Cheer Up (2022)

Drama: Cheer Up (치얼업)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 3 – December 13, 2022
Runtime: Mon & Tue 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Plot: The story a Yoon Hee Cheering Squad

Main Cast
Han Ji Hyun – Do Hae Yi
Bae In Hyuk – Park Jung Woo
Kim Hyun Jin – Jin Sun Ho

I had high expectations about the drama, I thought this was going to be like Racket Boys but I was very wrong.

The first 2 episodes were done well, although it was nothing special. I love Do Hae Yi, she was a fun fighting girl but her energy slowly depleted in the latter episodes, I thought where was the charming and agressive girl on episodes that had all the boys fighting over her?

At first I continued watching because I wanted to see the cheering squad routines and possible cheer competitions, who will get killed and who’s the killer, and seeing Hae Yi and Jung Woo together, but almost everything I was waiting for didn’t happen!

I was expecting cheering squad to be those like the Bring It On move, where they wear sexy cheer outfits with pompoms dancing and doing athletic slips, jumps and somersaults, but the Yoonhee cheer squad were singing school anthems and doing these weird hand movements (yes, they’re still athletic and I admire them) in cringey outfits (but as expected from Andre Kim). Also, there were no cheer off with Ho Kyung cheering squad (they were actually friendly rivals). There were no cheer competitions at all, the story mostly focused within Yoon Hee like the school festival is their main event, they don’t cheer at the side in sports competitions. The story is also boring, mostly about cheer practices and doing overnight team building. Almost everyone in the cheering team became a couple except for Sunho. They spent more time dating than cheering!!

The 3 prophesies were intriguing, but it was just dragged for too long but it wasn’t fun anymore. The whole stalker-psycho storyline ended up being so unnecessary to the story. His motivations and reasons are too dumb to feel anything for him. they should have scrapped the murder mystery plot and focused on cheerdancing.

The only thing that kept me staying was Captain Park Jung Woo. He is so cute and nice, sweet boyfriend to Hae Yi, very understanding too despite Hae Yi always breaking his heart.

Sunho as the 2ML at the start I thought, ok he might be the puppy kind but he was super annoying and clingy as F! Hae Yi told him so many times she isn’t interested but he kept insisting to be with her. And when she rejects him again, he looks like a puppy that was kicked out in the rain. When Jung Woo and Hae Yi were together, he was still trying to get her to like him. (C’mon move on loser!) I hate that the writer seems to like Sunho more than Jung Woo — even tried to break them apart unnecessarily.

The rest of the cheer members were so-so. I like Hae Yi’s best friend Sun Ja, but I didn’t like that she ends up with the geek with glasses. He wasn’t such a sourpuss at Hae Yi when she was the only one good at cheering, and he was so bad at it. I also like Yong Il, but I didn’t think he needed to end up with Cho Hee. No comment on Woon Chan and the twin sisters. Yoo Min was so pretty, but she coming back to the team didn’t really add anything to the story – she wasn’t able to solve the whodunit mystery, and she was never a strong contender to break the leads apart.

I’m surprised I was able to finish this drama. I almost gave up on ep 10 and was mostly fast forwarding, esp ep 15 which I thought was forced to put a last minute crisis. But this drama surprisingly ended well with almost all loose ends neatly tied.

Rating: 7/10 (I’n probably rating this higher than it should be)


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2017)


Drama: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (역도요정 김복주)
Network: MBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: November 16, 2016 – January 11, 2017
Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:00

This is a story of Kim Bok Joo’s journey as a weightlifting medallist/student in Haneul Sport University. Her family runs a chicken restaurant and she has 2 good friends. One day she meets with her old schoolmate, Junhyung, who is in the swimming team. Her roommate is Si-ho, who is a rhythmic gymnast and ex-girlfriend of Jun Hyung. What follows is a nice youth romance drama.

Main Cast
Lee Sung Kyung – Kim Bok Joo
Nam Joo Hyuk – Jung Jun Hyung
Lee Jae Yoon – Jung Jae Yi
Kyung Soo Jin – Song Si Ho
Cho Hye Jung – Jung Nan Hee
Lee Joo Young – Lee Seon Ok

Finally took time to watch this show. they all said this was such a great drama. To be honest, i wasn’t impressed in the first couple of episodes. I liked the characters but not enough to invest in them. but i had a lot of free time and i ended up watching one episode after another until i didn’t realize how much i was so into the show, the characters and finished watching within a week.

Favorite character – Kim Bok Joo. She is positive and cheerful, she’s a great athlete, friend, daughter, girlfriend. I love how she is so cute and charming, no wonder Jun Hyung loved her despite being so simple.

Favorite couple – Kim Bok Joo and Jun Hyung. i love friends-turned-lovers story. At first i thought Jun Hyung was a cute but annoying energizer bunny but he shines whenever he stops being annoying and is always there for Bok Joo, supporting her, knowing how to handle her and what to do even without her saying. Likewise, Bok Joo looked “stronger”than him and she always tries to “beat”him or shout at him, i don’t think it’s abuse, i find it so endearing and it’s her way of showing her love for him.
Note: my 2nd favorite couple is Jae Yi and A-yeong. Sure, Jae Yi is a little bit boring and slow but they are also a friends-turned-lovers and they just matched well.

Favorite bromance – Bok Joo’s dad and uncle. Why is Kang Ki Young in every single show I’ve watched in? He’s like everywhere. He is starting to grow on me and i get excited everytime i see him in the drama. I know he will just be funny. Note: the cameo is Kim Seul Gi is hilarious! She seems to always play a sassy girl.

Favorite episode(s) – Episode 7 and 13. Broke my heart seeing Bok Joo’s heart broken from her first love. Likewise, when JunHyung met his mom. I can feel that both actors were not acting. They became Bok Joo and JunHyung.
Character I most loved to hate – Si Ho. I hated her character. Just because nothing’s going well with her life doesn’t give her an excuse to be mean to people. or force people to like her back. But she had a lot of issues to go through. the only time i liked her was during her final competition when she just let everything go and accepted herself.

I haven’t watched youth romance/drama in a long time, mostly because I think i have outgrown them. I can no longer relate to high school/college problems and issues. But this show was so good i didn’t mind watching and reliving all my college worries. I wish i can go to their university as a nuna and tell them about life after college. It was also interesting to see a show about athletes. I’ve never been one and I’ve also been fascinated by athlete’s dedication and passion to their sport. I realized they do have a lot of struggles, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Like, how would i feel if i never win a medal at a sport that i really love and one that i have practiced for so long? What happens after you retire? Where do you go?
A season 2 will be fun to watch – not exactly the same characters – it can be a totally new character from the gymnastics team, a totally new team, or maybe one of Bok Joo’s friends.