Divorce Attorney Shin (2023)

Drama: Sacred Divorce (신성한, 이혼)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 12
Release Date: March 4 – April 9, 2023
Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:30
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Plot: A story of a pianist turned lawyer and his friends as they go through various divorce cases.

Main Cast:
Cho Seung Woo – Shin Sung Han
Han Hye Jin – Lee Seo Jin
Kim Sung Kyung – Jang Hyung Gun
Jung Moon Sung – Jo Jeong Sik

I binge watched this over the Lenten weekend because I was in a mood for something light.

The best thing about the show is the bromance between the 3 guys. They are so close, they know when one is crying or hurting. They do things without asking if it’s going to help the other. They laugh at each other and eat and drink together. It’s rare to see this type of friendship depicted in Kdramas and I love it.

I also like Seojin. Although the affair was wrong, I hope that she recovers from her trauma and start her healing. I thought there was going to be a romance between Shin and SJ but I think it’s better to remain friends (for now). Actually her case can just be a great episodic opener but her character became part of the team even though she doesn’t have a connection to the overarching story.

I also liked the side love story of Hyeong Gun and Soyeon. And the ex-wife. I think Hyeong Gun is a great guy. I wish there was more depth in the story of Jeong Sik other than being the person who introduced Sung Han’s sister to the crooked lawyer. and I love that he supports his friends and means well, but keeps getting into trouble lol.

I felt like although the 12 episodes were tight and fast paced, it was like we missed a little background. Like why the big change from pianist to divorce lawyer? It was the plot point that was being highlighted but I don’t really see how it connects other than Sung Han using pianists background to explain the cases. Also, the motivation to protect his nephew wasn’t enough big twist or plot, although I think Sung Han is so soft and sensitive, suddenly being hell bent on revenge is not his character. I’m also curious what went wrong with the sister’s marriage that she got divorced? Did the husband and the second wife had an affair and kicked her out? Or did they naturally break up before the second wife came into the picture? Majority of the episodes the husband was very passive and deferring to the second wife, who is so evil, i don’t understand why the husband will let go to the nice sister and get with her. And why is the second wife so evil other than thinking the husband is hers? Like why even bother force the custody of the kid if she won’t treat him well too? And she is so dumb to try to kick the kid out of his inheritance when he is the grandson / possible heir to the chaebol money? She deserved everything she got in the end. She didn’t get the money, and she also lost her husband’s try and was told to shut up and live quietly. All of these questions just weren’t explained that well to understand the real issues. An extra 1-2 eps would have helped.

Otherwise I loved the drama. The only thing missing was camping with the 3 guys, 2 ladies and the 2 boys as the ending scene.

Rating: 8.25/10


Love to Hate You (2023)

Drama: Love to Hate You (연애대전)
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 10
Release Date: February 10, 2023
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Plot: A top star and a lawyer fake a relationship because of a scandal but ends up falling in love.

Main Cast
Yoo Teo – Nam Kangho
Kim Okvin – Yeo Miran
Kim Ji Hoon – Do Won Jun
Go Won Hee – Shin Na Eun

Finally, a straight up romcom without murders or fantasy elements!! I wasnt planning on watching this until i saw the preview. Enemies to lovers? Top star and lawyer? Sassy lady vs Cool guy? Count me in!

I love Miran. She’s feisty, assertive and can beat the guys in any game or fights. No wonder Kangho was so impressed at this “unusual” woman. He doesnt get to meet a lot of them in his work. I love the maturity of their relationship even the dates and bed scenes looked more age appropriate and natural. I laughed at the scene where she spoke aegyo to Kangho while on the phone. She was so shocked that she can do aegyo, even the lawyers in the office were grossed out. LOL.

I also like Kangho, he looks cold but is actually playful and romantic when he finally got past his trauma. His bromance with his bestie was so funny and cute. I wouldnt have minded if they ended up together! i mean that scene in the early episodes when they were rehearsing a confession/kiss scene was so hot!

The second leads are cute but I wasnt as charmed by their story like the leads. Most of the time Na Eun was in love with Won Jun because of his looks and kept stopping him because of it (like hello, he wasn’t interested then!). On the other hand, Won Jun prolly fell in love because she understood him or was the only other female he can comfortably talk to.

This drama probably takes a jab at actors and actresses who look like they are friends in public but actually hates their guts in private. And all the insider rumors that go around the industry. Again, fans and netizens should also stop obsessing on their faves and let them live their own lives. Im imagining Lee Seunggi as I watched this show and how awful fans have been to him because of his upcoming wedding.

