chief kim eps 5-20 (end)

Things i loved about the show:

  1. Definitely Chief Kim – his weird and tacky fashion, to his brilliant ideas, his endless charm and optimism. sometimes his earnestness and stubbornness seem too much but that’s how you fight the bad guys. i love that he grew up at the end, from being a smart aleck for the bad guys to a good guy who found his sense of purpose
  2. Seo Yul – he was really an a$$ through most part of the show, and yet i was intrigued by his character and wanted him to succeed. i’m so glad he went to the good side. i would have loved a romance with Nam Sang Mi’s character coz i felt the chemistry and attraction between them.
  3. Chief Kim and Seo Yul’s bromance was really charming and funny. These are two guys who are smart and strategic – i am sure they will have more friendly competition and smart assery between them.
  4. Manager Choo – i loved the actor after seeing him in Strongwoman do bong soon, he played a different character this time but still loved him. he is the kind of manager i would like – someone who listens and tries to help and support his team through the ups and down.
  5. Kwang Sook’s loyalty to Chief Kim was sweet – she is a great assistant to Chief Kim, she is so cute too and hilarious, esp when she uses a low voice when angry. I also loved her friendship with Ha Kyung.
  6. all the accounting talk – i’m an accountant/ auditor in my day job so watching a show about accounting and fraud was interesting. however, they focused too much on the money trail and fraud, though, when there are more aspects to accounting than that. they also didn’t show in detail how the whole fraud worked and just said that everything was covered up or auditors were paid so a big fraud like that was never detected. a bit impossible and unrealistic but it’s kdrama.

Things that could have been improved:

As mentioned above, i dont believe a guy can get away that long without anyone detecting or noticing where all the money is going. and i can’t believe not a single person had the nerve to speak up, even the accounting head just willingly faked the books. also i didn’t understand the purpose of the business operations team as they seemed to be busier than the entire accounting team – are they supposed to be the accounts payable team that handled reimbursements or if they did other stuff like reporting because it’s hard to believe they are so busy.  i would have also loved to see more technical and more sub plots that show other aspects of accounting fraud or cases as there are a lot of things management can do to manipulate the books or employees can do to cheat on management.

i also would have liked the boss’ son to have stepped up by the end of the show and show that he is able to handle to take over the ceo position after his dad got incarcerated, but mini steps will do. we did see him grow up a lot, from being a party boy who didn’t care about the company and people to a team player who is following his mother’s footsteps. kudos to him too for having the courage to stand up for what’s right and help his dad go to jail.

we know that chief kim did some funny stuff before he joined the company but he never got arrested because everything he did was legal.. i also hoped he learned that while legal, it’s not necessary good. im not sure if he should have faced a little jail time or something so he can also take accountability for his past actions. suddenly being good and righteous and helping catch the real bad guy will not excuse you from your past mistakes, but at least it shows you are capable of changing for the better.

also, the show at 20 episodes, dragged a bit. we see the same storyline (bad guy keeps getting away, chief kim can’t find the evidence, etc) going around in circles for the last 3-4 episodes when everything could have been neatly finished in 16 episodes.

a short special where they all meet again and solve a short case will be fun to watch!

chief kim eps. 1-4


Drama: Chief Kim (김과장)
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 20
Release Date: January 25 – March 30, 2017
Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Kim Sung-Ryong (Namgung Min) used to manage money for gangs, but by an accidental opportunity, he begins to works as the chief of an accounting department for TQ Company. He struggles to save the decaying TC Company, fighting against corruption and irrationality in the company.


Namkoong Min – Kim Sung-ryong
Nam Sang-mi – Yoon Ha-Kyung
Lee Jun-ho – Seo Yul
Jung Hye-sung – Hong Ga-eun

First impressions:

I’m an accountant and auditor by profession so when i found out the story was about accounting fraud and tax evasion, I was curious. Then I saw that the business operations team were doing expense reimbursements and TQ has a giant accounting department and i got excited (#Nerd lol). Ok, the accountants are not being shown as nice and righteous people in this show but these teams are close to my heart because i work with them practically everyday. Anyways.. back to the show. I love Nam Goong Min! he is such a great actor. he looks so scary as villains in his previous dramas and it’s fun seeing him act like a kooky weirdo! episode 2 where he got hit by a car and blood suddenly came out from his head was so laugh out loud hilarious, my cat was looking at me funny. i like his character, sung ryung, he is obviously smart (book smart and street smart). When he moved to TQ, i could understand why he is hesitating. first the only thing he wants is to pocket enough money so he can go to Denmark. second, he is trying to get passed his illegal past and start fresh but he is getting collared by Yul and the chairman to continue doing illegal things (which he is really good at) or get blackmailed. i love how Gwang sook gave him a smart advice: who won in Titanic? nope, it was not all the people who survived the Titanic accident, it was the guy who lost his ticket to Jack because he never got on the boat in the first place. With that in mind, Sung Ryung tries to find a way to get out of TQ before he gets pulled in even more by the potential crime Yul is asking him to do.

on the other hand we meet Nam Sang Mi’s character who i seriously dislike. she is so judgmental, never smiles and is so self-righteous yet when the Chairman’s son tried to get his expenses reimbursed, she was telling Sung Ryung to let him go. i dont have any sympathy for her, i hope Sung Ryung never falls in love with her because she does not deserve his craziness and charm. Ha Kyung is currently being recruited by the Chairman’s wife to help her bring down her husband and Ha Kyung wants to get rid of the corruption. Now if only Ha Kyung steps down from her “I’m too good for you” pedestal and talk to Sung Ryung, they might be able to help each other!

As for Yul, i didn’t have high expectations of him because every time i see him on screen i think of him as Junho, 2pm member who looks like Rain. but he surprised in the first episode with his good acting – though sometimes i feel like he is acting because he is so boyish and young to be a Finance director, while other times i think he’s so cool. I wonder what happened to him that he crossed to the dark side – i have a feeling that he used to be a goody goody but either got disillusioned or got ambitious. I also feel sad for him – seems like he doesn’t have any friends and it’s interesting to see his blossoming frenemy-bromance with Sung Ryung. i wonder if he will move to Sung Ryung’s side eventually? Oh, and i think his crush on Ha Kyung is so cute. i guess even the toughest guy will melt for a pretty girl. Given their characters, i think a Yul-Ha Kyung romance is a good idea.

Business Operations team – i dont really like them except for the guy who showed up in Sung Ryung’s welcoming party. Especially the small lady and the guy in glasses – i want to fire them. lol. The general manager is fine though i think he should do more work or review the reports more if they are getting mistakes. I hope they finally let Sung Ryung show his amazing math skills and that he is really good. (btw, as an accounting student, i always get a praise that, i must be good in Math. lol. accounting isn’t really about Math, but it’s more understanding the numbers).

Hong Ga Eun – i dont know how old she is, if she is a newbie prosecutor or good at her job but she is as weird as Sung Ryung and they have good chemistry. Wondering what tricks she has on her sleeves.

Kwang Sook – i love her! she is adorable! i hope she gets more airtime and eventually work with Sung Ryung’s team.

Oh i love Nam Goong Min’s outfits – so colorful and his dyed hair, even though it kinda looks tacky. I’m not sure if it’s to show he’s not from Seoul but it nicely displays his quirky and playful character.

Overall, I’m loving the funny scenes and the dark storyline. I know this drama ended a few months ago but i try my best not to watch/read any spoilers. Hope this show doesn’t disappoint!