle between the 5,000 army of Commander Yang in Ansi vs the 200,000 army of Chinese emperor Taizhong.

Not sure how accurate the war strategy depicted in the movie, but while watching with my friend, we were thinking, if we were Yang, how can we defeat a strong army with few troops and limited resources? The answer is a lot of strategy, courage, and faith. We did think they could have done more to defeat the Chinese army, like using fire and pushing the ladder much earlier but i guess they delayed these for a more epic scenes.

This movie boasts of an ensemble cast so they tried to have some story for each one, like Samul’s trust in Yang, the rivalry between the Hwalbo and Poong, the tragic love story between Paso and Bekha, and love between Woo Dae and his mom. Jumong’s bow added a mythical touch to the story (like King Arthur and his sword or Thor and his hammer).

Rating: 8.5/10

Delayed Justice (2020)

Drama: Delayed Justice (๋‚ ์•„๋ผ ๊ฐœ์ฒœ์šฉ)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 20
Release Date: October 30, 2020 – January 23, 2021
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00-23:10

Plot: A high school lawyer and a reporter helps wrongly accused suspects to clear their names in court and find the real criminals. They end up fighting against strong and powerful politicians and government officials who will stop at nothing to win the next elections.

Main Cast:
Kwon Sang Woo – Park Tae Young
Bae Sung Woo / Jung Woo Sung – Park Sam Soo
Kim Joo Hyun – Lee Yoo Kyung

I really loved the Park Tae Yong and Park Sam Soo, they both want money and success yet they forego of it to pursue justice. Esp. Park Tae Yong. I mean of course who doesn’t want to make money? Tae Yong is a great lawyer and can easily work in the top lawfirms and make a lot of money, and even have a chance to be elected as a government official and change the laws, but he held on to his beliefs and decided to work on the ground with Park Samsoo to help the wrongly accused people. But to be honest, I was slightly disappointed – I wanted Tae Young to run for office to aim for the bigger picture, but I guess not everyone is capable and destined to be in office. I think I said it before, I really like Kwon Sang Woo in these types of genres, rather than a romantic lead, and I think he is really good at being the nice guy with heart of gold and his comedic timing is still on point. And he may be an “ahjussi” esp compared to his love partner, Yoo Kyung, but he is still so cute and charming!

On the other hand, Park Samsoo was partly annoying (always shouting about money) but his story is also sad, I would always tear up during the moments with the wrongly accused guys. Bae Sung Woo was wonderful as Park Samsoo – i thought he was loud and too messy looking all throughout the show, but when Jung Woo Sung showed up from episode 17, I realized that I also missed Sung Woo. He has his own charm and style of portraying Samsoo. But i also liked Woo Sung as Samsoo – he still had similar mannerisms, but he toned down the shouting and over the top expressions. And he’s too tall and too handsome to look like a messy down on his luck reporter (hihi).

There are times I’m frustrated with Tae Young and Samsoo, because they keep fighting and it’s mostly because Tae Young keeps making decisions that impact Samsoo and Yoo Kyung without even telling them. He just decides or announces on national tv. Good thing Yoo Kyung is nice and understands him while Samsoo, though angry at first, later on understands his decisions.

Lee Yoo Kyung completes the trio — and for a rookie actress, I think she fared well beside Sang Woo and Sung Woo. I really like her character, although at the first I thought it was weird that she kept crying at every scene because she was so moved. I think she was the glue that held the team together. Without her, Samsoo and Tae Young probably have exploded and had a lot of misunderstandings. She is also brave — wow first she faced Jo Ki Soo on tv, then later on, she went to Kim Hyung Choon’s house and dissed him and told him to step down and let the younger generation take over. Bravo!

This drama was less about legal / court scenes but more on exploring the feelings of the wrongly accused and the real killers. This drama had a lot of sincerity and heart, without being too preachy.

There were 4 major and 2 minor cases — the homeless girl killing at the very start (it was a short intro to Tae Young’s character), Gangneung case (the daughter killed his father for abusing the grandpa), the Samjung 3 men murder case, Osung trucker murder case, the backdoor deals case/korean spy and Seungwoon Technical high school case.

I think my favorite was the Samjung 3 men murder case. We each got a glimpse of the 3 men’s stories and I just kept crying at the big scenes, esp. episodes 9 and 10!! I also loved the addition of Hwang Min Young to their team. She was a badass prosecutor and she finally found other people with the same integrity.

The drama spent too much time on the truck murder case, almost 10 episodes that sometimes there were too much flashbacks, too much rehashed scenes and conversations. I liked the case, but it was just too long. I wished they kept the drama at 16 episodes (18 at most) instead of 20. I did like Lee Won Jung as Han Sang Man but it was hard to listen to “I’m Han Sang Min” for 10 episodes.

The Seungwoo Technical High School case was the last case and oddly, I didn’t find the case as memorable as the previous cases, maybe because the case was shorter and not as heart-wrenching as the others. I loved the last minute cameos of Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Elijah and Lee Jung Jae.

The final episode was okay but too convenient. The Seungwoo principal and director easily apologized to everyone. Also it felt like they didn’t really take down the bad guys. I’m sure they’ll be back after the publicity has died down. So it goes back to what did Taeyong and Samsoo actually accomplish?

We know there are really a lot of corrupt people in the government, from the police, prosecutors, mayors to judges. It is hard to change the system. Taeyong and Samsoo may not have been able to change the system, but we should also remember that there are good guys out there willing to work hard to ensure justice and truth. and it may not be a big thing to everyone, but for those people they helped, it was their everything.

Rating: 8/10