Park Seo Jun fun meet

So i just saw this. Even without buying anything from Bench, i am willing to pay VIP to see PSJ. But now that i saw the totally unrealistic and crazy mechanics, i’m not sure if i can grab 10k worth of Bench items and pay within one hour. I mean seriously, do they want a stampede inside their store? Can i pay now, choose items later?

Any fan girls out there who can give the best strategy? Patron ticket is also not bad. But i want to see PSJ upclose! Esp since this fun meet probably would not have the usual perks like group photo or hitouch.

Note to even organizers can you bring him back next year for a proper fanmeeting?

Park Bo Gum to visit Manila in April

Yet another fan meeting i’m looking forward to!! Park Bo Gum is having his first fanmeeting in Manila on April 27, 2019 at SM Mall of Asia Arena.

D0eIixuUcAAApHg I’m still undecided as to which seat I’m going to get. I feel like I wouldn’t mind getting front seats, though I might look out of place (an ahjumma among the young kids) lol. So i’ll probably get the next best seats. Let’s see.

Now if only Lee Junki extends his Asia tour to a quick stop to Manila. and can Park Seo Joon follow suit?