Exit (2019)

Main Cast:
Jo Jung Suk – Young Nam
Im Yoona – Eui Joo

I love disaster movies! This one has a blend of comedy which usually happens when Jo Jung Suk is on screen.

A disgruntled scientist released a toxic gas near the building where Yongnam’s family is having a birthday party and where Yoona works as the manager. Yongnam courageously uses his rockclimbing skills get his family to the rooftop and be saved by rescue ops. But due to limit, Yongnam and Eiju were left behind. And so the majority of the movie is just watching them run, climb, run, climb until they get rescued!

There’s not much story but the action scenes were nailbiting, (although i know they wont fall and die) and entertaining! I felt like I was just watching a couple do parkour and wall climbing for 2 hours! haha!

Rating: 8/10