Lovers of the Red Sky (2021)

Drama: Lovers of the Red Sky (홍천기)
Network: SBS
Episodes: 16
Release Date: August 30 – October 26, 2021
Runtime: Mon & Tue 22:00
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

This fantasy sageuk is about King Seongjo looking for a divine painter to seal the Devil in the king’s portrait while a blind scholar plots revenge on the king and everyone who ruined his family 20 years ago.

Main Cast
Kim Yoo Jung – Hong Cheon Gi
Ahn Hyo Seop – Ha Ram
Gong Myung – Prince Yang Myeong
Kwak Si Yang – Prince Joo Hyang

I didn’t realize when I started watching that this is a fantasy drama but episodes 1 and 2 were interesting and I loved the actors who played the younger versions of Haram and Cheon Gi, the background story was enough to get invested in the couple.

I loved the paintings, it was so amazing that simple brushes can make these fantastic masterpieces. I did take big brush and small brush calligraphy when I was in school so I know how to feels like to write using these brushes. It is hard and my penmanship was bad so I can’t imagine having to actually draw these kinds of paintings. The best episodes were the painting competition, although it was still unbelievable that a young inexperienced painter can win against everyone else when her butterfly painting was not even that great to be honest.

I loved the Baekyu Painters Society and how they always had Cheongi’s back, esp her two painter friends. And the friendship between Haram, Prince Yang Myeong and Cheon Gi.

The story got messy and a lot of things were unexplained. More than halfway and I still didn’t get the reason for the ring, or why they need to seal the devil inside the painting (because the drama said so), how Cheon Gi is the divine painter (when it turns out without Hwacha’s power her painting was useless so what was the point?), why Joohyang was still alive when his body is supposedly rotting away, the king knew all about Haram’s plan and never told him the truth (rendering his whole life’s revenge plot unnecessary). And the whole nonsense about Haram’s grandfather. And what about Maehyang and her mysterious hatred against the royal family? It was never revealed. The whole showdown with the devil, Samsin and Ho Ryeong was also anti-climactic. Even the death of Haram’s bodyguard wasn’t that memorable.

The ending kind of redeemed the entire story since they get their happy ever after, but still don’t understand why they decided to live in an area so faraway from the city. The last scene between the two princes, at first I though the story is incomplete, now thinking back I guess they are trying to say that life goes on.

Haram was also blind for 20 years but he is extraordinarily aware of his surroundings that he doesn’t look blind at all! He looks straight at the person he is talking to, he fights against the soldiers when blind, he can interpret the stars without seeing them. It was too weird.

Rating: 7/10 (i should give a lower rating but the four leads were so pretty)

Extreme Job (2019)


Movie: Extreme Job (극한직업)
Release Date: January 23, 2019
Runtime: 111 min.
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
A police undercover mission takes a delicious turn when the chicken restaurant they are using as a stakeout becomes popular because of their chicken!
Main Cast
Ryu Seung Ryong – Squad Chief Go
Lee Honey – Detective Jang
Jin Seon Kyu – Det. Ma
Lee Dong Hwi – Det. Young Ho
Gong Myung – Det. Jae Hoon
Shin Ha Kyun – Lee Moo Bae
Oh Jung Se – Ted Chang
Yay another Ryu Seung Ryong movie that is fun to watch! He has been a consistent box office hit year after year! I love that this movie mixed action/cop genre with a little comedy. It was too funny seeing these detectives become so busy running a fried chicken store. I actually wished that they continued the fried chicken store. I mean, Chief Go used his money to buy the place. So it just makes sense for him to continue it. He can put the wife in charge and share some of the profits to Det. Ma who invented the recipe.
All through out the show, it seemed like the team were losers but turns out they were so good at fighting! Laughed at the “zombie” monicker of Chief Go and the full fight scene with Shin Ha Kyun on the boat!
This movie is available in Netflix so try to watch this movie during the weekend! Be prepared to get hungry at seeing all the fried chicken though! Yummy!

Revolutionary Love (2017)


Drama: Revolutionary Love (변혁의 사랑)
Network: tvN
Episodes: 16
Release Date: October 14 – December 3, 2017
Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00
Byun Hyuk (Choi Si-Won) is the son of a wealthy family. He is carefree and a troublemaker. After one too many scandals, his strict father kicks him out of the house and he ends up meeting Baek Joon. Baek Joon, is a hardworking girl from a poor family who resorts to taking up part time jobs because of her tragic past. She is neighbors with long time college friend, Jehoon who has a secret crush on her, and who happens to be Byun Hyuk’s family lawyer.
Main Cast:
Choi Siwon – Byun Hyuk
Kang Sora – Baek Joon
Gong Myung – Kwon Jehoon
Lee Jae Yoon – Byun Woo Sung
A lot of people said this was not a good drama so i delayed watching this until a few weeks ago because I was looking for a quick romcom and I was missing Choi Siwon. I ended up watching this drama in just a few days. I liked this drama – i thought it was hilarious but at the same time it tackled company corruption. It also dealt with family relationships.
Many people thought Choi Siwon was playing a similar character as he did with She was pretty – a rich and funny guy – but I beg to disagree. I thought Byun Hyuk and Kim Shin Hyuk (Siwon’s character in She was pretty)  were totally different characters in terms of personality and outlook. Byun Hyuk was a carefree rich guy, not because he wants to, but because that’s all he is known for all his life. He was the second son and was never taken seriously but his father. He is naive and warm hearted but he keeps getting into unintended accidents. There were times when I want to wring his neck because he doesn’t seem to grow up or learn from his mistakes. I don’t think Byun Hyuk is stupid or that Siwon plays his character badly, it was the way the writer developed his character that made it seem like Byun Hyuk is dumb. But I think Byun Hyuk redeemed himself in the end. He really became mature, we saw how smart he actually is, and he was able to maintain his big heart despite how his family fell apart. Oh and I love that Siwon has such a meme-able face. He is the visual of Super Junior and always looks so put-together but he is so confident that he can let go and do crazy things when he plays a character.
I love Baek Joon, she is a strong and independent and was a great friend and ally to Byun Hyuk. I thought the romance between them started a bit late (Byun Hyuk confessed early on but it took some time for Baek Jun to return her feelings), which is understandable as she is focusing on her life/career and romance was not a priority. I did notice that her character took a back seat in the last few episodes of the drama as the show focused on the corruption/scandal, which is sad because Baek Jun was such a great character. I also felt bad for what happened to her family (particularly to her father). Good thing she grew up to be determined and optimistic.
I didn’t like Jehoon that much and I don’t know why some viewers liked him over Byun Hyuk. He was awful to Byun Hyuk – he had a lot of resentment against Byun Hyuk but never said anything to him, he was arrogant and put him down so many times. and it turns out it was all a misunderstanding when he was young! Byun Hyuk was such a good friend to him and he relied on Jehoon so much. As for people saying that Baek Jun should have ended up with Jehoon because he liked her first – I disagree. “All is fair in love and war”. Jehoon never showed or told Baek Jun his feelings until it was too late. He never told Byun Hyuk too. On the other hand, Byun Hyuk liked Baek Jun and he wasn’t afraid to tell her. and Baek Jun may have liked Jehoon when they were younger, but it was obvious that she liked Byun Hyuk and treats Jehoon as a friend.
Byun Hyuk’s father and brother were so terrible, especially the father, but I’m glad they were able to end the story with them paying for what they did but also still end the drama happily.