That super cringy public confession. I’m so glad Miran didn’t accept! The ending although is not bad is also not especially fantastic. But it also feels like it’s more realistic and the two leads stayed true to their characters.

Sometimes the vocalizing background music didnt fit the scene or was too loud.

Rating: 8.5/10

Brain Works (2023)

Drama: Brain Cooperation (두뇌공조)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 16
Release Date: January 2 – February 28, 2023
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:50
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Plot: A neuroscientist works as a consultant to the Neuroscience Investigation Team to solve crimes.

Main Cast
Cha Tae Hyun – Shin Haru
Jung Yonghwa – Geum Myung Se
Kwak Sun Young – Seul Sojung
Ye Ji Won – Kim Moran
Jeong Dong Hwan – Hwang Dong Woo

Comedy + crime solving is always up my alley. The cases were related to the brain so very interesting esp when Shin Haru describes how the brain normally works and there are little cute characters showing to demonstrate his explanation.

I thought CTH again as a detective? But he was slightly different here than Police U. Here he is still upstanding but more softhearted. His nice guy was a big contrast to YH’s serious Haru. I wished the last episode showed Haru to smile more and join the team dinner and be more friendly, but it would break his character’s psychopathic personality. But at least he was able to make a friend despite his condition.

I also like Captain Seul, esp when she became the wild girl vs her usual timid self. I wish she stayed like that but she went back to her normal self when she recovered. Im not used to CTH having a romantic story but he and Captain was so cute together. Esp when he tried to say her name instead of Captain Seul.

I think the ex wife’s story was necessary. I didnt get why she had to be there other than to serve as a plot point against the love story between Detective Geum and Captain Seul.

The main villain at first i thought was going to be creepy but i was a little underwhelmed by how sinister he was. I just saw him in the last episode as a pathetic old man bored in prison. Haru shouldnt have wasted his time on him. Although his games were interesting enough.

The ending was neatly wrapped with almost everyone getting their happy ever after. But that zombie hunting case would have been fun even for 1 extra episode!!

Rating: 8.5/10

Good Job (2022)


Drama: Good Job (굿잡)
Network: ENA, Olleh TV, Seezn
Episodes: 12
Release Date: August 24 – September 29, 2022
Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 21:00
Country: South Korea

Plot: A young CEO of the Eun Kang Group sidelines as a detective to investigate who killed his mother years ago. He runs a small detective agency with his best friend lawyer Jinmo. He meets Don Sera during one of his cases and the two decide to work together to solve Sunwoo’s mother’s death.

Main Cast
Jung Il Woo – Eun Sunwoo
Kwon Yuri – Don Sera
Eum Mun Suk – Yang Jinmo
Song Sang Eun – Sa Nahee
Yoon Sun Woo – Kang Tae Joon
Lee Joon Hyuk – Director Hong
Hong Woo Jin – Kim Jae Ha

This was so light and fun and easy to watch! The plot is simple but I like their silly disguises and solving cases. This drama reminds me a lot like Bruce Wayne (Sunwoo) and his secret batcave and alterego as Batman (Sunwoo as a detective), with his sidekick Robin (Jinmo), Batgirl (Sera — ok Batgirl is not Batman’s love interest but you get what I mean) and Alfred (Director Hong).

The show was mostly carried by the great chemistry between the main leads Sera and Sunwoo and the second leads Jinmo and Nahee. They were funny, sweet, romantic. Esp Sera and Sunwoo — whew!! I wish they get together in real life! (Time to watch Bossam!). I also loved the bromance between Sunwoo and his best friend Jin Mo — they know each other so well that they also have a Plan B.

I also liked all the OST songs. Too bad they didn’t release an album.

On the other hand, the villain is predictable (well, at least to me), I felt like he tried too hard to be like Joo Dan Tae (if you watch Penthouse lol) and I still really don’t really get his motive (it sounds shallow — boohoo daddy didn’t love him).

The other “bad guy” was just too angry from episode 1 without really saying why he is that way to Sunwoo. I don’t know if it’s the actor or the way the character was written. But I like that in the end, he got a little redemption — he was able to get out of his father’s shadow and accepted the consequences of his actions (and hopefully mature a bit).

Detective Han was largely useless as a character except for the last episode. Which was too bad coz he would have been a great part of the team, had he actually had better detective instincts. And as a detective, he should know better than stop Sera from knowing the truth behind what happened when she was younger. She deserved to know to be able to take care of herself.

Rating: 8.5/10 (8 for the story + 0.5 for the leads)