Bride of the Water God: Episode 04


Just when we thought that he had his powers back… apparently, we are wrong. For some reason he still cannot use his powers on this episode. I think it has something to do either with So-ah or with the conspiracy made by Moo Ra and Bi-Ryum. I am leaning towards to So-Ah as her wound was focused during the scene where she fell off the roof top.


Finally our helpless God has found a new home thanks to So-Ah. Well, not the type of house he was expecting but I think we will be seeing more antics at this house.


For some reason I am suspecting CEO Hu-Ye as the other God as can be visibly  seen on his poor effort to pull out humor. Also there’s something about his personality that makes him the other God Habaek needs to find.


We get to glimpse Habaek who offered his services to Moo Ra by reporting negative comments towards her on the internet and acting as a body guard for a fan meet. It sucks that he got screwed by not giving the God Stones to him as Moo Ra doesn’t trust him as she knows that he lost his powers.


We didn’t get to know more about Bi-Ryum. He is just the God who is handing out advices to Moo Ra. Is Bi-Ryum showing his love interest towards Moo Ra? Or he is just an accomplice that has a common goal with her? I guess we will have to find out in the upcoming episode.


Finally the last scene was kinda sweet as So-Ah and Habaek travelled to a peaceful seaside. For some reason Habaek is apologizing to So-Ah. I guess a love confession is about to happen.


PS – I saw the scanlations of the original story. Will try to read it one at time so I can check the differences from the current Kdrama series.

Bride of the Water God: Episode 03


On this episode we get to know more on our helpless doctor. How she struggles with her debt and we get to know about her past especially with his father.


So-ah’s hate towards her father makes an interesting backstory, and the reason why her character is like that because her father abandoned her and her mom a long time ago. Her dad may have his reasons for leaving but I think it we will get to see why in the future. She was also affected when her father was mentioned during her confrontation with Jaya.


We also get to see the other Gods in Moo Ra (portrayed by Krystal) disguised as an actress named Hye Ra (She nailed it with her resting bitch face when she got pissed when she saw Habaek holding So-Ah’s wrist after the fight with the security team.) It is very clear that Moo Ra got jealous of it as you can really see it on her face and the reason why she slapped Habaek really hard.


The other god is Bi-Ryum (portrayed by Gong Myung) who was in Shanghai when Moo Ra called. One thing for sure is that they are both accomplices on the whereabouts of the God Stones.

And finally Habaek’s power is back as he was able to use it when he saved So-ah’s life when she was pushed over the roof deck. I personally like to have his powers gone for a little while as it brings comic relief to the series. I guess we have to wait again tomorrow for episode 4. This series is getting interesting!

Bride of the Water God: Episode 01 – 02


Me after watching the first 2 episodes: “종!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Bride of the Water God OST Part 01

So the new show is already airing in Korea and I decided to have a peek at this series. Many rumors are circulating across the web that this Series is similar to Goblin. After watching the premiere episode and looking up some information online, the story is different from what we are hearing.

The story was based on a sunjung manhwa by  Yun Mi-kyung. The first volume was released in 2006 by Seoul Munhwasa, however an English version was released in 2007  by Dark Horse Comics. The original series ended in 2014, while the English version is still ongoing. If I can browse at the original story, I will be willing to read and compare it to the ongoing drama.

Let’s get start with the reasons why it is different from Goblin… Kim Shin has his powers all along in the series, for Habaek (Water God) he lost his powers when he went to the human world so that put him into all sorts of trouble along with his loyal servant Nam Soo Ri. Now he has to retrieve the God’s Stones from the other Gods so that he can be crowned as the new emperor.

Yoon So-A is a psychiatrist whose debt is off the roof, it was revealed that she almost drowned 14 years before the present time thus she is seen as a helpless scared woman whenever she is near a body of water. She hopes to go to Vanuatu someday.


In order to pay her debt she decided to dig a ring that was buried somewhere in a park (If I am not mistaken, the place was actually in Namsan Park as the place is very familiar and Namsan Tower can be seen at one point in a scene). But thanks to a weird meteor in the sky she fell unconscious but was picked up by the naked Habaek.


He accidentally borrowed the doctor’s gown where she placed the ring (up to now it is still not revealed where the ring is or it might be a part of something important later in the series). This was the start of their destined fate.

I find the humor as different from Goblin as Habaek is more on the annoying side and So-A is on a mindset that Habaek needs to be treated mentally. I hope the upcoming episodes will be delivered at the same level as these 2 episodes.

If you do happen to have links for the original comic story of series, please comment it below and I hope you also enjoy the series just like I do.

I am waiting for Episode 2 to be aired later on my Cable TV subscription.